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All About Powerboats: Understanding Design and Performance
by Roger Marshall

Boat Improvements for the Practical Sailor
by Stephen J. Fishman 

Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction
by Howard I. Chapelle, Jonathon Wilson (Introduction)
Listed under Wooden Boats

Boatbuilding Manual
by Robert M. Steward
Covers plywood, wood-epoxy, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and other boatbuilding methods.
Hardcover - 372 pages 4th edition (December 1, 1993)
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0070613761

Boatbuilding with Aluminum
Boatbuilding with Aluminum
by Stephen F. Pollard
Hardcover from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Building A Fiberglass Boat
by Arthur Edmunds

Building Your Kevlar Canoe: A Foolproof Method and Three Foolproof Designs
by James Moran 
Listed under Canoe Building

Boat Modeling With Dynamite Payson: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Models of Small Craft
by Harold 'Dynamite' Payson, Harold H. Payson 
Listed under Ship Modelling

The Complete Guide to Metal Boats: Building, Maintenance, and Repair
by R. Bruce Roberts-Goodson 

Boatbuilding in Your Own Back Yard
by Samuel Supplee Rabl
(Hardcover - December 1958)

Chris-Craft (Enthusiast Color Series)
by Jack Savage
Listed under Speedboats

Gar Wood Boats : Classics of a Golden Era
by Anthony S. Mollica
Listed under Speedboats

Wood and Canvas Kayak Building
by George Putz
Listed under Canoe Building

Small Boat Building
by Dave Greenwell, David K. Greenwell

Fishing Boat Construction: 2: Building a Fiberglass Fishing Boat (Fao Fisheries Technical Paper, No 321)
by Ned Coackley
(Hardcover - December 1991)

Handmade Houseboats: Independent Living Afloat
by Russell Conder
(Paperback - July 1992)

Small Craft Advisory: A Book About the Building of a Boat
by Louis D., Jr. Rubin
(Paperback - July 1993)

The Fiberglass Boat Repair Manual
by Allan H. Viatses
Hardcover - 192 pages (September 1, 1988)
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0071569146

Details of Classic Boat Construction: The Hull
by Larry Pardey 
Listed under Wooden Boats

The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders, Designers, and Owners
by Dave Gerr

Handbook of Marine Surveying
Handbook of Marine Surveying
by Thomas Ask
Hardcover from A & C Black Consignment
The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible
The Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible
by John C. Payne
Hardcover from Grafton Books
Marine Reinforced Plastics
by John A. Wills 

Practical Boat Canvas Work
by Lisa Carr
Listed under Sails & Sailmaking

How to Design a Boat
by John Teale 
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Kayakcraft: Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction
by Ted Moores (Illustrator), Jennifer Moores (Photographer)
Listed under Canoe Building

Metal Boats
by Ken Scott 

The Finely Fitted Yacht: The Boat Improvement Manual, Volumes 1 and 2
by Ferenc Mate, Candace Mate (Illustrator)

Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for Home, Boat, & Rv
by Kevin Jeffrey, et al

Boat Interior Construction
by Michael Naujok 

Surveying Small Craft
Ian Nicolson
Hardcover / Book Published 1994
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Surveying and Restoring Classic Boats
J. C. Winters / Hardcover / Book Published 1993 
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