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Alfred Stieglitz (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by Alfred Stieglitz, Dorothy Norman (Designer)
Listed under Stieglitz

Appalachian Legacy
by Shelby Lee Adams
Listed under Shelby Lee Adams

Book of 101 Books, The: Seminal Photographic Books of the Twentieth Century
by Andrew Roth
Listed under Photography

Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph
by Diane Arbus, Stan Grossfeld
Listed under Diane Arbus

Winogrand: Figments from the Real World
by Garry Winogrand, John Szarkowski
Book Description: The first comprehensive overview of the work of Garry Winogrand, long out of print and difficult to come by, contains an eloquent and important essay on the life and work of the photographer by John Szarkowski and a lavish plate section presenting the photographs thematically. Grouped under the following titles-- Eisenhower Years, The Street, Women, The Zoo, On the Road, The Sixties, Etc, The Fort Worth Fat Stock Show and Rodeo, Airport, and Unfinished Work-- many of the 179 plates are works that had never before been published. The last section includes 25 pictures chosen from the enormous body of work that Winogrand left unedited at the time of his death in 1984. 

In his essay, Szarkowski, who knew the photographer well during most of his career, describes the development of Winogrand's pictorial strategies during his years as a photojournalist, the increasing complexity of his motifs as he pursued more personal goals, and the challenge posed for other photographers by the powerful and distinctive authority of Winogrand's best work, "with its manic sense of a life balanced somewhere between animal high spirits and an apprehension of moral disaster." To this viewer [Winogrand] seems, in fact, the central photographer of his generation. --John Szarkowski
Hardcover from Museum of Modern Art, New York

Arrivals & Departures: The Airport Pictures of Garry Winogrand
by Garry Winogrand, Alex Harris, Lee Friedlander
Hardcover from Distributed Art Publishers

Eisenstaedt : Remembrances
by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Doris C. O'Neil (Editor)
Listed under Eisenstaedt

Glass Plates & Wagon Ruts : Images of the Southwest by Lisle Updike and William Pennington
H. Jackson Clark, et al
Listed under The American West

Heart of Spain : Robert Capa's Photographs of the Spanish Civil War
by Robert Capa
Listed under Robert Capa

Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Artless Art
by Jean-Pierre Montier
Listed under Cartier-Bresson

Imogen Cunningham : On the Body
by Imogen Cunningham (Photographer), Richard Lorenz
It's hard to imagine a young woman born in 1883, in the middle of the repressive Victorian era, who possessed absolutely none of the prissy, small-minded modesty of the 19th century. But that is Imogen Cunningham at age 23 in 1906, shooting a nude self-portrait in which "the smooth skin of her...
Listed under Imogen Cunningham

In Focus Boxed Set : Andre Kertesz, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray (In Focus)
by J. Paul Getty Museum

Masters of Surf Photography : Art Brewer
by Steve Pezman
Listed under Surfing

Masters of Light : Conversations With Contemporary Cinematographers
by Dennis Schaefer, Larry Salvato
(Paperback - July 1986)

Man Ray (Masters of Photography Series)
by Jed Perl
Listed under Man Ray

Eugene Atget (Phaidon 55S)
by Gerry Badger, Eugene Atget (Photographer)
Listed under Eugene Atget

Brassai : Paris By Night
by Paul Morand
Listed under Brassai

Mario Giacomelli
by Alistair Crawford
Hardcover - 448 pages 
Phaidon Press Inc.; ISBN: 0714841595

Barbara Morgan (Masters of Photography)
by Barbara Morgan (Photographer), Deba Prasad Patnaik
Hardcover - 96 pages 
Aperture; ISBN: 0893818259

The Photographs of Dorothea Lange
by Dorothea Lange, et al
Listed under Dorothea Lange

Manuel Alvarez Bravo : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by J. Paul Getty Museum, Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Photographer)
Paperback: 144 pages; (November )

Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Nudes: The Blue House
by Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Photographer), Carlos Fuentes (Introduction), Ariadne kim Huque
Hardcover - 96 pages (March 15, )
Distributed Art Publishers; ISBN: 1891024353

Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Masters of Photography Series)
by Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Photographer), A. D. Coleman
Hardcover - 96 pages 2 edition 
Aperture; ISBN: 0893817422

W. Eugene Smith (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by W. Eugene Smith, Jim Hughes
Hardcover - 95 pages 
Aperture; ISBN: 0893818364
W. Eugene Smith (Phaidon 55S)
by Sam A. Stephenson, W. Eugene Smith (Photographer)

Weegee (Masters of Photography Series)
by Weegee, et al
Hardcover - 96 pages 2 edition 
Aperture; ISBN: 089381749X

Paul Strand (Masters of Photography Series)
by Mark Haworth-Booth, Paul Strand (Photographer)

Berenice Abbott (Masters of Photography Series)
by Julia Van Haaften, et al

Wynn Bullock (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by Wynn Bullock (Photographer), David Fuess

Wynn Bullock: The Enchanted Landscape Photographs 1940-1975
by Wynn Bullock, Raphael Shevelev, Ursula K. Le Guin
Paperback from Aperture

Aperture : Masters of Photography

Harry Callahan (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by Harry Callahan, Jonathan Williams
Aperture; ISBN: 0893818216

Jerome Liebling: The Minnesota Photographs, 1949-1969
by Jerome Liebling, Alan Trachtenberg
Listed under Minnesota History

Tina Modotti (Master of Photography)
by Margaret Hooks
Hardcover - 96 pages 
Aperture; ISBN: 0893818232

Margaret Bourke-White, Photographer
by Margaret Bourke-White (Photographer), Sean Callahan, Maryann Kornely (Editor)
Hardcover - 160 pages 
Bulfinch Press; ISBN: 0821224905
Margaret Bourke-White: Her Pictures Were Her Life
by Susan Goldman Rubin, Margaret Bourke-White
Hardcover - 96 pages (November )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810943816

Shomei Tomatsu (Phaidon 55S)
by Ian Jeffrey, Shomei Tomatsu

Mary Ellen : Mark (Phaidon 55S)
by Charles Hagen, Mary Ellen Mark (Photographer)

Eugene Richards (Phaidon 55S)
by Charles Bowden, Eugene Richards (Photographer)

Joel-Peter Witkin (Phaidon 55S)
by Eugenia Parry, Joel-Peter Witkin (Photographer)

Nan Goldin 55 (Phaidon 55S)
by Lisa Liebman, et al

Boris Mikhailov (Phaidon 55S)
by Boris Mikhailov (Photographer), Gilda Williams (Photographer)

David Goldblatt (Phaidon 55S)
by Lesley Lawson, David Goldblatt (Photographer)

Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens
by Lee Friedlander
Hardcover - 96 pages (November 15, )
Fraenkel Gallery; ISBN: 1881337111

Laszio Moholy-Nagy (Phaidon 55S)
by Jeannine Fiedler

Joan Fontcuberta (Phaidon 55S)
by Christian Caujolle, Joan Fontcuberta (Photographer)

Joel Meyerowitz (Phaidon 55S)
by Colin Westerbeck

Julia Margaret Cameron (Phaidon 55S)
by Joanne Lukitsch

Graciela Iturbide (Phaidon 55S)
by Cuauhtemoc Medina, Graciela Iturbide (Photographer)

Leni Riefenstahl : A Memoir
by Leni Riefenstahl
Leni Riefenstahl is best known as director of Triumph of the Will, a film of a Nazi Party Rally, and Olympia, the classic account of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In this memoir, the author finally discusses her motivations, her history, her important friendships, and, most of all, her art.
Listed under Third Reich

Mathew Brady and the Image of History
by Mary Panzer, et al

Philip-Lorca diCorcia: Heads
by Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Luc Sante
Hardcover - 40 pages (October 15, )
Steidl; ISBN: 3882434414

Photographs : Annie Leibovitz 1970-1990
by Annie Leibovitz
Listed under Annie Leibovitz

Robert Doisneau: A Photographer's Life
by Peter Hamilton
Listed under Robert Doisneau

Sylvain's Tahiti
by Adolphe Sylvain (1920-1991)
Listed under Tahiti

Tracey Moffatt: Laudanum
by Tracey Moffatt
Hardcover - 80 pages (March 1, )
Hatje Cantz Publishers; ISBN: 377570874X

Walker Evans : A Biography
Belinda Rathbone, Walker Evans (Editor)
Listed under Walker Evans

Workers : An Archaeology of the Industrial Age
Sebastiao Salgado
Listed under Sebastiao Salgado

Andre Kertesz

Andre Kertesz (Masters of Photography Series)
by Carole Kismaric, et al
Hardcover - 96 pages 2 edition 
Aperture; ISBN: 0893817406

Andre Kertesz : His Life and Work
Pierre Borhan (Editor), Andre Kertesz
Paperback / 2000

In Focus : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Andre Kertesz
Paperback - 148 pages 
J Paul Getty Museum Pubns; ISBN: 0892362901

Irving Penn

Still Life : Irving Penn Photographs, 1938-2000
John Szarkowski (Introduction)
Hardcover / 2001

Earthly Bodies: Irving Penn's Nudes, 1949-50
by Maria Morris Hambourg, Irving Penn (Photographer)

Irving Penn : A Career in Photography
Irving Penn (Photographer), et al
Hardcover / 1997

Elliot Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt
Nearly every one of the 500 black-and-white pictures in this book is a miraculous blend of composition and content, placing photographer Elliott Erwitt right up there with the other postwar, 20th-century masters of moment and meaning.
Paperback - 512 pages (November )
Phaidon Press Inc.; ISBN: 0714838055
Elliott Erwitt : On the Beach
Elliott Erwitt
Hardcover (October 1991)
ISBN: 0393030288

Personal Exposures
Elliott Erwitt
Hardcover - 255 pages (November 1988)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393026167

by Annie Leibovitz, Susan Sontag
Listed under Annie Leibovitz

by Helen Levitt, Francine Prose (Introduction)
Since the mid-1930s, Helen Levitt has photographed life on the streets of New York, capturing the pulse of the city at moments when sidewalk life becomes an urban portrait. Crosstown is the most comprehensive monograph devoted to this master photographer. In pioneering pictures of 1930s and 1940s Harlem, an innovative color series completed in 1960, and black-and-white images from the 1980s and 1990s, the book reveals the changes in New York street culture as well as the evolution of Levitt’s photographic eye. The Publisher
Hardcover - 192 pages 
powerHouse Books; ISBN: 1576871037
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Jacques-Henri Lartique (Aperture Masters of Photography Series)
by Smith W. Eugene, et al
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Photographers, A-Z

Ansel Adams
Diane Arbus
Eugene Atget
Richard Avedon
Margaret Bourke-White
Mathew Brady
Harry Callahan
Robert Capa
Anthony Caro
Lewis Carroll
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Larry Clark
Imogen Cunningham
Edward S. Curtis
Robert Doisneau
Alfred Eisenstaedt
Walker Evans
Andreas Feininger
Charles Gatewood
Anne Geddes
Nan Goldin
Andy Goldsworthy
David Hamilton
Lewis Wickes Hine
George Hurrell
William Henry Jackson
Michael Kenna
Richard Kern
Andre Kertesz
Darius Kinsey
Dorothea Lange
Annie Leibovitz
Sally Mann
Robert Mapplethorpe
Mary Ellen Mark
Lee Miller
Tina Modotti
Eadweard Muybridge
Helmut Newton
Georgia O'Keeffe
Irving Penn
Ruth Orkin
Man Ray
Gerhard Richter
Herb Ritts
David Seymour
Cindy Sherman
Sebastiao Salgado
Edward Steichen
Alfred Stieglitz
Jock Sturges
Jerry Uelsmann
William Wegman
Edward Weston
Art Wolfe

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