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American Rodeo: From Buffalo Bill to Big Business
by Kristine Fredriksson
(Paperback - September 1993)

Bull Riding and Bullfighting (McLeese, Tex, Rodeo Discovery Library.)
by Tex McLeese
(Library Binding)

Barrel Racing
by Sharon Camarillo, et al
Paperback - November 1985

Bill Pickett: Rodeo-Ridin' Cowboy
by Andrea D. Pinkney, Brian Pinkney (Illustrator)
The son of former slaves, Bill Pickett was born in 1881 near Abilene, Texas. He grew up watching cowboys herding cattle along the Chisholm Trail and became a cowhand himself at age 15. Honored with his picture on a U.S. stamp, Pickett today is remembered for inventing bulldogging, which is one of...
Paperback - November 1999

Ride 'Em Rodeo! (Woody's Round-Up, 3)
by Rebecca Gomez
Paperback - September 2000

Rodeo Daddy (Trueblood Texas)
by B. J. Daniels
(Mass Market Paperback)

Bronc Riding (Sherman, Josepha. Rodeo.)
by Josepha Sherman (Library Binding)
Explores the origins and development of bronc riding as a rodeo event, discussing the rules, the training, the judging, and the animal and human stars. ...

Rodeo and the Mimosa Tree
by Jennifer Olds
Paperback - September 1991

Rodeo Road Code
by Howard Pitzen
Paperback - January 1998

Rodeo Girl
by Lisa Eisner (Photographer)

Rodeoin': A Legend Lives on
by John McQuarrie (Photographer)
Hardcover - February 1996

Wild Ride: Three Journeys Down the Rodeo Road
by David A. Poulsen
Paperback - March 2001

Three people-each on a journey-and living life eight seconds at a time. Despite ever-present danger, insufficient pay and endless miles down unfamiliar, often unfriendly highways, it's a journey they love. Wild Ride! takes readers on the road, into the arena and onto the backs of bucking broncs, hard-running horses and cantankerous bulls in an often funny, ...

Queen of the Rodeo
by Michael Little

When Miss Reno Rodeo meets a lonesome Texas steer wrestler with big muscles and a weakness for blondes, watch out. It may be a match made in cowgirl heaven, but there's no way in hell that Donna's ex-fiance in Reno, and Tyler's ex-girlfriend in small town Texas are going to wish them eternal happiness. ...

My Heroes Have Aleays Been Cowboys: A History Shared of Some Daleota Cowboys With Professional Rodeo Photographs
by Fran Armstrong, Ted Cornell
Paperback - May 2001

Fifty Years of High School Rodeo in Louisiana
by Tom Watson
Out of Print - Try Used Books

From pole bending to bronc riding, Tom Watson leads you through 50 exciting years of high school rodeo in the state of Louisiana. The book is filled with a collection of 75 photos and the historical background of the people who gave high school rodeo its solid foundation today. ...

Bronc and Bareback Riding: Rodeo (McLeese, Tex, Rodeo Discovery Library.)
by Tex McLeese(Library Binding)

Guts: Legendary Black Rodeo Cowboy Bill Pickett
by Cecil Johnson, et al
Hardcover - October 1994

King of the Cowboys
King of the Cowboys
by Ty Murray, Steve Eubanks
Book Description: The most famous rodeo champion of all time tells his amazing true story -- and opens a fascinating window into the world of the professional cowboy.

Ty Murray was born to be a rodeo star -- in fact, his first words were "I'm a bull rider." Before he was even out of diapers, he was climbing atop his mother's Singer sewing machine case, which just so happened to be the perfect mechanical bull for a 13-month-old. Before long, Ty was winning peewee events by the hatful, and his special talent was obvious...obvious even to a man called Larry Mahan. At the time the greatest living rodeo legend, six-time champion Mahan invited a teenaged Ty Murray to spend a summer on his ranch learning not just rodeoing but also some life lessons. Those lessons prepared Ty for a career that eventually surpassed even Mahan's own -- Ty's seven All-Around Championships.

In King of the Cowboys, Ty Murray invites us into the daredevil world of rodeo and the life of the cowboy. Along the way, he details a life spent constantly on the road, heading to the next event; the tragic death of his friend and fellow rodeo star Lane Frost; and the years of debilitating injuries that led some to say Ty Murray was finished.

He wasn't. In fact, Ty Murray has brought the world of rodeo into the twenty-first century, through his unparalleled achievements in the ring, through advancing the case for the sport as a television color-commentator, and through the Professional Bull Riders, an organization he helped to build.

In the end, though, Ty Murray is first and foremost a cowboy, and now that he's retired from competition, he takes this chance to reflect on his remarkable life and career. In King of the Cowboys, Ty Murray opens up his world as never before.

Hardcover from Atria Books

Ollie Jolly, Rodeo Clown
by Jo Harper, Amy Meissner (Illustrator)
Paperback - October 2002

Rodeo Clown: Laughs and Danger in the Ring (Risky Business)
by Keith Elliot Greenberg, et al(School & Library Binding - April )

Roughstock: The Toughest Events in Rodeo
by John Annerino

The cowboy is an American classic who taps into a wellspring of cultural memories. And the most thrilling real-life setting for a modern cowboy is roughstock rodeo, an edge sport that makes professional wrestling look like a picnic. Celebrating this increasingly popular event is Roughstock, the...

Rodeo Queens and the American Dream
by Joan Burbick
A bittersweet journey into the lives of women who have worked the rodeo circuit from the 1930s to today. Rodeo has always been considered a supremely masculine sport, a rough and tumble display of macho strength and skill. But author Joan Burbick shows us the other side of rodeo: the world of rodeo queens--part cowgirl and part pageant princess--who wave and smile and keep the dream of the ideal Western woman alive. ...

Barrel Racing (Rodeo)
by Josepha Sherman
Introduces the rodeo event of barrel racing, including its origins, rules, training, and stars. --This text refers to theLibrary Binding...
Paperback - April 2001

Bull Riding (Rodeo)
by Josepha Sherman
Paperback - April 2001

Ropers and Riders (Rodeo)
by Josepha Sherman
Paperback - April 2001

Describes the origins, training, and techniques of calf roping, as well as animals and gear used, judging the event at a rodeo, and more. --This text refers to theLibrary Binding...

Ring of Fire : The Guts and Glory of the Professional Bull Riding Tour
by Kendra Santos (Editor), et al
Hardcover - October 2000

Roughstock: The Mud, the Blood, and the Beer
by Ty Murray, Kendra Santos
Hardcover - July 2001
Famed rodeo rider Ty Murray, "The King of the Cowboys," shares recollections of his amazing career in the roughstock events. These events-bareback, saddle bronc, and bull riding-are the most dangerous and physically demanding in the sport of rodeo. Murray recalls wild adventures on the road with...

Rodeo Riders: The Natural
by Dusty Richards
Paperback - June 2002
This exciting and authentic novel of a young rodeo natural "reflects the life of the rodeo cowboy as it is and always will be." (Danny Newland, seven-time announcer, International Finals Rodeo) "The story of rodeo as never told beforeby the men (and women) who live it every day." (Dr. Lynn Phillips, ...

Regards, Rodeo
by Alan Armstrong, Martha Armstrong (Illustrator)
Paperback - January 2000

Texas Rodeo Showdown
by Eric E. Wiggin
Paperback - May 1998

Rodeo Idaho
by Louise Shadduck
The lives and legends of Idaho's rodeo past are chronicled in Rodeo Idaho, the latest book from Idaho historian Louise Shadduck of Coeur d'Alene. She combed newspapers, films, magazines, letters, and books, then conducted more than 100 interviews in her search for the roots of rodeo in Idaho, her native state. ...

The Last Ride
by Glen 'Pee Wee' Mercer, Patrick D. Smith
Hardcover - December 2000

Rodeo Steer Wrestling: Rodeo
by Tex McLeese
(Library Binding)

Steer Wrestling (Rodeo)
by Josepha Sherman
Explores the origins and development of steer wrestling as a rodeo event, discussing the rules, the training for wrestling and roping steers, the animals involved and judging of the events. --This text refers to theLibrary Binding...
Paperback - April 2001

Virgin of the Rodeo
by Sarah Bird
Paperback - November 1999

Welcome to the Rodeo (Rodeo)
by Josepha Sherman
Introduces the rodeo as a sport, exploring its origins, people, animals, events, scoring, and involvement of children.
Paperback - April 2001

The Widow and the Rodeo Man (Montana Mavericks)
by Jackie Merritt
(Mass Market Paperback)

Calgary Stampede: An Altitude Superguide
by Patrick Tivy
The Calgary Stampede is Alberta's premier attraction, with more than a million people attending the two week affair every July. This guide provides a complete overview to the attractions and the rodeo events as well as a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the Stampede ranch, the parade and other Stampede events. ...
Paperback - January 1995
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