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Atlas of the Mysterious in North America
by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, John A. Keel 
Paperback - 192 pages
Facts on File, Inc.; ISBN: 0816028826

The Complete Books of Charles Fort
by Charles Fort
Hardcover - 401 pages (April 1975)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486230945

Disneyland of the Gods
by John A. Keel
Paperback - 174 pages
Illuminet Press; ISBN: 1881532062

The Cosmic Joker (Innes, Brian. Unsolved Mysteries.)
by Brian Innes
Library Binding
Raintree/Steck Vaughn; ISBN: 0817254870

The Book of the Damned
by Charles Fort
Paperback - 310 pages (April )
Prometheus Books; ISBN: 1573926833

Mysterious America: The Revised Edition
Mysterious America: The Revised Edition
by Loren Coleman
Book Description: Loren Coleman's highly-praised, 1983 classic work, Mysterious America, has been thoroughly updated for this revised edition. This new edition contains an invaluable, never-before-published index; two completely new chapters, "Giant Catfish" and "Minnesota Iceman"; a new list, "The American Lion," with 141 entries; several extensively rewritten chapters, "A Case Study: The Dover Demon," "The Teleporting Animals and Magnolia," "The Phantom Panthers," "Maned Mystery Cats," "Mystery Kangaroos and Devil Monkeys," "Eastern Bigfoot: Momo and Marked Hominids"; and new material and updates to several chapters, "Devil Names and Fortean Places," "Alligators in the Sewers," "Giant Snakes," "Lake Monsters," "Champ," "The Jersey Devil," "The Phantom Clown."
Paperback from Paraview Press
Offbeat Museums : The Collections and Curators of America's Most Unusual Museums
by Saul Rubin
Offbeat Museums contains profiles of the curators and collections of America's most unusual museums. From the Banana Museum in California to the Tragedy in U.S. History Museum in Florida, Saul Rubin takes you on a guided tour of the United States' strangest institutions, and introduces you to the offbeat people who run them.
Paperback - 237 pages
Santa Monica Pr; ISBN: 0963994646

Shadow World
by Brad Steiger
Paperback - 272 pages (April 10, )
Signet; ISBN: 0451200004

Unexplained! : Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences & Puzzling Physical Phenomena
by Jerome Clark
Paperback - 636 pages 2nd edition (November )
Visible Ink Pr; ISBN: 1578590701

The Big Book of the Unexplained
by Doug Moench
Is the conspiracy bug getting to you, too? If not, it soon will, especially after you check out The Big Book of the Unexplained, the companion book to The Big Book of Conspiracies. Self-proclaimed conspiracy nut Doug Moench is joined by a variety of comics artists such as Joe Sacco, J. H. Williams, Paul Gulacy, Brent Anderson, Russ Heath, and Gahan Wilson to present new tales of strange phenomena, bizarre happenings, and mysterious goings-on. And if you're bummed out about the Loch Ness monster hoax, get ready for the new "could-be" monster: La Chupacabra. Haven't heard of this creature? Then go ahead, buy this book.
Paperback - 192 pages
DC Comics; ISBN: 1563892545

Charles Berlitz's World of Strange Phenomena
by Charles Berlitz
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Strangest of All
by Frank Edwards
Paperback Reprint edition (October 1991)
Carol Pub Group; ISBN: 0821625047
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Charles Berlitz's World of the Odd and the Awesome
by Charles Berlitz
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Field Guide to Mysterious Places of Eastern North America
by Salvatore M. Trento
Paperback from Owlet

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