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The Essential Gandhi : His Life, Work, and Ideas : An Anthology
by Louis Fischer (Editor)
Paperback - 377 pages (February 1983)
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0394714660

Gandhi (Past Masters)
by Bhikhu Parekh
Paperback - 144 pages (December )
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0192876929

Gandhi the Man : The Story of His Transformation
by Eknath Easwaran
Hardcover - 200 pages 3rd edition
Nilgiri Press; ISBN: 0915132974

The Words of Gandhi
by Richard Attenborough
Hardcover Reissue edition (November 1990)
Newmarket Press; ISBN: 0937858145

The Way to God
Mahatma Gandhi
Paperback - 108 pages (April )
Berkeley Hills Books; ISBN: 1893163008

An Autobiography
by Mahadev Desai (Translator), et al

Vows and Observances
by Gandhi, et al

The Forgotten Woman : The Untold Story of Kastur Gandhi, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi
by Arun Gandhi, et al
Hardcover: 314 pages
Ozark Mountain Publishers; ISBN: 1886940029; (January )

Gandhi on Non-Violence
by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Thomas Merton (Editor)
Paperback: W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0811200973; (May 1965)

by Louis Fischer
Paperback: New American Library; ISBN: 0451627423; Reissue edition (August 1991)

All Men Are Brothers
by Gandhi, et al
Paperback: Continuum Pub Group; ISBN: 0826400035; (March 1980)

Gandhi - A Life
by Yogesh Chadha
The aim of Gandhi: A Life as described by writer Yogesh Chadha is "[Reclaiming Gandhi] as a human being out of the many myths surrounding him." Chadha's method seems to consist mainly of a "frank" detailing of the Indian revolutionary leader's personal flaws. But the sheer amount of biographical data in this book is impressive. And the details of Gandhi's assassination in 1948 and the subsequent prosecution of his killers are extremely well researched. In his introduction to the book, Chadha fleetingly suggests that Gandhi's significance to the liberation of India is overemphasized at the expense of his broader contributions to humanism, although the evidence presented later in the biography might indicate that the two are profoundly interconnected. Making copious use of Gandhi's collected writings, Chadha presents a highly detailed portrait that lends new insight into one of the 20th century's most profound spiritual leaders.
Paperback: 546 pages
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471350621; 1 edition (September 3, )

Gandhi's Passion : The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi
by Stanley A. Wolpert 
Chronicles India's independence movement after WWI and the communal violence that led to the 1947 partition along religious lines, together with the events which resulted in Gandhi's transformation. An intriguing and somewhat controversial book by the author of many works on the sub-continent, a professor of history.
Hardcover - 336 pages (April )
Oxford Univ Pr (Trade); ISBN: 019513060X


Gandhi on DVD

Gandhi (1982) VHS
Ben Kingsley, John Gielgud; VHS English

If I seem to take part in politics, it is only because politics encircles us today like the coil of a snake from which one cannot get out, no matter how much one tries. I wish therefore to wrestle with the snake.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)


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