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March 9th 2009
1. Do you know where the old house is? I was thinking port Macquarie,
but I think it might have been the old house on Anzac Parade or maybe
the one out at Blackalls.

2. The sue and Jim house is the place at Renwick St Toronto and so are
the ones from the front of the house that look out over the lake. The
people in these photos are the Martin's XXX and Kay Martin. (Drinking

3. The snow photos say Corroberee Lodge. I think at Smiggins.

4. Any idea where the photo of the Valiant with me and then Mum and dad?
It has an antenna and a trig point and it is obviously cold. Maybe greg

5. The one with the pile of bricks looks like when Dad was building
Bruce Ave.

6. The island is in Tahiti I think. On the way to the Panama Canal,
which is where the strange train thing comes in. They tow you through,
or used to anyway.