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Power System Analysis
by John J. Grainger, William D. Stevenson
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Power System Analysis and Design (with CD-ROM)
by J. Duncan Glover, Mulukutla S. Sarma
Hardcover from Brooks Cole
Fuel Cell Systems Explained
by James Larminie, Andrew Dicks
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons
Power Electronics : Circuits, Devices and Applications
by Muhammad H. Rashid
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Introductory Circuit Analysis (10th Edition)
by Robert L. Boylestad
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals
by Stephen J. Chapman
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Electrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems (5th Edition)
by Theodore Wildi
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Programmable Logic Controllers
by Frank D. Petruzella
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Fuel Cell Technology Handbook
by Gregor Hoogers
Hardcover from CRC Press
Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization
by Dieter K. Schroder
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Electrical Systems in Buildings
by S. David Hughes
Mass Market Paperback from PWS Publishing Co.
Introduction to Power Electronics
by Daniel W. Hart
Hardcover from Pearson Education POD

Special Order
Handbook Of Batteries
by David Linden, Thomas B. Reddy
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Professional
Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Electricity and Magnetism Light
by Paul A. Tipler
Paperback from Worth Publishing
American Electricians' Handbook
by Wilford I. Summers, Terrell Croft
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
Electromechanical Energy Devices and Power Systems 
by Zia A. Yamayee, Juan L. Bala
Hardcover from Wiley Text Books
Lines and Fields in Electronic Technology
by William D. Stanley, Richard F. Harrington
Hardcover from Pearson Education POD
Electrical Transients in Power Systems
by Allan Greenwood
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Electrician's Exam Preparation
by Michael Holt, Charles Michael Holt
Paperback from Delmar Learning


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