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The Bounty Mutiny, 1789

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Captain Bligh and Mister Christian: The Men and the Mutiny
(Bluejacket Paperback)
by Richard Hough
The mutiny on the Bounty has fascinated readers for more than two hundred years, but no other book on this extraordinary episode in maritime history tells the story as well as this masterly and thrilling account by Richard Hough. He has set down all the aspects of the extraordinary story in a manner that is utterly compelling, and he has brought alive the powerful characters who played out the events. Highly touted when first published in 1972, it is an epic drama of courage, discovery, deceit, and treachery. The story of Fletcher Christian and the rest of the mutineers' discovery of an uninhabited island and their attempt to fashion a community away from the pursuing ships of the Royal Navy is as tense as it is horrific. Captain Bligh's remarkable 3,600-mile voyage to Timor in the ship's open launch is fully described as one of the great feats of navigation. The dismal episode of the Pandora and the remarkable survival of one of the mutineers add further fascinating twists to the story.
Paperback - 288 pages (August 1, )
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557502307
Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare
by John Toohey
Ignore the silly title; this book is a gem. Subtitled "From the Bounty to safety--4,162 Miles Across the Pacific in a Rowing Boat," it tells the little-known story of what happened to Captain Bligh after the Bounty mutineers herded him and those 18 other crewmen who refused to go along with the mutiny into a 23-foot-long boat and set them adrift in open ocean. And it is a continually amazing tale. John Toohey writes vividly but unpretentiously, bringing to life Bligh's youthful service with Captain Cook, an experience of mapping the South Seas that served him well when he eventually came to be marooned, as well as his Bounty experience. Navigating by the stars, bailing frantically as storms filled the tiny vessel with water, and eating the foulest stuff imaginable (when a booby was foolish enough to perch on the edge of the boat, they carved it up, discovering "to their joy" half-digested flying fish and squid in its stomach that they also ate "greedily"). You end up agreeing with Toohey that crossing the Pacific in a small boat under these incredible conditions constitutes "one of the greatest achievements in the history of European seafaring," and that Bligh himself--poor, maligned "sadist" Bligh--was actually a thoroughly decent and even heroic figure. It is a book out of the Longitude school, but a superior example of the type. Captain Bligh's Portable Nightmare could just resurrect the man as a neglected hero. --Adam Roberts,
Paperback - 224 pages (February 5, )
Harperperennial Library; ISBN: 0060959525

The Bounty Mutiny (Penguin Classics)
by William Bligh, Edward Christian, R. D. Madison (Introduction)
The true story. Surprisingly readable.
While the full story of what drove the men to revolt or what really transpired during the struggle may never be known, Penguin Classics has brought together-for the first time in one volume-all the relevant texts and documents related to a drama that has fascinated generations. Here is the full text of Bligh's Narrative of the Mutiny, the minutes of the court proceedings gathered by Edward Christian in an effort to clear his brother's name, and the highly polemic correspondence between Bligh and Christian-all amplified by Robert Madison's illuminating Introduction and rich selection of subsequent Bounty narratives. The Publisher
Paperback - 254 pages
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140439161

The Bounty Trilogy
by Charles Nordhoff & James Hall
An historical novel, upon which was based the Mel Gibson movie.
Paperback - 691 pages Reprint edition (July 1985)
Little Brown & Co (Pap); ISBN: 0316611662
Mutiny on the Bounty
by Charles Nordhoff, et al
Paperback - 379 pages Reprint edition (April 1989)
Little Brown & Co (Juv Pap); ISBN: 0316611689

The Mutiny on Board HMS Bounty (Great Illustrated Classics)
by William Bligh, Brendan Lynch (Illustrator), Malvina Vogel (Editor)
Reading level: Ages 9-12 
School & Library Binding - 240 pages
Abdo & Daughters; ISBN: 0866119701
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Pitcairn Island : Life and Death in Eden
by Trevor Lummis
Ashgate Publishing Company; ISBN: 1859284310

The Pitcairners
by Robert B. Nicolson
The Bounty Mutineers were a lost tribe in the South Pacific, who finally found a safe haven in Pitcairn Island. There they, along with a small group of Tahitian men and women, hid from the world and established a far from ideal community. Racism and greed created divisions, blood was spilt - in the end, few would make it off the isolated island of Pitcairn alive. The descendents of those that stayed, however, more than made up for the failings of their ancestors. They became a model of piety and purity. From the fate of the mutineers to life on the island 200 years later, Robert Nicolson reveals a fascinating story. The Publisher
 - 264 pages
Pasifika Press; ISBN: 0908597282

Serpent in Paradise
by Dea Birkett
Most people know the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty, how in 1789 Captain Bligh's crew  mutinied then founded their paradise on Pitcairn Island. Two centuries later, the mutineers' descendants still live on Pitcairn with no cars, doctors, crime, or regular contact with the outside world, despite the hordes of paradise-seekers who deluge the island with requests, most of which are refused. After two years' persistence and 4,000 miles aboard a chemical tanker, Dea Birkett finally made her way to Pitcairn, but the island paradise has a dark legacy. Birkett's account is a fascinating look at a tight community with a notorious past and a shady present.
Paperback - 368 pages 1 Anchor edition
Doubleday; ISBN: 0385488718


The Bounty Mutiny on DVD
The Bounty (1984)
Starring: Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins, et al. 
Director: Roger Donaldson
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