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The Insects: An Outline of Entomology
by P. J. Gullan, P. S. Cranston, Dr Penny Gullan
Paperback from Blackwell Science Inc

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The Insects : Structure and Function
by R. F. Chapman
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

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For Love of Insects : 
by Thomas Eisner
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr
Introduction to the Study of Insects
by Donald Joyce Borror, Charles A. Triplehorn, Norman F. Johnson
Hardcover from International Thomson Publishing
Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artificial Systems (Santa Fe Institute Studies on the Sciences of Complexity)
by Eric Bonabeau, Marco Dorigo, Guy Theraulaz
Paperback from Oxford University Press
Encyclopedia of Entomology
by John L. Capinera
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
The Ants
by Bert Holldobler, Edward Osborne Wilson
Hardcover from Belknap Pr
Parasitic Wasps
by Donald L. J. Quicke
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
Fundamentals of Entomology, Sixth Edition
by Richard J. Elzinga
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Medical and Veterinary Entomology
by Gary Mullen, Lance Durden
Hardcover from Academic Press
Entomology and Pest Management (4th Edition)
by Larry P. Pedigo
Hardcover from Prentice Hall

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Novel Aspects of Insect-Plant Interactions
by Pedro Barbosa, Deborah K. Letourneau
Hardcover from Interscience
Ecological Entomology, 2nd Edition
by Carl B. Huffaker, Andrew Paul Gutierrez
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons
Parasite Rex : Inside the Bizarre World of Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures
by Carl Zimmer
Paperback from Free Press
Backyard Insects
by Ronald Goor, Millicent Ellis Selsam, Ron Goor
Paperback from Scholastic
Encyclopedia of Insects
by Ring Carde, Vincent H. Resh
Hardcover from Academic Press
Biology of Spiders
by Rainer F. Foelix
Paperback from Oxford University Press
American Beetles, Volume I: Archostemata, Myxophaga, Adephaga, Polyphaga: Staphyliniformia
by Ross H. Arnett, Michael C. Thomas
Paperback from Lewis Publishers, Inc.
28 December, 2000
The Beekeeper's Handbook
by Diana Sammataro, Alphonse Avitabile, Roger A. Morse
Paperback from Cornell Univ Pr
Biology of the Plant Bugs (Hemiptera: Miridae): Pests, Predators, Opportunists
by Alfred George Wheeler, T. Richard E., Sir Southwood
Hardcover from Comstock Pub Assoc
The Arthropods of Humans and Domestic Animals: A Guide to Preliminary Identification
by Alan Walker
Paperback from Chapman & Hall
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Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World
by Barry Bolton
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr
Virus-Insect-Plant Interactions
by Kerry Harris, Oney Smith, James Duffus
Hardcover from Academy Pr
Insect Ecology: An Ecosystem Approach
by Timothy Schowalter, Timothy D. Schowalter
Hardcover from Academic Press
Bioassays of Entomopathogenic Microbes and Nematodes
by A. Navon, K. R. S. Ascher
Hardcover from CABI Publishing, CAB International

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Hostplant Selection By Phytophagous Insects
by R.F. Chapman, E. A. Bernays
Paperback from Kluwer Academic Publishers
Genome of Drosophila Melanogaster
by Dan Lindsley, Georgianna Zimm
Hardcover from Academic Press
Journey to the Ants: A Story of Scientific Exploration
by Bert Holldobler, Edward Osborne Wilson
Paperback from Belknap Pr
Physiological Systems in Insects
by Marc Klowden, Marc J. Klowden
Paperback from Academic Press


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