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Complete Untitled Film Stills, The
by Cindy Sherman
Hardcover from Museum of Modern Art
Cindy Sherman (October Files)
Cindy Sherman (October Files)

Paperback from The MIT Press
ISBN: 0262524635

With her Untitled Film Stills of the 1970s, Cindy Sherman became one of the era's most important and influential artists. Since then, her metamorphosing self-portraits and appropriation of genres can be seen as a continuous investigation of representation and its complicated relationship to photography. Sherman and her work are often discussed in terms of postmodern theories and ideas that were coming to increasing prominence as her career began-- feminism, subjectivity, mass media, new forms of mechanical reproduction, and even trauma, among others. Yet her refusal to acknowledge any of these themes as particular concerns raises questions about the relationships between the meanings projected upon a work of art and those produced by it. Cindy Sherman's art fascinates us in part because of its capacity to suggest--while at the same time slipping away from--so many possible readings.The discussions in these illustrated essays span Sherman's almost three-decade-long career, from her striking debut in the black-and-white Untitled Film Stills through her color photographs using back-projection, prosthetic body parts, and the ever-ingenuous modes of disguise and self-fashioning seen in such later series as Centerfolds, Fairy Tales, and Disasters. The essays--by such well-known critics as Douglas Crimp, Hal Foster, and Rosalind Krauss--respond not only to Sherman's work but also to the arguments and postulations made about it, becoming part of the ongoing critical conversation about an artist of major significance.

The Unseen Cindy Sherman: Early Transformations, 1975/1976
by Gail Stavitsky
Paperback from Montclair Art Museum
ISBN: 0936489650
Cindy Sherman, Thomas Ruff and Frank Montero: 1000 Faces, 0 Faces, One Face
Cindy Sherman, Thomas Ruff & Frank Montero: 1000 Faces, 0 Faces, One Face

Hardcover from La Fábrica/Fundación Telefónica
ISBN: 8415303157

1000 Faces/0 Faces/One Face unites two great contemporary artists who have interrogated constructions of identity with an entirely unknown late-nineteenth-century photographer named Frank Montero. Its thesis runs as follows: in Cindy Sherman's manipulations of generic casting we encounter a face that produces all faces; in Thomas Ruff's proliferating but depersonalized portraits, we all encounter all faces reduced to a zero degree; and in Montero, we encounter a face that plays the role of itself, throughout the inscriptions wrought upon it by time. Montero's work, seemingly made without artistic intentions or ambitions, and published here for the first time, provides a sort of Rembrandt-like counterpoint to the identity arguments made by Ruff and Sherman's work, and alongside them makes for the most fascinating panorama of the absolute constructedness of the photographic portrait and the eerie artifice of identity itself.

Cindy Sherman: A Play of Selves
Cindy Sherman: A Play of Selves

Hardcover from Hatje Cantz
Media Published: 2007-
ISBN: 3775719423

It was in the mid-70s that Cindy Sherman began making her earliest works, in which she explored various manipulations of her own persona. She began by experimenting with makeup and costumes, getting dressed up for parties and surprising her friends. She then moved on to photograph herself in the various personas she had created, producing highly inventive but somewhat more primitive versions of the seminal work for which she would later become known, the Untitled Film Stills series. It was during this early period that Sherman created A Play of Selves--a visual tale of a young woman overwhelmed by various alter-egos that compete inside of her, and her final conquering of self-doubt. Acted out with 16 separate characters, these 72 photographic assemblages mark Sherman's earliest explorations of herself-as-subject in a series of staged photographs. Published here for the first time, these photographs include hundreds of shots of the artist costumed as various characters in dozens of poses. Organized in a four-act "play" with an elaborate, handwritten script, the individual images were cut by the artist from original black-and-white prints. Preface by Cindy Sherman.

Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman
by Regis Durand, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Laura Mulvey
Hardcover from Flammarion
Media Published: 2007-
ISBN: 2080305220

Since her earliest photographs in the 1970s, Cindy Sherman has built a name as one of the most respected photographers of our day. Famous for posing as the subject of her own photos, Sherman's work addresses the role of the artist, the impact of the media upon the art world and the position of women in society. Organized in a roughly chronological path by theme, Cindy Sherman provides a comprehensive review of the artist's complete works, including her Bus Riders, Murder Mystery, and Untitled Film Stills series, and photographs on topics ranging from surrealist pictures, fairy tales, rear screen projections, the Old Masters, centerfolds, pink robes, clowns, dolls, and Hollywood. Fascinating archival material includes a notebook of personal snapshots that Sherman kept from an early age, on which she would circle herself and label each one: "That's Me." This monograph is the catalogue for an international exhibition that will be held in Paris, Denmark, Austria, and Berlin from 2006 through 2007.
Inverted Odysseys: Claude Cahun, Maya Deren, Cindy Sherman
Inverted Odysseys: Claude Cahun, Maya Deren, Cindy Sherman

Paperback from The MIT Press
ISBN: 0262681064

Claude Cahun, Maya Deren, and Cindy Sherman were born in differentcountries, in different generations ;Cahun in France in 1894, Deren inRussia in 1917, and Sherman in the United States in 1954. Yet theyshare a deeply theatrical obsession that shatters any notion of aunified self. All three try out identities from different socialclasses and geographic environments, extend their temporal range intothe past and future, and transform themselves into heroes andvillains, mythological creatures, and sex goddesses. The premise ofInverted Odysseys is that this expanded concept of theself ;this playful urge to "try on" other roles-is more than afeminist or psychological issue. It is central to our global culture,to our definition of human identity in a world where the individualexists in a multicultural and multitemporal environment. This book isan "odyssey" through historical, theoretical, critical, and literaryperspectives on the three artists viewed in the context of theseissues. Contributors include Lynn Gumpert, Lucy Lippard, Jonas Mekas,Ted Mooney, Shelley Rice, and Abigail Solomon-Godeau.Central to the book is Claude Cahun's "Heroines" manuscript, a seriesof fifteen stream-of-consciousness monologues written in the voices ofmajor women of literature and history, such as the Virgin Mary,Sappho, Cinderella, Penelope, Delilah, and Helen of Troy. Translatedby Norman MacAfee, these perverse and hilarious vignettes make theirEnglish-language debut here. This is also the first time that Cahun'stext has appeared in its entirety.The book accompanies an exhibit cocurated by Lynn Gumpert and ShelleyRice at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University.Published in cooperation with the Grey Art Gallery, New YorkUniversity.EXHIBITION SCHEDULE:Grey Art GalleryNew York, New YorkNovember 16, 1999 - January 29, 2000Museum of Contemporary ArtNorth Miami, FloridaMarch - May 2000

Cindy Sherman: Centerfolds
Cindy Sherman: Centerfolds
by Andy Grundberg, Peter Schjeldahl, Roberta Smith, Lisa Phillips
Hardcover from Skarstedt Fine Art
Media Published: 2004-
ISBN: 0970909020

Described by one critic as "embarrassingly intimate," Cindy Sherman's Centerfolds, a series of twelve 2 x 4 foot images shot in 1981 for an Artforum commission, take the horizontal centerfold as their physical and conceptual framework. Though the images were never run in the magazine--the editor was concerned that they would be misunderstood--they remain some of the most affecting of Sherman's constructed pictures. In them, Sherman's vaguely adolescent female characters fill up the frame with an ambiguous, uncomfortably close presence, their plaid kilts, wet t-shirts, matted hair, disheveled nightgowns, and pretty gingham dresses keeping them in your face but unavailable, emotionally suggestive but ambivalently distanced. This handsome, compact volume, the first to include all twelve of the Centerfold images, is run through with an informative, involved text by Lisa Phillips, Head Curator of the New Museum and a long-time supporter of Sherman's work.

Cindy Sherman: Retrospective
Cindy Sherman: Retrospective
by Amanda Cruz, Amelia Jones
Paperback from Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 050027987X

American artist Cindy Sherman creates staged and manipulated photographs that draw on popular culture and art history to explore female identity. Her art embodies two developments in the art world: the impact of postmodern theory on art practice; and the rise of photography and mass-media techniques as modes of artistic expression. This volume, published on the occasion of an international touring exhibition, presents over 200 images from the breadth of Sherman's work, from the "Untitled Film Stills" of the 1970s to series such as "Centerfolds", "Fashion", "Disasters", "Fairy Tales" and "History Portraits". Essayists Cruz, Jones and Smith offer insights into Sherman's art from several vantage points, positioning it within the trajectory of feminist art history and revealing her influence since the 1970s.

Cindy Sherman: Working Girl (Decade Series )
Cindy Sherman: Working Girl (Decade Series )
by Catherine Morris, Paul Ha
Paperback from Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
Media Published: 2006-
ISBN: 0971219583

When curators at Saint Louis's Contemporary Art Museum asked Cindy Sherman whether there was a moment in her career whose resonance might be underappreciated, one around which she might like to develop an exhibit and a book, she selected her earliest adult creative years, beginning while she was still a student at Buffalo State College in the mid-1970s. Working Girl is full of rarely seen pieces, and it features, for the first time, documentation of and stills from Sherman's 1975 animated short Doll Clothes, which is among the pieces that bring Sherman's early exploration of gender and identity into focus. The mostly small-scale work, including many early black-and-white, hand-colored, and sepia-toned photographs, is culled primarily from the artist's family members' collections and her own, and includes the pieces that laid the groundwork for her first major success, the acclaimed Film Stills series. Working Girl is a unique glimpse into the early development of Sherman's artistic practice, and into the genesis of her inimitable substance and style. It illuminates her conceptual approach to photography and foretells the career that would be launched in the late 1970s, positioning her as one of the most significant artists of our time.


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