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Introduction to Superconducting Circuits
Introduction to Superconducting Circuits
by Alan M. Kadin
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys
Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys
by Pierre-Gilles De Gennes, P. A. Pincus, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
Paperback from Perseus Book Group
Theory of Superconductivity
Theory of Superconductivity
by J. R. Shrieffer, J. Robert Schrieffer
Paperback from Perseus Book Group
The Physics of Superconductors: Introduction to Fundamentals and Applications
The Physics of Superconductors: Introduction to Fundamentals and Applications
by V. V. Shmidt, A. V. Ustinov, P. Muller
Book Description: This modern introduction to the physics of superconductors was edited by Paul Mller, (Walter Schottky Award for Solid-state Research) and Alexey V. Ustinov, both at the University of Erlangen. The revised and enlarged text is based on a lecture course given by V.V. Schmidt at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. It provides a modern treatment of the physics of superconductors with special attention paid to the physical interpretation of the phenomena. This English edition has been enlarged by the inclusion of such new developments as high-temperature superconductivity, and, as such, is the most up-to-date textbook available on the subject. Numerous problems with solutions help the student to become familiar with this field. 
Hardcover from Springer Verlag

Special Order
Engineering Superconductivity
by Peter J. Lee
Hardcover from Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Superconductivity : The Next Revolution?
by Gianfranco Vidali
Paperback from Cambridge University Press
Handbook of Superconductivity
by Charles Poole, Horacio Farach, Richard Creswick
Hardcover from Academic Press
Superconductivity of Metals and Cuprates
by J. R. Waldram
Paperback from Adam Hilger
Strong Interactions in Low Dimensions (Physics and Chemistry of Materials With Low Dimensional Structures)
by D. Baeriswyl, L. Degiorgi
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
High-Temperature Superconductivity : An Introduction
High-Temperature Superconductivity : An Introduction
by Gerald Burns
Book Description: Here is a concise, tutorial overview of the exciting new field of high-temperature superconductivity. This authoritative textbook focuses on topics, experimental results, and theoretical issues that are likely to have lasting value and are readily understandable to upper-level undergraduates and others new to the field. Written primarily from an experimental point of view, the book reviews conventional superconductors and then presents the structure, normal state and superconducting properties, and applications of the new cuprate superconductors. An insightful analysis of critical currents in thin films and wires is included. The book will provide an excellent supplementary text for students taking their first solid state physics course. In addition, all those with a basic knowledge of solid state physics will find the book to be a useful introduction to the field.

Key Features
* Serves as a concise, tutorial introduction to the field
* Requires very little solid state physics background
* Includes problem sets and references to key papers 
Paperback from Academic Press

Magnetic Flux Structures in Superconductors
Magnetic Flux Structures in Superconductors
by Rudolf Peter Huebener, Rudolf P. Hubener
Hardcover from Springer Verlag
The Cold Wars: A History of Superconductivity
by Jean Matricon
Hardcover from Rutgers University Press
After the Breakthrough : The Emergence of High-Temperature Superconductivity as a Research Field
by Helga Nowotny, Ulrike Felt
Paperback from Cambridge University Press
Magnetic Hysteresis
by Edward Della Torre
Paperback from Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
28 August, 2000
Electronic Processes in Organic Crystals and Polymers (2nd Edition)
by Martin Pope, Charles E. Swenberg
Hardcover from Oxford University Press

Special Order
The Theory of Superconductivity in the High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors
by P. W. Anderson
Hardcover from Princeton Univ Pr
Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits
by Theodore Van Duzer, Charles W. Turner
Hardcover from Pearson Education POD
Copper Interconnect Technology (Tutorial Texts in Optical Engineering Vol. TT46)
by Christoph Steinbruchel, Barry Chin
Paperback from SPIE--The International Society for Optical Engineering
Ruthenate and Rutheno-Cuprate Materials: Unconventional Superconductivity, Magnetism, and Quantum Phase Transitions (Lecture Notes in Physics, 603)
by C. Noce, A. Vecchione, M. Cuoco, A. Romano
Hardcover from Springer Verlag

Special Order
Superconductivity: Its Historical Roots and Development from Mercury to the Ceramic Oxides
by Per Fridtjof Dahl
Hardcover from Springer Verlag

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