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Antonio Stradivari, His Life and Work, 1644-1737
from Dover Pubns

from Vintage Books

Art & Method of the Violin Maker : Principles and Practices (Book Four of the Strobel Series for Violin Makers)
by Henry A. Strobel
(Paperback - December 1992)
Special Order

The Art of Violin Making
by Chris Johnson, Roy Courtnall
Hardcover from Parkwest Pubns

Cello Making: For Use with Violin Making, Step by Step
by Henry A. Strobel

Masterpieces of Italian Violin Making (1620-1850)
by David Rattray

Viola Making, Step by Step (For Use with Violin Making, Step by Step)
by Henry A. Strobel 

Violin Making : Step by Step
by Henry A. Strobel
Book Description: A complete, traditional method. Includes brief descriptions of alternate methods. Photo-illustrated, from sharpening tools to varnishing and adjustment. Includes full size drawings for making a Stradivari model violin. Illustrated with 115 photographs of the model violin (Leandro Bisiach), and of the demonstration violin as it was made, step by step, by Henry Strobel. For the beginning or advanced maker or the interested violinist.

The Strobel books for violin makers are professional, concise, and convenient, reflecting traditional, conservative, and artistic work. Some forty thousand sold, they are used internationally by student, amateur and professional makers in shops and schools, and referred to by manufacturers, sellers, users, and lovers of bowed instruments. High quality 8.5 by 11 in. paperbacks made to lie flat and last on your workbench. 

The Violin: How To Make It

Violin Maker's Notebook : A Companion Volume to : Useful Measurements for Violin Makers
by Henry A. Strobel
(Paperback - April 1991)
Special Order

Violin Making: A Guide for the Amateur
by Bruce Ossman
Paperback: 96 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.20 x 10.94 x 8.46 
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing; 
ISBN: 1565230914

Violin Making: A Practical Guide
by Juliet Barker
From Stradivarius to the modern day, violins have been revered as much for the beauty of their design as for their music. Violin Making enables anyone, whether a beginner or a skilled woodworker, to follow in the tradition of the Italian masters and, literally, make their own music. The book includes: a short history of violin making; an introduction to materials, design, and techniques; chapters on each stage of making a violin, from the rib structure to varnishing and stringing the instrument; tables of measurements, including violins, violas, and cellos from quarter to full size; and 200 clear color photos and diagrams. Juliet Barker trained at the Bavarian School of Violin Making; she is a professional violin maker, restorer, and teacher. The Publisher

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