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by Sarah Greenough, John Szarkowski
Hardcover from Steidl
Media Published: 2008-
ISBN: 3865214371

This excellent collection of Callahan's photographs accompanies a national tour of his work. Curator Greenough's (Robert Frank: Moving Out, LJ 10/15/94) decision to arrange the images chronologically works well to illustrate both the themes central to the photographer's aesthetic and his development as an artist. From early experiments using multiple exposures and light painting to the most recent color cityscapes, Callahan has sought to explore photography's potential. He often returned again and again to the same subject in a quest for yet a new way to "see" it via the camera. Now in his eighties, Callahan is a 20th-century master of American photography who places the highest value on the process of self-realization through image-making rather than on any individual photograph or series of photographs. His life's work stands as convincing testimony to this ideal. This retrospective will be a fine addition to public and academic photography collections.

Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work
Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work
by Britt Salvesen
Hardcover from Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300113323
Harry Callahan (1912 ) was one of the most influential photographic artists of the twentieth century. A master of modernist experimentation, Callahan explored a range of subjects from landscapes to city streets to portraits of his wife and techniques throughout his career.Beautifully designed and produced, this book focuses on understanding how Callahan worked both his day-to-day photographic explorations and his resulting fifty-year career in photography. Exploring the rich contents of the Harry Callahan Archive at the Center for Creative Photography, the authors look at how Callahan's choice of subjects and visual ideas emerged from deliberate and improvisational processes, and how such processes might be revealed with archival materials such as negatives, transparencies, proof prints, sequential ordering, and variant printings. This close investigation of Callahan's individual and experimental approach to materials in turn leads to a larger consideration of his relationship to seemingly contradictory strains in American visual culture of the twentieth century.Reproducing a host of previously unpublished images and documents, this volume juxtaposes select artifacts such as contact sheets and variants with final images to explicate Callahan's life in and influence upon photography. Harry Callahan: The Photographer at Work will offer a rare glimpse into the creative process of an important and fascinating artist.
by Harry M. Callahan
Paperback from Callaway Editions
ISBN: 0935112111

For much of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, photographer Harry Callahan's wife, Eleanor, was his most regular subject. She stares out of his acclaimed work, sometimes sharp and sometimes blurred, sometimes Classical and sometimes Modern, in public parks and city streets, at the beach, in a tent, in the studio and their home, nude and clothed, eventually pregnant and then mothering. The couple's longstanding collaboration makes up an intimate visual diary of their relationship and of Callahan's artistic exploration: these are seldom portraits in the traditional sense. More than studies of Eleanor, they are stages in Callahan's lifelong exploration of photography as a creative medium, showing his embrace of an array of materials and techniques, including highly detailed large-format negatives, distortions of movement and focus, silhouettes and multiple exposures. The subject was always Eleanor, but there were always new ways of seeing her.

Landscape: Theory
Landscape: Theory
by Lewis Baltz, Harry Callahan, Eliot Porter
Hardcover from Lustrum Pr
ISBN: 0912810270

Photographs and essays by Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz, Harry Callahan, Paul Caponigro, Hamish Fulton, William Garnett, Eliot Porter, Art Sinsabaugh, George Tice, and Brett Weston.

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Harry Callahan: New Colour Photographs 1978-1987 Rh
by Keith F David, Keith F Davis
Paperback from University of New Mexico Press
ISBN: 0826311962
Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan
by National Gallery of Art, Harry M. Callahan, National Gallery of Art (U.S.)
Hardcover from Bulfinch

A collection of photographs by Harry Callahan, whose interest in fine art photography was sparked by Ansel Adam's visit to the Detroit Camera Club in 1941. A celebrated photographer of nature, the city and women, Callahan explores new ways of looking at and presenting the world.

Edward Hopper and Company: Hopper s Influence on Photography
Edward Hopper & Company: Hopper's Influence on Photography
by Edward Hopper
Hardcover from Fraenkel Gallery
Media Published: 2009-
ISBN: 188133726X

British author Geoff Dyer once surmised that Edward Hopper "could claim to be the most influential American photographer of the twentieth century- even though he didn't take any photographs." What we see in Hopper's paintings when we look at them through the lens of photography, and how, in turn, the language of photography was influenced by Hopper's work, are the twin subjects of Edward Hopper & Company. Thoughtfully curated and edited by the respected San Francisco gallerist Jeffrey Fraenkel, seven paintings and three drawings by Hopper are here thematically interlaced with carefully selected photographs by eight of the masters of twentieth-century photography: Robert Adams, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and Stephen Shore. As Fraenkel writes in his introduction,"More than almost any American artist, Hopper has had a pervasive impact on the way we see the world-so pervasive as to be almost invisible. The photographs that follow are potent evidence of his legacy, each a revelation of how one mediummight point to unimagined new possibilities for another." In his intimate essay for this volume, photographer Robert Adams identifies the singularity of Hopper's influence when he writes that it was Hopper who enabled his artistic realization "One did not need to be ashamed of having a heart."

by Harry Callahan
Original Sources: Art And Archives At The Center For Creative Photography
Original Sources: Art And Archives At The Center For Creative Photography
by Ansel Adams
Hardcover from Center for Creative Photography
Media Published: 2002-
ISBN: 0938262378

The Center for Creative Photography, located in Arizona, is home to one of the largest and most eclectic photographic collections in the world. This publication offers a virtual guided tour of the center's extensive holdings, including a visit through the archives of some of the 20th century's most important North American photographers: Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Harry Callahan, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Lee Friedlander, Tina Modotti, Beaumont & Nancy Newhall, Aaron Siskind, W. Eugene Smith, Paul Strand, Edward Weston, and Garry Winogrand. With scholarly commentary on artists' books, 19th-century travel photography, early 20th-century travel albums, and the CCP's collections of French, German, Japanese, Mexican, and Spanish photography, Original Sources is the most comprehensive introduction to one of photography's most treasured repositories.

Robert Frank: Seven Stories (Bk. 1)
Robert Frank: Seven Stories (Bk. 1)
by Harry Callahan
Paperback from Steidl
Media Published: 2008-
ISBN: 3865217893

"It might be said that the subject of Callahan's photographs is photography, and that his world exists essentially as a formal problem." John Szarkowski
Harry Callahan was one of the most respected and influential American photographers of the modern era. He was a master of traditional genres such as portraiture, landscape, architecture and nature studies, but also experimented with new ways of using the medium. One of Callahan's favorite themes was the repeating pattern, whether in multiple reeds reflected on a lake's surface or the rows of windows on a building's facade. While lesser known than some of his other work, Callahan's collages demonstrate an intense interest in and profound understanding of the process of photographic seeing. His collages are rigorous yet playful explorations of a visual world created in his studio. The subject is either faces cut from magazines or rectangles cut from black or white paper. Callahan then photographed the collages pinned to his studio wall on his 8x10 inch view camera, one leading to the next to create this never before published series.



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