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Anselm Kiefer: The Seven Heavenly Palaces
by Markus Bruderlin
Born in the final weeks of World War II--in what Germans who wished to erase it from collective memory called Year Zero--Anselm Kiefer has long sought to come to grips with his country's Nazi past. This monograph traces his development as an artist through four blocks of work which reflect the most important currents in his complex oeuvre. Moving chronologically from microcosm to macrocosm, from the intimate spaces of "Attic Images" in the 70s through the vaster "Stone Halls" of the early 80s and the archaic-looking clay architectures he created in the 90s, Kiefer's pictorial spaces climaxed in the endless universes of "Images of the Cosmos and Constellations," painted at the close of the century. With the monumental "Sunflower Paintings," the progression was complete and he returned to earth. Also included are photographs by Thomas Flechtner which document the greenhouses, underground corridor systems, and installations realized by Kiefer at his studio estate in Barjac since 1993. " I think vertically, and Fascism was one vertical plane. Yet I see all these strata. I tell stories in my works in order to show what lies behind the story. I make a hole and I go through it." Anselm Kiefer
Hardcover - 112 pages (February 15, )
Hatje Cantz Publishers; ISBN: 3775711252
Anselm Kiefer
Mark Rosenthal
Paperback - 216 pages (December 1989)
International Book Import Service, Inc.; ISBN: 3791308475
Anselm Kiefer
by Daniel Arasse, Anselm Kiefer
Hardcover - 320 pages (November )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810903849
Anselm Kiefer Works on Paper in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
by Nan Rosenthal
Hardcover - 136 pages ()
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300085710

Anselm Kiefer and the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger
by Matthew Biro
ISBN: 0521598346
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Anselm Kiefer : Stelle Cadenti
by Danilo Eccher (Editor)
Paperback - 156 pages
Umberto Allemandi; ISBN: 884220904X

Anselm Kiefer and Art After Auschwitz (Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism)
Lisa Saltzman
Anselm Kiefer and Art after Auschwitz examines the legacy of German-Jewish culture in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Positioning Kiefer as a deeply learned artist who encounters and represents history in painted, rather than written form, Lisa Saltzman contends that his work is unique among post-war German artists in his persistent exploration of the legacy of fascism. Formally, thematically, and philosophically, Kiefer's work probes the aesthetic and ethical dilemma of representing the unrepresentable, the historical catastrophe into whose aftermath the arist was born. The Publisher
Hardcover - 208 pages
Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd); ISBN: 0521630339
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A Book by Anselm Kiefer
Theodore E. Stebbins, et al
One of the most important modern German painters, Kiefer is best known for his brooding forests and somber fields encrusted with debris, for his haunted monuments reeking of the Nazi past. In contrast, this series of bright, spontaneous watercolors reveals a wholly different side of the artist. Cahners Business Information, Inc.
Hardcover - 3 pages 1st Ed. edition (September 1988)
George Braziller; ISBN: 0807611913 

Anselm Kiefer and the Philosophy of Martin Heidegger (Contemporary Artists and Their Critics)
Matthew Biro
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Fire on the Earth : Anselm Kiefer and the Postmodern World (The Arts and Their Philosophies)
John C. Gilmour
Paperback / Published 1992
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Anselm Kiefer Bruch Und Einung
J. Neff
Paperback / Published 1987
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Anselm Kiefer: Merkaba
by Anselm Kiefer (Photographer), Harold Bloom, Ealan Wingate
Book Description: According to the Kabbala, the Merkaba and Hechaloth literature deals specifically with the ascent to the seven heavenly palaces or temples, which represent the seven attainments of divine spirituality. Kiefer's spiritual architecture of the heavenly palaces bring the seas and land, heavens and earth back together. His poetry of images unites NASA's cosmological ordering of the stars with the mystical ordering of the ascent. Essay by Harold Bloom.~Foreword by St. John Perse.~Introduction by Ealan Wingate. Hardcover, 10.75 x 12.25 in./120 pgs / 60 color 0 BW13 duotone 0 ~ Item D20138 

Anselm Kiefer : Lilith
Anselm Kiefer
Paperback (February 1992)
Marian Goodman Gallery; ISBN: 0944219101
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The Books of Anselm Kiefer, 1969-1990
Gotz Adriani (Editor)
Hardcover / Published 1991
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Anselm Kiefer : The Psychology of 'After the Catastrophe'
Rafael Lopez-Pedraza
George Braziller; ISBN: 0807614157
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Expressions : new art from Germany : Georg Baselitz, Jèorg Immendorff, Anselm Kiefer, Markus Lèupertz, A.R. Penck
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The High Priestess
Anselm Kiefer, Armin Zweite
Hardcover (April 1989)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810912163
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Anselm Kiefer
Douglas Hyde Gallery; ISBN: 0907660363
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Anselm Kiefer
Germano Celant, et al
Paperback - 400 pages (November )
Charta; ISBN: 8881581302
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