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May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons : A Journey Among the Women of India
by Elisabeth Bumiller
(Paperback - June 1991)

Cultural History of India
by A. L. Basham (Editor)

Another Reason : Science and the Imagination of Modern India
by Gyan Prakash
Paperback - 248 pages
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691004536

Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema
Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Paul Willeman
Listed under Indian Cinema

Bollywood Cinema : Temples of Desire
by Vijay Mishra
Listed under Indian Cinema

Britain and Indian Nationalism : The Imprint of Ambiguity 1929-1942
by D. A. Low
Listed under History of India

Indian Mythology : Myths & Legends of India, Tibet & Sri Lanka
by Rachel Storm
Listed under Indian Mythology

Social Thoughts of Rabindranath Tagore : A Historical Analysis
Tapati Dasgupta
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8170173027
Special Order

The Essential Gandhi : His Life, Work, and Ideas : An Anthology
by Louis Fischer
Listed under Gandhi

Guilty Without Trial : Women in the Sex Trade in Calcutta
by Carolyn Sleightholme, Indrani Sinha
Rutgers Univ Press; ISBN: 081352380X

India's Nuclear Bomb : The Impact on Global Proliferation
(Philip E. Lilienthal Book)
by George Perkovich
Listed under History of India

India and Pakistan : The First Fifty Years (Woodrow Wilson Center Series)
by Selig S. Harrison (Editor), Paul H. Kreisberg (Editor), Dennis Kux (Editor)
Listed under History of India


Chandigarh's Le Corbusier: The Struggle for Modernity in Postcolonial India (Studies in Modernity and National Identity)
by Vikramaditya Prakash
Hardcover from University of Washington Press
The Hindu Temple: An Introduction to Its Meaning and Forms
by George Michell
Paperback from University of Chicago Press (Trd)
India Style
by Alexander Bonfante-Warren
Hardcover from Friedman/Fairfax Publishing
Cosmic Architecture in India: The Astronomical Monuments of Maharaja Jai Singh II
by Andreas Volwahsen
Hardcover from Prestel USA
Paradigms of Indian Architecture: Space and Time in Representation and Design (Soas Collected Papers on South Asia, 13)
by G. H. R. Tillotson
Paperback from Curzon Press

Special Order
History of Architecture in India, The
by Christopher Tadgell
Paperback from Phaidon Press Inc.
Stones in the Sand: The Architecture of Rajasthan
by G. H. R. Tilloston, Giles Tillotson, Marg Publications, Pratapaditya Pal
Hardcover from Marg Publications
Steps to Water: The Ancient Stepwells of India
by Morna Livingston, Milo Beach
Hardcover from Princeton Architectural Press


An Indian Freedom Fighter Recalls Her Life (Foremother Legacies)
by Manmohini Zutshi Sahgal, Geraldine Forbes (Editor)
Hardcover - 198 pages (April )
M.E.Sharpe; ISBN: 1563243393

Memoirs of an Indian Woman (Foremother Legacies)
by Shudha Mazumdar, Geraldine Forbes (Editor)
Hardcover - 229 pages Rpt edition (April )
M.E.Sharpe; ISBN: 0873325206

See also Gandhi


Bengali : A complete Course for Beginners
William Radice
Teach Yourself; ISBN: 0844237523

Lonely Planet Bengali Phrasebook
Bimal Maity

Say It in Hindi
by Veena T. Oldenburg
Paperback: 238 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 5.20 x 3.44 
Publisher: Dover Pubns; (June 1, 1981) 
ISBN: 0486239594

Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English
by John Platts
Special order

Standard Urdu English Dictionary
by Abdul Haq
Paperback: 696 pages 
French & European Pubns; ISBN: 0785992634; (January 11, 1987)
Special order

Bengali for Foreigners : Basic Grammar, Basic Vocabulary with Sentences, Secondary Vocabulary, English-Bengali-Transliteration
Brother James(Editor)
Paperback 2nd Rev edition
Univ Pr Ltd; ISBN: 9840510452
Out of Print - Try Used Books


The Works of Salman Rushdie

The Works of Rudyard Kipling

Black Candle : Poems About Women from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Rabindranath Tagore
Branden Publishing Co; ISBN: 0828314365

Imaginary Maps : Three Stories
Mahasweta Devi
Paperback - 213 pages (November )
Routledge; ISBN: 0415904633

Of Women, Outcastes, Peasants, and Rebels : A Selection of Bengali Short Stories
Kalpana Bardhan (Editor)
Paperback: University of California Press
ISBN: 0520067142; (March 1990)

Train to Pakistan
by Khushwant Singh
Book Description: Khushwant Singh, one of India's most widely read and celebrated authors, makes his readers share the individual problems of loyalty and responsibility faced by the principal figures in a little village on the frontier between India and Pakistan where the action takes place. In the summer of 1947, a train full of dead Sikhs stirs up a battlefield in the peaceful atmosphere of love and loyalty between the Muslims and the Sikhs. It is then left to Juggat Singh-the village gangster who is in love with a Muslim girl- to redeem himself by saving many Muslim lives in a stirring climax.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 8.15 x 5.27
Publisher: Grove Press; ; Reprint edition (June 1990)
ISBN: 0802132219

The Folk Literature of Bengal
Rai Saheb Dineshchandra Sen
Hardcover Reprint edition (November 1985)
Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division; ISBN: 0865907498

Poetry From Bengal
Ron D.K. Banerjee (Translator)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Game in Reverse : Poems of Taslima Nasrin
Taslima Nasrin

Pessimism and Contemporary Bengali Literature
Biplab Chakraborti
Hardcover (November 1985)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 0836414594

Raj and Literature:Banned Bengali Books
Hiranmoy Bhattacharya
Hardcover (June 1989)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 0951424408

History of Bengali Literature
Sukumar Sen
Hardcover (June 1992)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8172011075

Mirrorwork : 50 Years of Indian Writing : 1947-1997
Salman Rushdie (Editor), Elizabeth West (Editor)
Listed under books by Salman Rushdie

Selected Letters of Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore
Hardcover: 500 pages
Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521590183;

Amitav Ghosh

The Shadow Lines
Amitav Ghosh

Paperback: 252 pages
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8175300434; 2 edition (February 4, )

In an Antique Land
Amitav Ghosh
Paperback: 393 pages
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679727833; Reprint edition (April )

The Calcutta Chromosome : A Novel of Fevers, Delirium & Discovery
Amitav Ghosh
Paperback: Harper Perennial; ISBN: 0380813947; (January 23, )

by Shashi Tharoor
Hardcover: 272 pages
Arcade Publishing; ISBN: 1559706058; 1st edition (September )

Children's Literature

Nonsense Rhymes Satyajit Ray
Out of Print - Try Used Books
Bravo Professor Shonku Satyajit Ray
Out of Print - Try Used Books
The mystery of the elephant god : more adventures of Feluda
The Demon Slayers and Other Stories : Bengali Folk Tales Sayantani Dasgupta

Indian Music

Indian Birds

Wild India : The Wildlife and Scenery of India and Nepal
by Gerald Cubitt (Photographer), Guy Mountfort
Hardcover - 208 pages (November 1991)
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262132761

Through the Tiger's Eyes : A Chronicle of India's Wildlife
by Stanley Breeden, Belinda Wright (Contributor)
Paperback (March )
Ten Speed Pr; ISBN: 0898158478

Field Guide to the Mammals of the Indian Subcontinent : Where to Watch Mammals in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan
by K. K. Gurung, Raj Singh
Paperback - 140 pages
Academic Pr; ISBN: 0123093503

Land of the Tiger : A Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent
by Valmik Thapar
In this companion volume to the BBC/PBS television series, Indian biologist Valmik Thapar, a specialist on tigers, takes a leisurely look at the extraordinary animals that inhabit the subcontinent, among them serpent eagles and kiangs, water monitors and one-horned rhinoceroses, cobras and bustards.
Hardcover - 285 pages
University of California Press; ISBN: 0520214706

Track of the Tiger : Legend and Lore of the Great Cat
by Maurice Hornocker (Editor)
Hardcover - 120 pages (November )
Sierra Club Books; ISBN: 0871569736

(see also under Nature)
Related Subjects
Bird Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson in India
Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer), Satyajit Ray
Listed under Cartier-Bresson

India : A Celebration of Independence 1947 to 1997
by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Photographer), Ilan Lohr (Photographer)
Listed under Cartier-Bresson

The Colours of Southern India
by Barbara Lloyd
Listed under Travel in India

Religions of India
See also Budhhism

History of Sufism in India
by Saiyd Athat Abbas Rizvi 
Special Order

Religion, Philosophy, and Literature of Bengal Vaishnavism
Durgadas Mukhopadhyay
Hardcover (November 1990)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8170185971

Philosophies of India (Bollingen Series, 20)
by Joseph Campbell (Editor), Heinrich R. Zimmer
Paperback - 687 pages (September 1951)
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691017581

Regional Cults and Rural Traditions : An Interacting Pattern of Divinity and Humanity in Rural Bengal
R. M. Sarkar
Hardcover (October 1986)
Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division; ISBN: 8121000955

Lives of Indian Images
by Richard H. Davis
Hardcover - 304 pages (April )
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 069102622X

Marriage rituals and Songs of Bengal
by Buddhadev Roy
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Kinship and Ritual in Bengal : Anthropological Essays
Lina Fruzzetti.
Hardcover (August 1984)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 0836411978

The Missionary Position : Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
by Christopher Hitchens
Paperback - 98 pages Reprint edition (April )
Verso Books; ISBN: 185984054X

From Here to Nirvana : The Yoga Journal Guide to Spiritual India
by Anne Cushman, Jerry Jones
Paperback - 416 pages Reissue edition
Riverhead Books; ISBN: 1573227153

Contentious Traditions : The Debate on Sati in Colonial India
by Lata, 1956 Mani
Paperback - 259 pages (December )
University of California Press; ISBN: 0520214072

Darsan : Seeing the Divine Image in India
by Diana Eck
Paperback - 97 pages 3rd edition (November )
Columbia Univ Pr; ISBN: 0231112653

Meeting God : Elements of Hindu Devotion
by Stephen P. Huyler
Hardcover - 268 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300079834

Sacred India
by Masood Hayat, Sarina Singh, Meera Govil, Sue Mitra, richa I'Anson
Hardcover - 176 pages
Lonely Planet; ISBN: 1864500638

Teachings of Sufism
by Carl W. Ernst (Editor)
Paperback - 224 pages (December )
Shambhala Pubns; ISBN: 157062349X

The Muslim Mystic Movement in Bengal 1301-1550
by Sk. Abdul Latif
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Tantra in Bengal : A Study in Its Origin, Development and Influence
by S.C. Banerji
See also Tantra

Myths and Legends of India : An Introduction to the Study of Hinduism
by J. M. MacFie
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hinduism in India: A Study of Visnu Worship
by Sushil Kumar Patel

Shabad and Shikhism

About Compilation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib by S. Singh
Special Order

Adi Granth or the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs by Ernest Trumpp
Special Order

Bhagat Saints of Guru Granth Sahib by Shamsher Singh Puri
Special Order

Saint Poets of Guru Granth Sahib by Lochan Singh Buxi
Special Order

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Discovered by Hakim S. Rahi
Special Order

The Guru Granth Sahib : Its Physics and Metaphysics by Guninder Kaur
Special Order

Introduction to Sri Guru Granth Sahib
by G. S. Talib
Special Order

Khalsa by Prithipal Singh Kapur
Hardcover: 150 pages
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8173806268; 1 edition (March )
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Doctrine of Ultimate Reality in Sikh Sikh Religion: A Study of Guru Nanak's Hymns in the Adi Grantha
by James Massey
Thus Sayeth Gurbani by Pritpal Singh Bindra
Out of Print - Try Used Books
The Life & Times of Guru Nanak (The Great Teachers of Mankind)

Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Gurbachan Sing Talib
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Sri Dasam Granth Sahib- Text and Translation Vol 1 by J. Singh & D. Singh
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hymns of Guru Nanak by K. Singh
Out of Print - Try Used Books

JAPJI: Meditation in Sikhism by Swami Rama
Out of Print - Try Used Books


Studies in Contemporary Indian Drama
Sudhakar Pandey, Freya Taraporewala
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Indian Theatre
Hemendra N. Das Gupta
Hardcover (June 1988)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 0836422996

Traditions of Indian Theatre
Hardcover (June 1978)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 0836402944

Indian Theatre - Natyashastra

Natyasastra Tradition and Ancient Indian Society
by Anupa Pande
Special Order

Studies in the Natyasastra : With Special Reference to the Sanskrit Drama in Performance
by G. H. Tarlekar
Special Order

Theatres of Bharata and Some Aspects of Sanskrit Play-Production
by Govardhan Panchal et al.
Special Order

Introduction to Bharat's Natyasastra
by A Rangacharya
Hardcover: 85 pages South Asia Books; ISBN: 8121508290;  (September 1, )
Special Order

Bharata: The Natyasastra
by Kapil Vatsyayana
Out of Print - Try Used Books


Education in India - A model for Developing Countries
Manjulika S.
Hardcover (December )
Vikas Pub; ISBN: 8125900713
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Education in the Darjeeling Hills : A Historical Survey, 1835-1985
Dick B. Dewan
Hardcover (May 1992)
South Asia Books; ISBN: 8185182604
Special Order

A Poet Apart : A Literary Biography of the Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das
Clinton B. Seely
Hardcover (December 1990)
Univ of Delaware Pr; ISBN: 0874133564
Special Order

Life of Tagore
Prabhat Mukherjee
Hardcover (June 1976)
Ind-Us; ISBN: 0892530243
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Culture Shock!: India
Gitanjali Kolanad
Paperback (November 1993)
Graphic Arts Center Pub Co; ISBN: 1558681450
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Empire of the Soul : Some Journeys in India
by Paul William Roberts
Paperback - 384 pages Reprint edition (December )
Riverhead Books; ISBN: 1573226351
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Voices from Within : Early Personal Narratives of Bengali Women
Malavika Karlekar
Paperback Reprint edition (February 1993)
Oxford Univ Press; ISBN: 0195630890
Out of Print - Try Used Books

If I seem to take part in politics, it is only because politics encircles us today like the coil of a snake from which one cannot get out, no matter how much one tries. I wish therefore to wrestle with the snake.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
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