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Hurrell s Hollywood Portraits
Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits
by Mark A. Vieira
Hardcover from Harry N. Abrams
ISBN: 0810934345

Between 1928 and 1942 George Hurrell photographed all the great Hollywood stars. Perhaps his most notable collaboration was with Joan Crawford: a pair of "before and after" photographs reveal the extent of her debt to Hurrell's retouching techniques. This book presents 275 examples of his work.

They had faces then, in the golden age of Hollywood when a publicity photo could make or break a star. The visual power of George Hurrell's portraits, with their Rembrandtesque lighting and dramatic poses, shaped the careers of such stars as Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, and Jane Russell, and did as much or more to establish them as their film performances. Mark Vieira, who adopted Hurrell's techniques and uses them to this day, explains how the master portraitist lit and retouched his photographs--a portrait of Crawford before and after retouching reveals what an artist the one-time painter really was--and analyzes their impact.

The Hurrell style: 50 Years of Photographing Hollywood
The Hurrell style: 50 Years of Photographing Hollywood
by George Hurrell
Hardcover from John Day Co
ISBN: 0381982939
The Portfolios of George Hurrell
by George Hurrell, George Thornton
Hardcover from Graystone Books
ISBN: 0963057006
Hurrell Hollywood: Photographs 1928-1990
by George Hurrell
Hardcover from St Martins Pr
ISBN: 0312082207

A collection of the dramatic portraits that the well-known, and then sought-after, photographer took of Hollywood's greatest stars features shots of Dietrich, Garbo, Hepburn, Harlow, Gable, Tracy, Cooper, Harlow, Hayworth, Redford, and others.

Geschichte und Vermarktung der Hollywood-Glamour-Photographie (European university studies. Series XXVIII, History of art) (German Edition)
by Michael Bhatty from P. Lang
ISBN: 3631317948
Book of Stars by George Hurrell: Photographs 1928-1990

Hardcover from Schirmer Art Books


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George Hurrell

Hardcover from Schirmer/Mosel Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 388814275X

Hollywood Legends, Print Portfolio; Photographs by George Hurrell (8 high quality duotone reproductions)

Paperback from Pomegranate Publications


The Hurrell Style: Photographs by George Hurrell.
The Hurrell Style: Photographs by George Hurrell.
by Whitney STINE
Hardcover from see notes for publisher info


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