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Angels & Demons, Anti-Gravity, Astral Projection, Atlantis, Automatic Writing, Channeling, Charles Fort, Dowsing, Druidism, ESP, Fringe Science,  Fortune Telling, Healing, The Outer Limits, Meditation, Miracles, Mysterious Civilizations, Strange Creatures, Mystics & Prophets, Near-Death Experience, Ouija Boards, Telepathy, Ghosts, Hauntings, Out-of-Body Experience, Psychic Healing, Psychokinesis, Religious Mysteries, Miracles, Remote Viewing, Spells, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Lost Civilizations, Telekinesis, Witchcraft, Weird Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night. All these and more listed in the 

A to Z Directory

And the Truth Shall Set You Free
by David Icke
Reveals the story behind global events which shape the future of human existence and the world we leave our children. Both reveals the background to the global conspiracy and offers an inspiring spiritual solution in which every man, woman and child on Planet Earth breaks free from daily programming.
Paperback: 518 pages
Bridge of Love Publications; ISBN: 0952614715; 
Reprint edition

The Gods of Eden
by William Bramley
Paperback Reprint edition (March 1993) 
Avon; ISBN: 0380718073

The Last Vampire
by Whitley Strieber 

The Art of Dreaming
by Carlos Castaneda 

Are You Psychic? Unlocking the Power Within
By Dr. Hans Holzer

Ablaze!; The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion
Larry E. Arnold

The Bridge Across Forever
by Richard Bach

Richard Bach books

Big K : The Kundalini Story
Elaine and Bob Lehman
Listed under Yoga

Channeling For Everyone: A Safe, Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Your Intuition and Psychic Awareness
By Tony Neate

Complementary & Alternative Medicine - A Desktop Reference
by Edzard, M.d Ernst (Editor), et al
Listed under Alternative Medicine

An Encyclopedia of Occultism : More Than 2500 Entries and Articles. This classic volume is (supposedly) the most famous compendium of information on the occult.
by Lewis Spence
Listed under Occult

An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural : James Randi's Decidedly Skeptical Definitions of Alternate Realities
by James Randi, Arthur Charles Clarke (Introduction)
Paperback - 336 pages (April )
St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 0312151195

Encyclopedia of Strange and Unexplained Physical Phenomena
by Jerome Clark
Hardcover - 395 pages 1st edition (April 1993)
Gale Research; ISBN: 081038843X

Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions
by James Randi, Isaac Asimov (Designer) 
Paperback - 342 pages (October 1988) 
Prometheus Books; ISBN: 0879751983

Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Hardcover - 682 pages
Book Sales; ISBN: 0785802029

Hidden Files : Law Enforcement's True Case Stories of the Unexplained and Paranormal
by Sue Kovach
Ghosts, UFOs, and other reports of paranormal phenomena often test the bounds of credibility, but can such reports be easily dismissed when the witness is an officer of the law trained to make calm, detailed observations under the most stressful situations? In Hidden Files Sue Kovach presents some of law enforcement's most intriguing (and often repressed) files from around the United States. For example, while looking for a woman and her son, Deputy Rich Strasser believes he was guided by the spirit of the deceased mother to find the wreckage of her car and her young son still alive inside it. Officer Ron Chancey recounts being chased by a boomerang-shaped flying object in Florida. And Brian Gosselin shares his encounter with a Sasquatch-type creature in Washington county, New York. These strange reports by respected police officers rival anything on television's X-Files, because they're not works of fiction, but events that actually occurred on the streets of America.
Paperback - 224 pages
NTC/Contemporary Publishing; ISBN: 0809231212

How To Do Automatic Writing
By Edain McCoy

Mind Over Matter
By Loyd Auerbach
From a renowned expert on the paranormal comes an extraordinary work which explores such topics as the psychic powers of the saints and modern-day prophets, meditation, mental healing, super-human performance in sports, ghosts, poltergeists, and hauntings. Includes a "do-it-yourself" instruction chapter

Ouija: The Most Dangerous Game
By Stoker Hunt
The first book to take a hard look at the phenomenon called "the ouija board" and its history. The author focuses on some of the dangers and madnesses of ouija-inspired prophecy and clairvoyance.

The Outsider
by Colin Wilson
The seminal work on alienation, creativity, and the modern mindset. First published 30 years ago, it illuminated the struggle of those who seek not only the transformation of the Self, but of society as a whole.

Paschal Beverly Randolph: A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician (Suny Series in Western Esoteric Traditions)
by John Patrick Deveney, Franklin Rosemont
Paperback from State Univ of New York Pr
The Quickening
By Art Bell
A loose compendium of topics culled from the highly popular "Voice of the Night" radio program.
Hardcover Reprint edition  
Paper Chase Pr; ISBN: 1879706709

Scrying for Beginners: Tapping in the Supersensory Powers of Your Subconscious
By Donald Tyson
Become a seer of visions with this easy-to-read book on the technique of scrying, a psychological technique to deliberately acquire information by extrasensory means through the unconscious mind, which makes it intelligible to the conscious mind in the form of images, sounds, and sensations.

Secret and Suppressed : Banned Ideas and Hidden History
by Jim Keith (Editor)
Paperback (August 1993)
Feral House; ISBN: 0922915148

Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies
By Jim Schnabel
Recounts the contributions of psychics to America's victory in the Cold War, detailing their spying missions around the world in the service of the Pentagon and the CIA, assignments that involved mind-reading, telling the future, and other psychic abilities.

Virtual Government : CIA Mind Control Operations in America
by Alex Constantine
Paperback - 284 pages 1 Ed edition
Feral House; ISBN: 0922915458

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate : The CIA and Mind Control
by John D. Marks
Paperback - 264 pages Reissue edition (August 1991)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393307948

Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.
by Alex Constantine
Feral House; ISBN: 0922915288

The Octopus : The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro
by Kenn Thomas, Jim Keith (Contributor)
Hardcover 1 Ed edition
Feral House; ISBN: 0922915393

Psychiatry and the CIA : Victims of Mind Control (8363)
by Harvey Weinstein
Hardcover Revised edition (October 1990)
Amer Psychiatric Pr; ISBN: 0880483636

The Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit
by Patricia Monaghan
Prayers, poems, and songs to the Goddess from around the world and across the ages have been collected and adapted for the modern devotee in "The Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit." Author Patricia Monaghan offers a distinct meditation for each day of the year, including February 29 - April 5 is a Lithuanian folk song; August 6 a quotation from Proverbs; October 17 a Korean shaman's chant. After each prayer there is a two-paragraph "thought for the day" in which Monaghan offers the reader philosophical observations or helpful advice designed to assist living and growing in the spirit of the feminine. The very pretty purple and gold-embossed cover makes it an excellent nightstand adornment, and the gentle meditations are a stress-reducing way to begin or end your day by honoring Her and Her spirit in yourself.

Vodou Visions: An Encounter with Divine Mystery
by Sallie Ann Glassman
Like many native religions, Vodou (often referred to as "Voodoo") has been scorned and ridiculed in mainstream Judeo-Christian communities. "The word 'Vodou' sends chills down the spines of most people, and conjures up age-old terrors of sorcery, black magic, and bogeymen lurking under the bed," writes author Sallie Ann Glassman (who also coauthored "New Orleans Voodoo Tarot/Book and Card Set").
This enticing compendium of the origins and practice of Vodou makes for a fascinating read, explaining how music, dance, and artistic expression are the heart and soul of this complicated religion. "What I discovered was a vibrant, beautiful, and ecstatic religion that was free from dogma, guilt or coercion," says Glassman, a thoughtful and articulate Jewish woman who first began studying New Orleans Vodou in 1975.
Paperback - 256 pages 1 Ed edition (May 23, )
Villard Books; ISBN: 0375753702

Talking to Heaven : A Medium's Message of Life After Death
by James Van Praagh
Paperback - 292 pages Reissue edition (March )
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0451191722

Journeying: Where Shamanism and Psychology Meet
by Jeannette M. Gagan
Jeannette Gagan's "Journeying" is a must-read for those who are interested in shamanism but have been turned off by fuzzy-headed mystical claims or sloppy exposition. In this well-written and eminently useful manual, shamanism, "perhaps the oldest form of practical spirituality in the world," is explained in a straightforward, scholarly manner by a respected licensed psychologist. Gagan succinctly summarizes the procedures, philosophies, and purposes of modern psychology, illuminating the common areas occupied between the two. She builds a strong case for the introduction of shamanistic journeying into the retinue of healing modalities for the modern psychotherapist. For those intent on healing the psyches of themselves or others, shamanism may well work where other modalities have failed.  For example, long-repressed anger can be processed while journeying without fear of upsetting the neighbors, or one day awakening to the horrible realization that you just kicked the dog.

Halfway up the Mountain: The Error of Premature Claims to Enlightenment
by Mariana Caplan
"Fool's gold exists because there is real gold," coined Rumi. Here author and anthropologist Mariana Caplan herself extracts valuable nuggets from the writings of spiritual masters, both ancient and contemporary, as well as personal interviews with more than 30 esteemed masters, spiritual practitioners, and scholars and psychologists (such as Andrew Cohen, Claudio Naranjo, and Robert Svoboda).  Contending that "the present condition of contemporary spirituality in the West is one of grave distortion, confusion, fraud, and a fundamental lack of education," Caplan sets out to correct this situation by encouraging seekers to carefully examine the ideas--and ideals--of the spiritual teachers they are involved with. The introduction by Fleet Maull, a lay monk in the Zen Peacemaker Order and founder of the National Prison Hospice Project, alone makes this book worth reading.

Freeing the Captives: The Emerging Therapy of Treating Spirit Attachment
by Louise Ireland-Frey
A must-read for people who believe they may be housing a haranguing haunt, hypnotherapist Louise Ireland-Frey packs this 333-page volume with hundreds of case histories to illustrate how and why the living may become "possessed," "obsessed," or "influenced" by the dead. Making the case that most invading spirits do not have evil intent but rather are frightened, confused, or just plain lost, she describes how she and her colleagues have learned to release the living from the dead and the dead from the living. The doctor's down-to-earth delivery may make a believer out of the most devout skeptic, thereby providing an alternative therapeutic approach for a host of possibly misdiagnosed physical, mental, and emotional disorders previously deemed impervious to treatment.

Voices in the Dark: Esoteric, Occult & Secular Voices in Nazi-Occupied Paris 1940-44
by William Patrick Patterson 
Gurdjieff in Paris during the occupation
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.25 x 5.50 
Publisher: Arete Communications;  
ISBN: 1879514907 
Listed under Gurdjeiff

Walking in the Garden of Souls: George Anderson's Advice from the Hereafter, for Living in the Here and Now
by George Anderson, Andrew Barone
Hardcover - 336 pages (October 15, )
Putnam Pub Group; ISBN: 039914790X

Why People Believe Weird Things : Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time
by Michael Shermer, Stephen Jay Gould
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Possessed: True Tales of Demonic Possession
By Brian McConnell
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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