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The Amateur Historian's Guide to Medieval and Tudor London
by Sarah Valente Kettler, Carole Trimble

The Amateur Historian's Guide to Medieval and Tudor England: Day Trips South of London
by Sarah Valente Kettler, Carole Trimble

Anglo-Norman Warfare: Studies in Late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman Military Organization and Warfare
by Matthew Strickland (Editor)
(Hardcover -- November 1992)

The Cloister and the World: Essays in Medieval History in Honour of Barbara Harvey
by Barbara F. Harvey (Editor), et al
(Hardcover -- June )

Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden: An Illustrated Companion to Medieval Plants and Their Uses
by Robin Whiteman, et al

Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People: A Historical Commentary (Oxford Medieval Texts)
by Bede Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, J. M. Wallace-Hadrill
Special Order

Bastard Feudalism (Medieval World)
by Michael Hicks
(Textbook Binding -- May )

Domesday People: A Prosopography of Persons Occurring in English Documents, 1066-1166: Domesday Book
by K. S. B. Keats-Rohan (Compiler)
Listed under Norman Period

Companion to Britain in the Later Middle Ages (Blackwell Companions to British History)
by Stephen Rigby (Editor)
(Hardcover -- November )

Down the Common: A Year in the Life of a Medieval Woman: A Novel
by Ann Baer, Ann Bear
(Hardcover -- May )

Early Medieval Designs from Britain for Artists and Craftspeople (Pictorial Archive Series)
by Eva Wilson
Listed under Medieval Clipart

Edward II
by Christopher Marlowe

England Under Edward I and II: 1259-1327 (History of Medieval Britain)
by Sandra Raban

Edward II 1307-1327
by Mary Saaler

England and Germany in the High Middle Ages (Studies of the German Historical Institute London)
by Alfred Haverkamp (Editor), et al
(Hardcover -- December )

England and the Crusades, 1095-1588
by Christopher Tyerman
The role of the court and the council chamber.
Hardcover: 492 pages
University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226820122; (October 1988)

England in the Thirteenth Century (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)
by Alan Harding
(Paperback - September 1993)

Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne
by David Starkey
Listed under Elizabeth I

From Bannockburn to Flodden: Wallace, Bruce, & the Heroes of Medieval Scotland
by Sir Walter Scott
George Grant (Introduction)
Paperback: 288 pages
Cumberland House; ISBN: 1581821271;

Feudal Monarchy in France and England
by D. Petit, Charles Petit-Dutaillis
(Hardcover -- February 1985)
Special Order

The Feudal Kingdom of England, 1042-1216 (5th Edition)
by Frank Barlow
(Paperback -- June )

The History of the English People, 1000-1154: Henry of Huntingdon
by Diana Greenway
Listed under Norman Period

Henry V and the Conquest of France 1416-53
by Paul Knight and Mike Chappell

The Lost King of England: The East European Adventures of Edward the Exile
by Gabriel Ronay

The Middle Ages (A Royal History of England)
by Antonia Fraser (Editor), et al
(Paperback -- November 6, )

Making a Living in the Middle Ages: The People of Britain 850-1520
by Christopher Dyer
(Hardcover -- March 1, )

The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages
by Joseph Kaufmann, et al
Listed under Castles & Fortresses

Modelling the Middle Ages: The History and Theory of England's Economic Development (Oxford Ethics Series)
by John Hatcher, Mark Bailey
(Paperback -- May )

Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain 1000-1300 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)
by Janet E. Burton

The Oxford Illustrated History of Medieval England
by Nigel Saul (Editor)
(Hardcover -- May )

Progress and Problems in Medieval England: Essays in Honour of Edward Miller
by Edward Miller (Editor), John Hatcher (Editor)
(Hardcover -- August )

The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millennium
by Robert Lacey, Danny Danziger
"August was the month when flies started to become a problem, buzzing round the dung heaps in the corner of every farmyard and hovering over the open cesspits of human refuse that were located outside every house." Although daily dangers were many, housing uncomfortable, and the dominant smells unpleasant indeed, life in England at the turn of the previous millennium was not at all bad, write journalists Lacey and Danziger. "If you were to meet an Englishman in the year 1000," they continue, "the first thing that would strike you would be how tall he was--very much the size of anyone alive today." The Anglo-Saxons were not only tall, but also generally well fed and healthy, more so than many Britons only a few generations ago. Writing in a breezy, often humorous style, Lacey and Danziger draw on the medieval Julius Work Calendar, a document detailing everyday life around A.D. 1000, to reconstruct the spirit and reality of the era. Light though their touch is, they've done their homework, and they take the reader on a well-documented and enjoyable month-by-month tour through a single year, touching on such matters as religious belief, superstition, medicine, cuisine, agriculture, and politics, as well as contemporary ideas of the self and society. Readers should find the authors' discussions of famine and plague a refreshing break from present-day millennial worries, and a very stimulating introduction to medieval English history. --Gregory McNamee -
Paperback: 230 pages
Back Bay Books; ISBN: 0316511579; (April )

Scottish Maritime Records 1600-1850 : A Guide for Family Historians
by David Dobson
Listed under Scottish Geneaology

Ivory Carvings in Early Medieval England.
by John Beckwith
(Hardcover - June 1982)

Medieval Costume in England and France: The 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries
by Mary G. Houston

Dress Accessories C.1150-C.1450: Finds from Medieval Excavations in London (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London)
by Geoff Egan, Frances Pritchard

King Death: The Black Death and Its Aftermath in Late-Medieval England
by Colin Platt
Special Order

King Stephen
by Donald Matthew

The Reign Of King Stephen: 1135-1154
by David Crouch

Revelations of Divine Love/the Motherhood of God (Library of Medieval Women)
by Julian of Norwich, Frances Beer (Translator)

Standards of Living in the Later Middle Ages: Social Change in England, C. 1200-1500 (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks)
by Christopher Dyer
(Hardcover - March 1989)
Special Order

Who's Who in Early Medieval England 1066-1272 (Who's Who in British History)
by Christopher Tyerman
(Hardcover -- October )

Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade
by James, Jr. Reston
Listed under The Crusades

Medieval Society and the Manor Court
by Zvi Razi (Editor), et al
(Hardcover -- August )
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Medieval Britain: The Age of Chivalry
by Lloyd Robert Laing, Jennifer Laing
(Hardcover -- January )
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The Four Gothic Kings: The Turbulent History of Medieval England and the Plantagenet Kings (1216-1377 Henry Iii, Edward I, Edward Ii, Edward III Se)
by Elizabeth Hallam (Editor), Hugh Trevor-Roper (Introduction)
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