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Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications (2nd Edition)
by Bernard Sklar
(Hardcover -- January 11, )

Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms and Applications (3rd Edition)
by John G. Proakis, Dimitris G. Manolakis
(Hardcover -- October 5, )

Digital Communications
by John G. Proakis
(Hardcover -- August 15, )

Microwave Engineering
by David M. Pozar
(Hardcover -- August )

Radio Frequency Transistors: Principles and Practical Applications (Edn Series for Design Engineers)
by Norm Dye, et al
(Paperback -- January )

802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly Networking)
by Matthew S. Gast
(Paperback -- April )

Newton's Telecom Dictionary: The Authoritative Resource for Telecommunications, Networking, the Internet and Information Technology (18th Edition)
by Harry Newton, Ray Horak
(Paperback -- March )

A Thread Across the Ocean: The Heroic Story of the Trans Atlantic Cable
by John Steele Gordon
(Hardcover -- June )

Getting to Know ArcView GIS
by Editors of ESRI Press (Editor)
(Paperback -- May )

The Essential Guide to Telecommunications (3rd Edition)
by Annabel Z. Dodd
(Paperback -- September 12, )

Data & Computer Communications (6th Edition)
by William Stallings
(Hardcover -- November 2, )

Elements of Information Theory
by Thomas M. Cover, Joy A. Thomas
(Hardcover -- August 12, 1991)

Digital Image Processing (2nd Edition)
by Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods
(Hardcover -- January 15, )

Building Wireless Community Networks
by Rob Flickenger
(Paperback -- December 15, )

Schaum's Outline of Signals and Systems
by Hwei P. Hsu, Hwel P. Hse
(Paperback -- March 1, )

Schaum's Outline of Digital Signal Processing
by Monson H. Hayes
(Paperback -- August 31, )

Schaum's Outline of Analog and Digital Communication
by Hwei P. Hsu
(Paperback -- March 1, 1993)

Discrete-Time Signal Processing (2nd Edition)
by Alan V. Oppenheim, et al
(Hardcover -- February 15, )

Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition)
by Theodore S. Rappaport
(Hardcover -- December 31, )

What Just Happened? Bitter Hollywood Tales from the Front Line
by Art Linson
(Hardcover -- May )

Signals and Systems Made Ridiculously Simple
by Zoher Z. Karu
(Paperback -- January )

Signals and Systems (2nd Edition)
by Alan V. Oppenheim, et al
(Hardcover -- August 6, )

UNIX Made Easy
by John Muster, et al
(Paperback -- April 23, )

The Arrl Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2002 (Arrl Handbook for Radio Amateurs, )
by Dana George Reed (Editor)
(Paperback -- October )

McGraw-Hill's Encyclopedia of Networking & Telecommunications
by Tom Sheldon
(Hardcover -- May 24, )

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