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A book on drug smuggling, the Mafia and the CIA
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Barry & 'the Boys' : The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History
by Daniel Hopsicker
Hardcover - 518 pages
MadCow Press; ISBN: 0970659105

This is the story of Barry Seal, the biggest drug smuggler in American history, who died in a hail of bullets with George Bush's private phone number in his wallet... 

The Wall Street Journal called Barry Seal “the ghost haunting the Whitewater probe.” He was far more than that. 

Based on a 3-year long investigation, Daniel Hopsicker discovered the ‘secret history' the American Press was afraid to tell… Seal, the most successful drug smuggler in American history, was also - and not coincidentally - a lifelong CIA agent, one of the most famous who ever lived, active in everything from the Bay of Pigs to Watergate to the Kennedy Assassination. And all this before becoming famous for importing tons of cocaine through Mena, Arkansas in the Scandal that won't go away. 

The story of Barry Seal is the story of what happens when guys we pay to protect us — CIA guys — go into business with guys we're paying them to protect us against.. 

“Made” guys. Mobsters… Organized Crime. 

Ripping the ‘official story' on the so-called “Clinton Scandals” to shreds, Barry and 'the boys' breaks the biggest scoop of all about the Arkansas Drug Connection: where the money went. 

And goes...

Did the big-time “players” in small ‘backwards' Arkansas — Bill Clinton, Vince Foster, Jackson Stephens, Jim Blair, Don Tyson — stand idly by while Barry Seal made billions of dollars importing cocaine through their state? 

Or were the “goings-on in Mena” of Barry and ‘the boys' just the continuation of… ‘business as usual?' 

America's Secret History—Revealed: 

You'll learn about the incredible involvement with Seal's narcotics smuggling organization of top officials in both major American political parties… Republican Attorney General Ed Meese… Democratic National Chairman Charles Manatt… Al Gore's Campaign Chairman, Tony Coelho… 

You'll discover why a young Arkansas Attorney named Bill Clinton signed a “get-out-of-jail-free” personal recognizance bond for Barry Seal, after Seal had been jailed for drug smuggling in Mena…in the ‘70's. 

And you'll learn of the suspicious and long-lasting link between ‘smuggler' Barry Seal and the Bush Family, Senior and Junior. 

Most importantly, you'll discover why a photograph taken by a night club photographer in a Mexico City nightspot ten months before the Kennedy assassination holds the key to the shadowy organization responsible for the massive corruption in Bill Clinton's Arkansas twenty years later… 

Commenting on the CIA's affair with the Mafia, L.B.J.'s press secretary, Bill Moyers said, “Once we decide that anything goes, anything can come home to haunt us.” 

After you've read Barry and ‘the boys' you'll understand what he meant.

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