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The Astonishing Elephant
by Shana Alexander
Listed under Elephants

A Field Guide to the Mammals of Australia
by Peter Menkhorst, Frank Knight (Illustrator)
Listed under Australian Wildlife

The Encyclopedia of Mammals
by David W. MacDonald (Editor)

Encyclopedia of Mammals, Second Edition

African Pygmy Hedgehogs As Your New Pet
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

Biology and Diseases of the Ferret
by James G. Fox (Editor)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Provides information on diseases, history, husbandry, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, and selected uses of this species as an animal model. High-quality halftone illustrations and slides. Previous edition: c1988. For veterinarians, students, and owners. Trim size: 10.5 x 7.5 inches.

Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals
by J. Jerry Kaneko (Editor), John W. Harvey (Editor), Michael L. Bruss (Editor), Joh W. Harvey (Editor)

The Cult of the Hedgehog
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

The Essential Ferret
by Betsy Sikora Siino (Editor), Eric Ilasenko (Editor)
Owning a ferret is rewarding and fun! Get all you need to know about feeding, housing and caring for your pet's health in The Essential Ferret. Special features include professional color photos and expert tips on how to make your ferret a wonderful addition to the family. Learn how to have a great relationship with your pet with The Essential Ferret. The Publisher

Guide to Owning an African Pygmy Hedgehog: Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Exhibition, Health Care (RE Series)
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood
Publisher: TFH Publications; (December )

The Ferret : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet (Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet)
by Mary Shefferman, Eric Shefferman (Contributor)

Ferrets: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Behavior, and Breeding (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by E. Lynn Morton, Chuck Morton, Matthew M. Vriends (Editor), Fox Morton (Contributor)

The Hedgehog: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet (Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet)
by Dawn Wrobel, Susan Brown (Contributor)

Hedgehogs: How to Take Care of Them and Understand Them (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Matthew M. Vriends, Kees Vriends (Illustrator)

Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians: North American Wildlife (North American Wildlife)
by Reader's Digest

The Hippos: Natural History and Conservation (A Volume in the Poyser Natural History Series)
by S. Keith Eltringham

Pot-Bellied Pigs: A Complete and Up-To-Date Guide (Basic Domestic Pet Library)
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

Pot Bellied Pigs in Your Home
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

Pot Bellies and Other Miniature Pigs : Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training
by Pat Storer, Kristen Storer (Illustrator)

A New Owner's Guide to Sugar Gliders
by Helen O'Reilly

The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals Including Hoofed Mammals, Carnivores, and Primates
by Richard D. Estes, et al
(Paperback -- December )

Sugar Gliders: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Breeding (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Caroline MacPherson, Michele Earle-Bridges (Illustrator)

Sugar Gliders As Your New Pet
by Dennis Kelsey-Wood

Training Your Pet Ferret
by Gerry Bucsis, Barbara Somerville

Walker's Bats of the World
by Ronald M. Nowak, Elizabeth D. Pierson (Illustrator), Thomas H. Kunz (Illustrator)

Walker's Mammals of the World (6th Ed) (2 Vol Set)
by Ronald M. Nowak

Walker's Mammals of the World (6th Ed)

Deer, Elk & Antelope

Built for Speed : A Year in the Life of Pronghorn
by John A. Byers
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr
Pronghorn Hunting (The Complete Hunter)
by Toby Bridges, Don Oster
Hardcover from Creative Publishing International
American Pronghorn: Social Adaptations & the Ghosts of Predators Past
by John A. Byers
Paperback from University of Chicago Press
Antelope Country: Pronghorns-The Last Americans
by Valerius Geist, Michael H. Francis
Hardcover from Krause Publications
American Pronghorn Antelope
by James D. Yoakum, Jack W. Thomas, Donald E. Spalinger
Paperback from Wildlife Society
Special Order
Prairie Ghost: Pronghorn and Human Interaction in Early America
by Richard E. McCabe, Henry M. Reeves, Bart W. O'Gara
Hardcover from University Press of Colorado
Ecology and Management of the North American Moose
by Albert W. Franzmann, Charles C. Schwartz
Hardcover from Smithsonian Institution Press
Moose (World Life Library.)
by Art Rodgers
Paperback from Voyageur Press
Moose: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
Moose: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation
by Valerius Geist, Michael H. Francis
Hardcover from Voyageur Press
The Encyclopedia of Deer: Your Guide to the World's Deer Species Including Whitetails, Mule Deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose, and More
by Leonard Lee, III Rue, Leonard Lee Rue III
Hardcover from Voyageur Press
1 2 3 Moose: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book
1 2 3 Moose: A Pacific Northwest Counting Book
by Andrea Helman, Art Wolfe
Hardcover from Sasquatch Books
Caring for Possums
by Barbara Smith
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