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Estuaries: Dynamics, Mixing, Sedimentation and Morphology
by David Prandle
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

A Journey into an Estuary (Biomes of North America)
by Rebecca L. Johnson
Paperback from Lerner Pub Group (L)

The Estuary
by Derek Gunn
Paperback from Permuted Press

The Biology of Soft Shores and Estuaries (Biology of Habitats)
by Colin Little
Paperback from Oxford University Press, USA

Life in an Estuary (Ecosystems in Action)
by Sally M. Walker
Hardcover from Lerner Publications

Estuaries: A Physical Introduction, 2E
by Keith R. Dyer
Paperback from Wiley

Estuary Flyfishers
by Steve Raymond
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications

San Francisco Bay: Portrait of an Estuary
by John Hart, David Sanger
Hardcover from University of California Press

The Algal Bowl: Overfertilization of the World's Freshwaters and Estuaries
by David Schindler, John R. Vallentyne
Paperback from University of Alberta Press


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