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These mufflers are a direct replacement for the original part . Mufflers consist of a standard body with an engine pipe to fit the existing system . Where the original system is one piece the old muffler is sawn off at a convenient point. With some 4 wheelers an adjustable bracket is provided to assist fitting . This bracket should be positioned as far along the muffler as possible to give maximum support Mufflers are guaranteed against corrosion and mechanical failure , other than that due to incorrectly placed adjustable brackets.

Japanese Replica Exhaust Systems & Parts
Classic Japanese - Pressed Replicas 


HONDA C CA 72-77 CB72-77 Pressed replica muffler $770 Pair
HONDA C CA 72-77 CB72-77 engine pipes $445 Pair
HONDA CE71 Pressed replica mufflers $770 Pair
HONDA C92 Pressed replica muffler $750 Pair
HONDA C92 engine pipes $440 Pair
HONDA CB92 Sports megaphone without baffle $710 Pair
HONDA CB92 Muffler early seamless $880 Pair
HONDA CB92 Engine pipe $455 Pair
HONDA CB92 Fly screen complete $180 Each
HONDA CB92 Foot pegs $130 Pair
HONDA CB92 Ace type handle bars s/s $100 Each
HONDA CB 92 Kick start lever $150 Each
HONDA CB 92 Rear susp mount cover upper $120 Pair
Gear box sprocket various, both spline types $50 Each
Rear sprocket various $80 Each
HONDA 750 K 1-6 tank badge $90 Pair
HONDA 750 K1-6 Pressed replica muffler set $1,850 Set
HONDA 750 K1-6 pipe set $750 Set
HONDA 750 K1-6 Side cover badge $80 Pair
HONDA K7 code 405 or 425 (DOHC) Replica mufflers, cut old muffler off pipe $1,550 Set
HONDA K7 code HM425 Collectors $400 Set
HONDA K7 code 405 or 425 (DOHC) Muffler brackets $120 Set
HONDA K7 code 405 or 425(DOHC) Replica engine pipes $750 Set
HONDA GL1000 product 371 Mufflers not replica $760 Pair
HONDA GL1000 product 431 Replica mufflers $850 Pair
HONDA GL1100 old mufflers cut from engine pipe Replica mufflers code 463 $800 Pair
HONDA GL1000, 1100 muffler stub reqd for 1100 engine pipes, with exchange manifold plates $600 Set
HONDA CBX 1000 REPLICA, mufflers with collectors $1,700 Pair
HONDA CBX 1000 Engine pipe set $1,200 Set
HONDA CBX 1000 Safety bar set Stainless steel $400 Set
HONDA CBX 1000 Rear carrier stainless steel $420 Each
HONDA Bol D'or, CX Mufflers $720 Pair
HONDA CX bridge pipe $250 Each
HONDA CB400 Super sports Replica muffler $400 Each
HONDA CB400 Super sports Replica collector used with existing E/ pipes $280 Each
HONDA CB400 Super sports Replica engine pipe set slips into collector $800 Set
HONDA CB750-1100 all models Replica mufflers $800 Pair
HONDA CB750-1100 all models engine pipes $750 Set
HONDA CB750 F2 Muffler $430 Each
HONDA CB450 Ko-K2 Muffler $790 Pair
HONDA CB 175, 200, 250, 350, Mufflers $760 Pair
HONDA VT250,VF400,750,1000 mufflers $760 Pair
HONDA VF750-1000 collector $500 Each
HONDA SL350 K1 and later Pressed muffler $1,000 Pair
HONDA XLV750 Muffler unpolished $620 Pair
HONDA CBR 1000 FK and later mufflers $1,000 Pair
HONDA CJ 250-355 T ‘76 muffler $450 Each
HONDA CB 175, 200, 250, 350, 450 Mufflers pressed replica $780 Pair
HONDA C100, C102, C70, C200 CM91 S90 Pressed muffler, used with original pipe $320 Each

KAWASAKI 900 Z1 series muffler set pressed replica $2,450 Set
KAWASAKI engine pipe set $750 Set
KAWASAKI tank badge $85 Pair
KAWASAKI side cover badge A or B types $85 Pair
KAWASAKI 750f2 $200 Pair
KAWASAKI Fork top covers for above s/s $100 Pair
KAWASAKI W1SS Muffler pressed replica $760 Pair
KAWASAKI W2 SS Muffler replica 3 ½ body, 2 brackets $720 Pair
KAWASAKI W1sa Muffler replica, 3” body 2 brackets $720 Pair
KAWASAKI W1,2, 1sa Pipe set no bridge $450 Pair
KAWASAKI W1, W2. W1sa tank badge (will fit the later 650) $85 Pair
KAWASAKI W1sa side cover badge $90 Pair
KAWASAKI Mach 3 H1 muffler set $1,700 Set
KAWASAKI Mach 3 H1 Pipe set $600 Set
KAWASAKI H1 500 triple 2 types, HK500 side cover badge $90 Pair
KAWASAKI H2 750 triple 3 types side cover badge $90 Pair
KAWASAKI 500 MACH 111 side cover badge $45 Each
KAWASAKI S1,S2, S3, side cover badge $90 Pair
KAWASAKI Z1300 Replica muffler $760 Pair
KAWASAKI Z1300 collector $760 Each
KAWASAKI Z1000 ST Mufflers, cut off old mufflers weld on stub $800 Pair
KAWASAKI Z1R 1000 Mk 1&2 Mufflers $800 Pair
KAWASAKI GTR1000, ZZR1100, XA, XZ1000 Ninja muffler $800 Pair
KAWASAKI GPZ900R,GPZ750,GPZ250,ZL900,1000 muffler $800 Pair
KAWASAKI Zephyr 750 muffler $760 Pair
KAWASAKI KZ1000J, KZ1100B Muffler, cut of collector $760 Pair
KAWASAKI KZ1000J, KZ1100B Collector, cut off engine pipe $500 Each
KAWASAKI GTR1000,GRZ900R,GPZ750,ZL1000 collector $500 Each
KAWASAKI Z400,750ltd,750e muffler $700 Pair
KAWASAKI Zephyr 550 muffler $360 Each
KAWASAKI Z 750 twin muffler $750 Pair
KAWASAKI Z750 engine pipes $440 Pair

YAMAHA XJ550,XX750 Muffler $750 Pair
YAMAHA XJ650 Turbo Single muffler LHS, bridge to RHS near replica $560 Set
YAMAHA SR500 Replica muffler $360 Each
YAMAHA SR500 Pipe - requires a head clamp $240 Each
YAMAHA XS 1-2 replica muffler $760 Pair
YAMAHA XS 1-2 Muffler nut S/S $170 Pair
YAMAHA XS 1-2 Muffler support clamp $50 Pair
YAMAHA XS 1-2 pipe set - requires head clamp $480 Pair
YAMAHA XS 1-2 side cover badge $90 Pair
YAMAHA XS650C Replica mufflers $800 Pair
YAMAHA XS650C Engine pipes $470 Pair
YAMAHA XS650C Side cover badge OHC 650 $90 Pair
YAMAHA XS650 special Replica mufflers -push on $760 Pair
YAMAHA XS650 special Replica engine pipes requires clamp ring $465 Pair
YAMAHA TX 750 Replica muffler $875 Pair
YAMAHA TX750 Muffler support clamp $50 Pair
YAMAHA TX750 Muffler nut S/S $170 Pair
YAMAHA TX750 Engine pipes $470 Pair
YAMAHA XT500 High engine pipe $245 Each
YAMAHA XT500 High muffler $325 Each
YAMAHA XJ650-750-900 Muffler $760 Pair
YAMAHA XJ650-750-900 Collector $520 Each
YAMAHA XV750, XV1000, Virago Muffler near replica $760 Pair
YAMAHA XV750, XV1000, Virago front pipe / back pipe $180 $220 Each
YAMAHA XS250 RK Muffler – no box $820 Pair
YAMAHA XS250 RK Engine pipes $450 Pair
YAMAHA XZ550 Muffler near replica $800 Pair
YAMAHA Diversion Muffler near replica $790 Pair
YAMAHA FJ1100-1200 Mufflers near replica $800 Pair
YAMAHA FJ1100-1200 Collector near replica $500 Set
YAMAHA FJ1100-1200 engine pipes $760 Set
YAMAHA XS 750 2D Replica muffler without collector $820 Pair
YAMAHA XS 750 2D Replica muffler with collector $850 Pair
YAMAHA XS 750 2D Engine pipe set $660 Set
YAMAHA XS1100 Replica muffler with balance pipe , no box $800 Pair
YAMAHA XS1100 Replica engine pipe with collectors $900 Set

SUZUKI GSX 250 e/s,400 muffler $750 Pair
SUZUKI GSX750,1100,GS750,850,1000 muffler $800 Pair
SUZUKI GSX 1100G 91-94 muffler $1,500 Pair
SUZUKI TL 1000 S Muffler $760 Pair

LILAC 250 & 500 engine pipes $450 Pair
LILAC 250 & 500 mufflers $800 Pair

FUJI RABBIT SCOOTER Two stroke S601 Muffler $400 Each
FUJI RABBIT SCOOTER Four stroke Muffler $400 Each
FUJI RABBIT SCOOTER Muffler to engine pipe clamp all sizes $0 Each

HONDA Z50 –50R system Muffler $300 Each
HONDA ATC 110-200-250 Muffler $220 Each
HONDA ATC 125-185, CT90-110 Muffler $220 Each
HONDA CT125/200, XL70 Muffler $220 Each
HONDA XR80-100 Muffler $220 Each
HONDA XL185s,XL-XR200, XL250s Muffler $220 Each
HONDA XL-XR250R, TRX250 Muffler $220 Each
HONDA XL-XR 350 TRX300-350 Muffler $250 Each
HONDA XL600 Muffler $270 Each
HONDA G400 engine Muffler $160 Each
HONDA G300-GV400 Muffler $160 Each
HONDA G42-G65 Muffler $150 Each
HONDA GX120-140-160 Muffler $120 Each
HONDA ATC110-200,XR80-100 Engine Pipe $150 Each
HONDA CT90-110-125-200` Engine Pipe $150 Each
HONDA XL250-350 XR250-350 Engine Pipe $300 Each

KAWASAKI KL250a Muffler $250 Each
KAWASAKI KLF185 A1 or A2-4 Muffler $220 Each
KAWASAKI KLF250 Muffler $250 Each
KAWASAKI KLF300b KLF400 Muffler $300 Each
KAWASAKI KLR250 Muffler $250 Each
KAWASAKI KLR300 COMP Muffler $400 Each
KAWASAKI KLR650 COMP Muffler $400 Each
KAWASAKI KLT185 Engine Pipe $150 Each
KAWASAKI KLF185a/185b Engine Pipe $150 Each

SUZUKI DF100-125 Muffler $250 Each
SUZUKI DR1100-125-200-250 Muffler $250 Each
SUZUKI DR400-500-600 Muffler $260 Each
SUZUKI LT160-185-230 Muffler $250 Each
SUZUKI LT250 chain drive Muffler $250 Each
SUZUKI LTF250h-k Muffler $260 Each
SUZUKI LTF250l-m LTF300 Muffler $260 Each
SUZUKI DR 250 single port Engine Pipe $150 Each
SUZUKI DR 250 twin port Engine Pipe $300 Each

YAMAHA AG200, BW200, TW200 Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA TT250-350 Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA XT125-200 Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA XT250g-w XT250l Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA XT500-550 Muffler $320 Each
YAMAHA YFB250 Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA YFM80-100-125-200-225-250 Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA YFM350 32 or 35 mm inlet Muffler $300 Each
YAMAHA YFU1 pro haul Muffler $250 Each
YAMAHA YFM600 Muffler $350 Each
YAMAHA MF410 10hp engine Muffler $220 Each
YAMAHA BW200 Engine Pipe $160 Each
YAMAHA TW200 Engine Pipe $160 Each
YAMAHA TT350 Engine Pipe $300 Each
YAMAHA XT 500 Engine Pipe $220 Each
YAMAHA YFB250 Engine Pipe $150 Each
YAMAHA YFM350 Engine Pipe $160 Each
YAMAHA YFUI pro haul Engine Pipe $150 Each
Engine pipe flange stainless steel $20 Each

BRIGGS & STRATON 5-8 Hp screw in & bolt on Muffler $130 Each
BRIGGS & STRATON 8-16 Hp 1” - 1 1/4 “ screw in Muffler $130 Each

MITSUBISHI 5Hp fire pump Muffler $140 Each

KOHLER 6hp alternator Muffler $250 Each
KOHLER 6hp muffler Muffler $250 Each

Misc Oval Rolled Edge 250 x 195 Alloy or Plastic Number Plates $42 Each
Misc Oval Rolled Edge 270 x 210 Alloy or Plastic Number Plates $42 Each
Misc Oval Rolled Edge 280 x 230 Alloy or Plastic Number Plates $42 Each
Misc MX Handle Bars $120 Each

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