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Moving Targets
by Scott D. Sagan
(Paperback -- January 25, 1990)

Megawatts and Megatons: A Turning Point in the Nuclear Age
by Richard L. Garwin, Georges Charpak
(Hardcover -- October 2, )

Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3rd Edition
by Octave Levenspiel 
(Hardcover -- August 13, )

The Environmental Case for Nuclear Power: Economic, Medical, and Political Considerations
by Robert C. Morris
(Paperback -- June 26, )

Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering
by J., Kenneth Shultis, Richard E. Faw
(Hardcover -- August )

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (3rd Edition)
by John R. Lamarsh, Anthony Baratta
(Hardcover -- March 21, )

The Tainted Desert: Environmental and Social Ruin in the American West
by Valerie Kuletz
(Paperback -- April )

Nuclear Reactor Physics
by Weston M. Stacey
(Hardcover -- January 16, )

Nuclear Engineering: Theory and Technology of Commercial Nuclear Power
by Ronald Allen Knief
(Paperback -- August 1992)
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Nuclear Power
by Jonathan F. Gosse
(Paperback -- May 1990)
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Gauge Theory of Weak Interactions
by Walter Greiner, Berndt Muller
(Paperback -- October )

Interaction of Photons and Neutrons With Matter: An Introduction
by Sow-Hsin Chen, Michael Kotlarchyk
(Hardcover -- March )

A Guide to Nuclear Power Technology: A Resource for Decision Making
by Frank J. Rahn
(Hardcover -- January 1992)
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Alternative Energy: Facts, Statistics, and Issues (Alternative Energy)
by Paula Berinstein
(Hardcover -- June 30, )

Raidation Protection: A Guide for Scientists, Regulators, and Physicians
by Jacob Shapiro
(Hardcover -- June 15, )

Nuclear Energy: An Introduction to the Concepts, Systems, and Applications of Nuclear Processes
by Raymond L. Murray
(Hardcover -- January 15, )

The Curve of Binding Energy
by John A. McPhee
(Hardcover -- May 1974)

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