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Animals, Property, and the Law (Ethics and Action)
by Gary L. Francione, William M. Kunstler

Animal Liberation
by Peter Singer (Author)

Animal Others: On Ethics, Ontology, and Animal Life (Suny Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy)
by H. Peter Steeves (Introduction), Tom Regan.

Animal Rights and Human Obligations
by Tom Regan and Peter Singer (Editors)
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (February 8, 1989) 

Animal Underworld: Inside America's Black Market for Rare and Exotic Species
by Alan Green.
ISBN: 1891620282 

The Case for Animal Rights
by Tom Regan.

Disposable Animals: Ending the Tragedy of Throwaway Pets
by Craig Brestrup.

Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy
by Matthew Scully (Author)

Exploring Animal Rights and Animal Welfare : Four Volumes
by Creative Media Applications (Author)

Human-Livestock Interactions: The Stockperson and the Productivity and Welfare of Intensively Farmed Animals
by Paul H. Hemsworth, Grahame J. Coleman

Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?
by Gary L. Francione, Alan Watson (Foreword)

Ethics on the Ark: Zoos, Animal Welfare and Wildlife Conservation
edited by Bryan G. Norton, Michael Hutchins, Elizabeth F. Stevens, and Terry L. Maple; foreword by David Ehrenfeld.

Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?
by Gary L. Francione, Alan Watson.

Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals
by Steven M. Wise, Jane Goodall

Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals
by C. Ray Greek, Jean Swingle Greek DVM, Jane Goodall.

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry
by Gail A. Eisnitz

Working With Wildlife: A Guide to Careers in the Animal World (Science, College and Career Guidance)
by Thane Maynard, Jane Goodall

The Ten Trusts: What We Must Do to Care for the Animals We Love
by Jane Goodall, Marc Bekoff.
Listed under Jane Goodall

Beyond Animal Rights: A Feminist Caring Ethic for the Treatment of Animals
by Josephine Donovan and Carol J. Adams (Editors)
Publisher: Continuum Pub Group; 
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