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Sailmaker's Apprentice
by Emiliano Marino
Paperback from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
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Modern sailmaking
by Percy W Blandford
Paperback from Tab Books

Sails & sailmaking
by Robert Kipping
Paperback from
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The Complete Canvasworker's Guide: How to Outfit Your Boat With Cloth
by Jim Grant
Paperback from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
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The Elements of Sailmaking
by Robert Kipping
Paperback from BiblioLife
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Salt 2: Boatbuilding, Sailmaking, Island People, River Driving, Bean Hole Beans, Wooden Paddles, and More Yankee Doings
by Pamela Wood
Paperback from Doubleday

The Art of Sail-Making
by Art
Paperback from Nabu Press
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Sailmaking Made Easy
by Bill Schmit
Hardcover from Water, Wind and Sail

The Art Of Sail-Making: As Practiced In The Royal Navy And According To The Most Approved Methods In The Merchant Service (1843)
by David R. Steel
Hardcover from Kessinger Publishing, LLC
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Sailmaking Simplified:A Practical Manual for the Amateur
by Alan Gray
Hardcover from The Rudder Publishing Co.

The Big Book of Boat Canvas: A Complete Guide to Fabric Work on Boats
by Karen Lipe
Paperback (February 1991)
Intl Marine Pub; ISBN: 0915160358

Canvaswork & Sail Repair (International Marine Sailboat Library)
by Don Casey
Step by step, picture by picture, how to measure for, construct, modify, maintain, renew, and repair such canvas items as biminis, sail covers, sail bags, cushions, and more, both above deck and below. It also shows how to repair damaged sails on an ordinary home sewing machine. Given that  a new sail cover can easily cost $500 and a new sail $2,000, this information has decided appeal. Mail-order material sources are listed.

The Complete Canvasworker's Guide: How to Outfit Your Boat Using Natural or Synthetic Cloth
by Jim Grant

The Complete Rigger's Apprentice
by Brion Toss, et al

The Manual of Sail Trim
by Stuart H. Walker
A technical book for the experienced sailor.
Paperback - 251 pages 1st edition (August 1985)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393032965

The New Book of Sail Trim
Ken Textor (Editor)
From the pages of Sail Magazine, comes the first new anthology in nearly 15 years on the popular subject of sail trim. Withh 44 articles that have never before appeared in book form, The New Book of Sail Trim provides concise, easy-to-understand instruction in every facet of sails and sail handling.
Paperback / Book Published 1995

Practical Boat Canvas Work
by Lisa Carr

Practical Sail Care and Repair
Lisa Carr
Paperback / Book Published 1994

Sails : The Way They Work and How to Make Them
by Derek Harvey
Book Description: This book contains all the information a boatowner needs to fully understand how sails work, and how to design, make, repair and modify them. The do-it-yourself sailmaker can save as much as three-quarters of the cost of small boat sails by making them or recutting old ones, using a little more than a tape measure, scissors and a simple sewing machine.
Paperback: 188 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.47 x 9.16 x 6.11 
Publisher: Sheridan House; 
ISBN: 1574090305 
The Sailmaker's Apprentice : A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor
by Emiliano Marino, et al
Book Description: Learn how to design, make, repair, improve, and maintain sails 

If you want to produce sturdy sails for daysailing and cruising, built of low-tech materials you can repair with a few simple tools, The Sailmaker's Apprentice can show you how. Emphasizing the handwork that distinguishes the highest-quality, most durable sails, sail pro Emiliano Marino tells you how to select a rig, introduces you to sail shape and theory, and then shows you -- step by step, with the help of over 700 detailed illustrations -- how to sew patches, hand sew rings, fix tears or frayed edges, and stitch seams, not to mention how to make your own sails, canvas sailcovers, and sailbags from scratch. 

A visual feast for the sailor as well as an indispensable guide for the mariner comprehensive apprenticeship, this hands-on reference is an illustrated tour of the world's rig and sail types, contemporary and historical.
Paperback: 494 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.19 x 7.38 
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; (March 9, ) 
ISBN: 0071376429 

Understanding Rigs and Rigging
by Richard Henderson
Paperback Rev edition (January 1991)
Intl Marine Pub; ISBN: 0071563040

The Art and Science of Sails : A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep, and Use
by Tom Whidden, Michael Levitt (Contributor)
Hardcover - 371 pages 1st Ed. edition (July 1990)
St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312044178
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