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Maximise The Life Of Your Batteries

At least 50% of batteries fail from under-use, the familiar problem of batteries not holding their charge. This under charged, under used condition  causes suplhating of the battery plates, which drastically reduces the current capacity of the battery.  What is generally not recognize is that is that this condition can be treated with BATTERY MAX which will prolong the useful life of the battery - quite often by many years. The same treatment applied to a new battery will stop these symptoms appearing at all, giving a maximum possible battery life, many times that of a similar un treated battery. Keeping the battery fully charged also increases its useful life. One might ask why this treatment is not more widely used or why it is not used by manufacturers, a cynical answer might be that they would rather sell more batteries. 

The addition of a small quantity of BATTERY MAX to each cell of any type or size of a lead acid battery will effectively remove or prevent cell sulphating. This is a once only treatment for the life of the battery. BATTERY MAX is an odourless white powder. It is classified as non hazardous or poisonous. Skin or eye contact should be avoided as the material is a mild irritant, treatment is through rinsing in running water. 

BATTERY MAX is supplied in a 24 gm plastic sachet together with a dispensing spoon. This amount is sufficient to treat the larger size of car battery, or 2- 12V motorcycle batteries, or 4-6V motorcycle batteries. The amount added to each cell is in no way critical. For larger batteries a larger bulk pack can be supplied. For best results BATTERY MAX should be added to new batteries. The older a battery is, the less effective is the treatment. Batteries that have had many heavy starts are worn out and will not respond to treatment.



  • 1-  The packet supplied contains 24 grams of chemical - this will treat a standard car battery of 45 to 65 amp hours capacity, or 2 12v or 4 6v motorcycle batteries. The exact amount is not critical ; there is no advantage in adding more chemical. For those who have larger batteries, or wish to treat many batteries , bulk supplies can be obtained from  OVERLANDER.
  • 2-  BATTERY MAX may be added directly as a powder. It is highly soluble and will disperse rapidly during charging, or normal vehicle operation The chemical in some instances will clump and float on the surface, this condition is only temporary and is of no concern. There are 12 spoonfuls in a 24 gram packet, so you should add 2 to each cell. Alternatively, spread the chemical on a dry sheet of paper and "cut" into 6 equal amounts. A simple paper funnel might be helpful if the filler holes are small. Any  unused chemical should be stored in a sealed container, as it will absorb water readily.
  • 3-  Another method is to add BATTERY MAX to 60 to 100 ml of distilled water. Add equal amounts of this solution to each cell. This can only be done if the initial electrolyte level is low enough. A syringe can be used to treat sealed batteries, which often suffer from low water level. Note: do not apply this chemical to sealed "gel" batteries
  • 4  To treat small  batteries, add a correspondingly smaller amount of BATTERY MAX , use the amp hour figure as a guide. It will be easier to use the liquid dose with an eye dropper or a syringe, as it is  difficult to run powder through a small opening.
  • 5  Charge the battery fully, if sulphation has been depressing performance, significant improvement should occur over a few days. To remove heavy sulphation a number of charge discharge cycles may be required. This may indicate that battery life may be largely used up, and little benefit can be obtained from the treatment.

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BATTERY MAX costs $, post paid any where in Australia 
Bulk packs:  200 gram  $ post paid 
400 gram  $ post paid 
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