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Pursang powered Metralla

Bultaco Road Racer 

For Sale 27/12/00
Metralla frame with swingarm lengthened by Marriots, Koni shocks, Marzocchi 35mm front end with Grimeca 2LS doubledrum. Akront and Tagasako rims, stainless spokes, Avons. 363 Pursang motor by Carl at Short Black, RM250 CDI, reed valve induction fed by 36mm GP Amal MK2. Exhaust by Rick Roberts with Marriots header. Tacho from the Gokart Shop. Homebush Fibreglass bodywork.
Laps Eastern Creek at 2:05 on a good day.
Fresh motor and tyres, full spares inventory, ready for 2001. 
Inspect at Eastern Creek meeting 2-3 Feb 2001

Ben Gilbert - Sydney

Email: bennybultaco iprimus.com.aut.

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