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America's Best Beaches
by Stephen P. Leatherman
(Paperback -- May 1, )

The Book of Forest and Thicket: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers of Eastern North America
by John Eastman, Amelia Hansen (Illustrator)
(Paperback -- March 1992)

Coastal Aquifer Management-Monitoring, Modeling, and Case Studies
by A. H.-D Cheng, Driss Ouazar, Alexander H.D. Cheng
Hardcover from CRC Press
Coastal Environments : An Introduction to the Physical, Ecological, and Cultural Systems of Coastlines
by R. Carter
Paperback from Academic Press
28 January, 1990
Seawater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers: Concepts, Methods, and Practices (Theory and Applications of Transport in Porous Media, V. 15)
by Jacob Bear, Alexander H.-D. Cheng, Shaul Sorek, Driss Ouazar, Ismael Herrera
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
Coastal and Ocean Management Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
by Donna R. Christie, Richard G. Hildreth
Paperback from West 
Coastal Zone Management Handbook
by John R. Clark
Hardcover from Lewis Publishers, Inc.
Coastal Systems
by Simon K. Haslett
Paperback from Routledge
The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea
by Sebastian Junger
Mass Market Paperback: 301 pages
Harper Mass Market Paperbacks; ISBN: 006101351X; Reprint edition

A Voyage for Madmen
by Peter Nichols
(Paperback -- June 4, )

Submerged: Adventures of America's Most Elite Underwater Archeology Team
by Daniel Lenihan
Hardcover: 288 pages
Newmarket Press; ISBN: 1557045054;

The Ship and the Storm: Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome
by Jim Carrier
(Paperback -- June 3, )

Blue Planet
by Andrew Byatt, et al
(Hardcover -- January 1, )

Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1: Reef Gardening for Aquarists
by Anthony Rosario Calfo
Listed under Corals

Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England
by Tom Wessels, et al
(Paperback -- June )

Nature Guide to the Carolina Coast : Common Birds, Crabs, Shells, Fish, and Other Entities of the Coastal Environment
by Peter K. Meyer
(Paperback -- April 1991)

by Gideon Bosker, et al
(Hardcover -- June 15, )

Song for the Blue Ocean: Encounters Along the World's Coasts and Beneath the Seas
by Carl Safina
(Paperback -- July )

Coastal Marine Zooplankton: A Practical Manual for Students
by C. D. Todd, et al
(Paperback -- March )

Water Light Time: Beneath the Surface, Sea of Light, Cool Waters, Rhythm & Dance, Dark Blue, Water Gardens, Desert Ocean, South Light, Island kingdom
by David Doubilet
(Hardcover -- July )

A Field Guide to Coral Reefs: Caribbean and Florida (Peterson Field Guides)
by Eugene H. Kaplan, et al
(Paperback -- September )

Great Waters: An Atlantic Passage
by Deborah Cramer
(Hardcover -- August )

This Fine Piece of Water : An Environmental History of Long Island Sound
by Tom Andersen, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Foreword)
(Hardcover -- May 1, )

Eye of the Albatross: Visions of Hope and Survival
by Carl Safina
(Hardcover -- May )

National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashore Creatures
by Norman A. Melnkoth, Norman A. Meinkoth
(Paperback -- December 1981)

A Field Guide to Eastern Forests North America (Peterson Field Guide Series)
by John C. Kricher, et al
(Paperback -- October 15, )

A Field Guide to the Atlantic Seashore (Peterson Field Guides)
by Kenneth L. Gosner, Roger Tory Peterson
(Paperback -- September )

Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert
by Terry Tempest Williams
(Hardcover -- September 11, )

Ocean's End: Travels through Endangered Seas
by Colin Woodard
(Paperback -- February 19, )

Southeastern & Caribbean Seashores
by Eugene H. Kaplan, Susan L. Kaplan (Illustrator)
(Paperback -- February 1, )

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