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Boeing aircraft cutaways: The history of Boeing Aircraft Company
by Michael Badrocke
Hardcover from Barnes & Noble Books
B-47 Stratojet: Boeing s Brilliant Bomber
B-47 Stratojet: Boeing's Brilliant Bomber
by Jan Tegler
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Professional
Boeing 727 (Modern Civil Aircraft Series : No 13)
Boeing 727 (Modern Civil Aircraft Series : No 13)
by Peter Gilchrist
Paperback from Wow Toys
Deep Stall: The Turbulent Story of Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Deep Stall: The Turbulent Story of Boeing Commercial Airplanes
by Philip K. Lawrence, David Weldon Thornton
Hardcover from Ashgate Pub Co
Boeing Aircraft Since 1916 (Putnam Aeronautical Books)
by Peter M. Bowers
Hardcover from Naval Inst Pr
Boeing 757 767 777 (Modern Civil Aircraft : No 6)
Boeing 757/767/777 (Modern Civil Aircraft : No 6)
by Philip Birtles
Paperback from Allan (Ian) Ltd
Boeing Cc137: 707-347c (In Canadian Service: Aircraft)
Boeing CC137: 707-347c (In Canadian Service: Aircraft)
by Anthony Stachiw, A. L. Stachiw
Paperback from Vanwell Publishing Ltd
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Boeing 787 Dreamliner
by Mark Wagner, Guy Norris
With the launch of its superjumbo, the A380, Airbus made what looked like an unbeatable bid for commercial aviation supremacy. But archrival Boeing responded: Not so fast. Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has already generated more excitement--and more orders--than any commercial airplane in the company’s history. 

This book offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the first all-new airplane developed by Boeing since its 1990 launch of the 777. With hundreds of photographs, Boeing 787 Dreamliner closely details the design and building of Boeing’s new twin-engine jet airliner, as well as the drama behind its launch. 

Here are the key players, the controversies, the critical decisions about materials and technology--the plastic reinforced with carbon fiber that will make this mid-sized widebody super lightweight. And here, from every angle, is the Dreamliner itself, in all its gleaming readiness to rule the air. 
Hardcover from Zenith Press

Boeing : Planemaker to the World
Robert Redding, Bill Yenne 
Hardcover - 256 pages Reprint edition
Thunder Bay Press; ISBN: 1571450459

Boeing : In Peace and War
Eugene E Bauer, Wolfgang Demisch 

ABC Boeing 777
Paperback - 96 pages
Ian Allan Ltd; ISBN: 0711025045
Baby Boeings: Boeing 727s and 737s
Paperback - 128 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1855327503
Boeing 707/720 (Airlife's Classic Airliners)
Boeing 707/720 (Airlife's Classic Airliners)
by Jim Winchester
Paperback from Airlife Pub Ltd
Boeing 747 Classic (Airliner Color History)
by Peter Gilchrist
Listed under Boeing 747

Boeing 757, 767
by Thomas Becher
Crowood Pr Ltd, Hardcover October 1999
ISBN: 1861261977

Boeing 757 & 767: The Medium Twins (Osprey Civil Aircraft)
by Robbie Shaw
Paperback - 128 pages (December )
Osprey Publications; ISBN: 1855329034

Boeing 767 (Airline Markings Series , Vol 10)
by Robert Shaw 
Out of Print

Boeing 767 (Airliner Color History)
by Philip J. Birtles
Motorbooks International, Paperback: September 1999
ISBN: 0760308268

Boeing Aircraft Cutaways: The History of Boeing Aircraft Company
by Bill Gunston, Mike Badrocke
Hardcover - 144 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1855327856
Boeing Jetliners (Osprey Civil Aircraft)
by Robbie Shaw
Paperback - 128 pages
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855325284

Boeing Jetliners (Enthusiast Color Series)
by Guy Norris
Paperback - 96 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760300348

Boeing North American B-1 Lancer (Warbird Tech Series, Volume 19)
by Steve Pace, Walter A. "Walt" Spivak 
Paperback - 100 pages (December 15, )
Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers; ISBN: 1580070124

B-47 Stratojet: Boeing's Brilliant Bomber
by Jan Tegler

Boeing B-52 : Stratofortress
by Tony Thornborough, Peter E. Davies
Listed under B-52 Stratofortress

Inside Boeing: Building the 777
by Bill Yenne
Publication date: October 2002
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0760312516

Jumbo Jet: Boeing 747-400 (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 10)
by Robert F. Dorr
Listed under Boeing 747

Boeing B-47, B-52 and the Avro Vulcan (Legends of the Air Series Vol 5)
by Stewart Wilson
Listed under Military Aircraft

B-29 Photo Combat Diary : The Superfortress in WWII and Korea
by Chester W. Marshall, Warren Thompson (Contributor)
Listed under WWII Bombers

B-1 Lancer : The Most Complicated Warplane Ever Developed
(Walter J. Boyne Military Aircraft Series)
by Dennis R. Jenkins
Hardcover - 188 pages
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0071346945
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Globemaster III : Boeing C-17a (Warbird Tech Series, Vol 30)
by Bill Norton
Paperback - 104 pages (April )
Specialty Pr Pub & Wholesalers; ISBN: 158007040X

Modern Boeing Jetliners
by Guy Norris, Mark Wagner
Motorbooks International, Paperback September 1999
ISBN: 0760307172

Last of the Flying Clippers : The Boeing B-314 Story
by M. D. Klaas
Listed under Seaplanes

Boeing 727 (Modern Civil Aircraft Series : No 13)
Plymouth Pr Ltd; ISBN: 0711020817 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Boeing 707; Airline Markings, vol. 3
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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