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Among Grizzlies: Living With Wild Bears in Alaska
by Timothy Treadwell, Jewel Palovak
Paperback from Ballantine Books (Trd Pap)

American Bears : Selections from the Writings of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt, et al 
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

Bear vs. Man: Recent Attacks and How to Avoid the Increasing Danger
by Brad Garfield
Paperback from Willow Creek Press

The Bears of Katmai: Alaska's Famous Brown Bears
by Matthias Breiter

Bears of Alaska
by Erwin A. Bauer, Peggy Bauer

The Beast That Walks Like Man: The Story of the Grizzly Bear
The Beast That Walks Like Man: The Story of the Grizzly Bear
by Harold McCracken
Paperback from Roberts Rinehart Pub
Beauty Within the Beast: Kinship With Bears in the Alaska Wilderness
by Stephen Stringham
Paperback from Last Post Press

The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship, Tragedy, and Survival in the Alaskan Wilderness
by Lynn Schooler
Listed under Ecology

Field Guide to the Grizzly Bear (Sasquatch Field Guide Series)
Field Guide to the Grizzly Bear (Sasquatch Field Guide Series)
by Great Bear Foundation, Lance Olsen
Book Description: This guide dispels the myth that grizzly bears are the ferocious attackers some people believe them to be. Instead, it offers a comprehensive guide to acting safely when encountering them in grizzly country and to the pleasures of observing them in their natural habitats. Partial proceeds of this book support the Great Bear Foundation.
Paperback from Sasquatch Books
Bear Attacks: Myth & Reality
by James Gary Shelton

Grizzlies 2012 Calendar
by Willow Creek Press
Listed under Animal Calendars

Grizzly: Wilderness Legend
by Henry H. Holdsworth, George Laycock
Paperback from Creative Publishing International

Mark of the Grizzly : True Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned
by Scott McMillion
Paperback from Falcon Publishing Company

Some Bears Kill: True Life Tales of Terror
by Larry Kaniut

Polar Bears
by Ian Stirling, Ian Sirling, Dan E. Guravich
Paperback from University of Michigan Press

Polar Bears (Worldlife Library)
by Nikita Ovsyanikov, Jane Billinghurst
Paperback from Voyageur Press

Polar Bears: Living With The White Bear
by Nikita Ovsyanikov (Photographer)

Polar Dance: Born of the North Wind
by Thomas D. Mangelsen (Photographer), et al

The World of the Polar Bear

Journeys With the Ice Bear
by Kennan Ward
Hardcover from NorthWord Press

Understanding Michigan Black Bear: The Truth About Bears and Bear Hunting
by Richard P. Smith

Grizzly Country
by Andy Russell
Paperback from The Lyons Press

The Bears of Katmai : Alaska's Famous Brown Bears by Matthias Breiter

The Grizzly Almanac
by Robert H. Busch
Hardcover from The Lyons Press

Saving the Giant Panda
by Terry L. Maple, Terry L Maple
Hardcover from Longstreet Press

Grizzly Bears (Untamed World)

Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness
by Doug Peacock
Paperback from Henry Holt & Company, Inc.

Cub to Grizzly Bear (Lifewatch)
by Oliver S. Owen
School & Library Binding from Abdo & Daughters

Grizzlies in the Wild
by Kennan Ward
Hardcover from NorthWord Press

The Lost Grizzlies : A Search for Survivors in the Wilderness of Colorado
by Rick Bass
Paperback from Mariner Books

Last Grizzly and Other Southwestern Bear Stories
by David E. Brown, John A. Murray
Hardcover from University of Arizona Press

Track of the Grizzly
by Frank C. Craighead
Paperback from Sierra Club Books

The Grizzly Bears of Yellowstone : Their Ecology in the Yellowstone Ecosystem 
by John J. Craighead, Jay S. Sumner, John A. Mitchell
Hardcover from Island Press

The Last Grizzly

Bear Attacks:The Deadly Truth

Bears of the World
by Lance Craighead
Paperback from Voyageur Press

Alaska's Bears : Grizzlies, Black Bears, and Polar Bears

Alaska's Bears

The Bears of Yellowstone

Bears : Polar Bears, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)
by Deborah Hodge, Pat Stephens, Nancy Gray Ogle
Paperback from Kids Can Press


Bear in Their World

Safe Travel in Bear Country

Killer Bears
by Mike Cramond
Paperback from The Lyons Press

Bears of the World

No Room for Bears: A Wilderness Writer's Experience with a Threatened Breed

Bears for Kids

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Wilderness

Amazing Bears

Ghost Bears: Exploring the Biodiversity Crisis

Endangered Spaces: the Future for Canada's Wilderness

Protecting Canada's Endangered Spaces

Bears: A Global Look at Bears in the Wild

Alaska Bear Tales

More Alaska Bear Tales
by Larry Kaniut
Paperback from Alaska Northwest Books

The Cave Bear Story: Life and Death of a Vanished Animal

Bears: Monarchs of the Northern Wilderness


Giving Voice to Bear: North American Indian, Myth, Rituals and Images of the Bear

The Bears of Yellowstone

Bears: - their Life and Behaviour

Bear Encounter Survival Guide

Bear Attacks : Their Causes and Avoidance

Backcountry Bear Basics: Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters

Bear Aware: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country

Ecology and Behaviour of the North American Black Bear: Home Range, Habitat and Social Organization

Giant Pandas

Smithsonian Book of Giant Pandas
by Susan Lumpkin, John Seidensticker
Hardcover from Smithsonian Institution Press
The Last Panda

The Bamboo Bears
by Clive Roots

The Giant Pandas of Wolong

Pandas (World Life Library)
by Heather Angel
Paperback from Voyageur Press

The Polar Bear Waltz and Other Moments of Epic Silliness: Comic Classics from Outside Magazine's "Parting Shots" (Outside Books)
by Outside Magazine (Editor)

True Grizz : Glimpses of Fernie, Stahr, Easy, Dakota, and Other Real Bears in the Modern World
by Douglas H. Chadwick
Hardcover from Sierra Club Books

The Giant Panda
by Jing Zhu et al
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Black Bear Country
by Michael Furtman 
Black bears of Minnesota
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Walking With Bears
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