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Adventures in Ocean Exploration : From the Discovery of the Titanic to the Search for Noah's Flood
by Robert D. Ballard, Malcolm McConnell
Hardcover from National Geographic

Albatross: The True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea
by Deborah Scaling Kiley, Meg Noonan
Hardcover from Replica Books

America's Lost Treasure
America's Lost Treasure
by Tommy Thompson
Hardcover from Atlantic Monthly Press

Atlas of Shipwrecks & Treasure
by Nigel Pickford
Listed under Treasure Hunting

The Sea Hunters : True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks
The Sea Hunters : True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks
by Clive Cussler
Mass Market Paperback from Pocket Star
Dusk to Dawn: Survivor Accounts of the Last Night on the Titanic
by Paul J. Quinn
Listed under The Titanic

Florida Shipwrecks : The Divers Guide to Shipwrecks Around the State of Florida and the Florida Keys
Daniel Berg 
Listed under Florida Keys

Graveyard of the Atlantic : Shipwrecks of the North Carolina Coast
by David Stick, Frank Stick (Illustrator)

In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex
by Nat Philbrick, Nathaniel Philbrick
Paperback from Penguin USA (Paper)
In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors
by Doug Stanton
Listed under U.S.S. Indianapolis

THE LUSITANIA: The Life, Loss, and Legacy of an Ocean Legend
by Daniel Allen Butler
Listed under The Lusitania

Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria
Deep Descent: Adventure and Death Diving the Andrea Doria
by Kevin F. McMurray
Hardcover from Pocket Books
Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea
by Gary Kinder
The full horror as the mighty Central American, a ship carrying almost 600 people and a wealth of gold, sank in a "perfect hurricane" in 1857.... "The hoarse screams of 500 men rose as she began a slow watery spin--the water turning faster and faster and faster until the swirling vortex sucked the men into a suffocating darkness with the once majestic steamer."... It really is impossible not to become fully engrossed in this fascinating story of a ship's demise, and the subsequent operation to recover her treasure some 130 years later. --Naomi Gesinger -
Paperback: 536 pages
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0375703373; 

Shipwrecks on the Chesapeake : Maritime Disasters on Chesapeake Bay and Its Tributaries, 1608-1978
by Donald G. Shomette

Survive the Savage Sea (Sailing Classics)
by Dougal Robertson
The doldrums of the Pacific somewhere between Easter Island and Chile. A small schooner is rammed by three killer whales and sinks in less than a minute. The family aboard takes to the dinghy and liferaft with a bag of oranges and little else, no maps or compass, no water. They survive for 37 days on captured turtles and seabirds. True story! Five stars.
Paperback - 217 pages Reprint edition 
Sheridan House; ISBN: 0924486732

Tall Ships Down : The Last Voyages of the Pamir, Albatross, Marques, Pride of Baltimore, and Maria Asumpta
by Daniel S. Parrott
Hardcover from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press

Until the Sea Shall Free Them
by Robert Frump
The sinking of a coal ship that ran aground in the waters off Norfolk, Va., in 1983
By the mid-19th century, steamships were eclipsing traditional sailing ships in the lucrative transatlantic trade. The largest of these, the American Arctic, collided with a smaller vessel in 1854 with a frightful, and unnecessary, loss of life. David W. Shaw's The Sea Shall Embrace Them tells the story of this disaster, eerily similar in many ways to the later sinking of the Titanic. Shaw lays out the immediate and secondary causes of the disaster: bad weather, no established shipping lanes, the ship's owners' preference for speed rather than prudence, and an appalling lack of safety precautions. As well, he describes the suffering and grotesque deaths of many aboard and dozens of acts of pure cowardice on the part of the crew. The writing for the most part is vivid and effective, though the physical layout of the ship is somewhat murky. The story of the Arctic is not only sad and the tragedy avoidable, but one that, as Shaw points out, would be repeated many times in the decades to follow. --H. O'Billovitch -
Hardcover from Doubleday

White Squall : The Last Voyage Of Albatross
by Richard E. Langford, Jerry Renninger
Spiral-bound from Bristol Fashion Publications

Shipwrecks in the Americas
by Robert F. Marx
Paperback - 482 pages (December 1987)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 048625514X

Shipwrecks : Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic
by Roderick M. Farb 
Paperback - 380 pages 2nd edition (July 1991)
Menasha Ridge Pr; ISBN: 0897320646

Underwater Archaeology : Exploring the World Beneath the Sea
by Jean-Yves Blot
Listed under Diving Books

Shipwrecks of Florida : A Comprehensive Listing
by Steven D. Singer 
Paperback - 400 pages 2nd edition 
Pineapple Pr; ISBN: 1561641634
Out of Print - Try Used Books

New World Shipwrecks 1492-1825 : A Comprehensive Guide
by Robert Marx
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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