Overlander Equipment

Vintage, Veteran and Classic Replica Motorcycle Parts

In addition to our large range of motorcycle mufflers, headers and exhaust systems, 
we also have the following products:

Huge range of parts for 
Indian Scout, Chief, Hedstrom, Powerplus

We make a variety of durable low friction throttle, clutch and brake cables to suit a wide range of applications

Battery Max
Increase the life of your battery!
A new battery treated with Battery Max will last 3 to 4 times longer

Miscellaneous Products
Automobile and Stationary Engine exhausts for instance Mitsubishi, Briggs & Stratton, bead breakers, touring gear, Handlebars, vintage car mufflers...

    We also manufacture:
    Suspension and Clutch covers
    Exhaust Nuts
    Tool Boxes and other tinware
    Steel seat bases
    Primary covers for AJS and Matchless
    Tail light and numberplate brackets
    Kickstart levers
    Gears, dogs, splines and shafts re-manufactured and heat treated
    Brake Discs
    Sprockets of any type
    Chrome-Moly frames and components

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