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Blues Harmonica Collection
by Mekelvy Harmonica Collection, David McKelvy 
Paperback - 144 pages (May 1992)
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; ISBN: 0793516005 
Bluegrass Harmonica: Techniques, Tips, Songs, and Inside Information for the Beginner to Advanced Player
by Mike Stevens, Michael Stevens
Hardcover:Centerstream Pub
ISBN: 1574240455; Book & Cd edition

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing the Harmonica
by William Melton, Randy Weinstein 

Harmonica Americana Double CD Edition, with Hohner harmonica
by Jon Gindick
(Audio CD)

Harmonica Fun : Disney Songs from Animated Film Classics
by Walt Disney 
(Paperback - September 1992)

How to Play Harmonica Instantly
by Marcos Habif 
(Paperback - December 1985)

How to Play Country & Western Harmonica
by David Harp 

How to Play the Pocket Harmonica
by Peter Pickow 

Instant Harmonica : Quick and Easy Instruction for the Beginner
by Patrick F. Byrne
(Paperback - April 1993)

Make Your Harmonica Work Better : How to Buy, Maintain and Improve the Harmonica from Beginner to Expert
by Douglas Tate, Larry Adler

The Pocket Harmonica Songbook/over 40 Folk, Blues, & Country Favorites for Beginning & Intermediate Players!
by David Harp
(Paperback - June 1993)

Rock n' Blues Harmonica: A World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index for a New Generation of Harp Players (with CD)
by Jon Gindick
Book Description: Here's a rich world of blues harmonica instruction and music for beginning through intermediate players. 

Inspired by the idea that most music instruction literature is boring and irrelevant to most people most of the time, Rock n' Blues taches improvisational blues harmonica in a way that gets through the even the most instruction-hating, throy-phobic, eye-closed, "leave-me-alone-I'm-jamming" harp player. THE BOOK includes choosing your harp, first sounds, getting sweet tone, playing chords, playing single notes, basic blues riffs, I-IV-V blues progressions, bending, tongue-blocking, octaves and splits, vibrato, headshakes, mics and amps, positions 1 through 6 plus 12, reed tuning, famous cross harp melodies and more. The audio index tells you the key of harmonica you need to jam with the great blues recordings. 

On THE CD, Jon plays every major harp technique over an easy-jamming, blues-band background for your C harmonica. Turn off the instruction to hear only the band. Turn off the band to hear only the instruction. This fully indexed 74 minute audio program will be a constant companion as you develop your tone and techniques. 

Play the Harmonica Well
by Douglas Tate, Larry Adler 

Paul Butterfield Teaches Blues Harmonica Master Class
by Paul Butterfield

This Harmonica Is for 'You' : A Complete Harmonica Tablature Method from Basic to Advanced : Featuring the Tab-Slide-Guide
by Charles Potter, Charlie McCoy
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