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An Introduction to Modern Cosmology
by Andrew Liddle
Paperback from John Wiley & Sons
Shadows of the Mind: A Search for the Missing Science of Consciousness
by Roger Penrose
Paperback from Oxford University Press
The Particle Odyssey: A Journey to the Heart of the Matter
by Michael Marten, Christine Sutton, F. E. Particle Explosion Close
Hardcover from Oxford Press
Single-Molecule Detection in Solution Methods and Applications
by Christoph Zander, Jörg Enderlein, Richard A. Keller
Hardcover from Wiley-VCH
Molecular Devices and Machines : A Journey into the Nanoworld
by Vincenzo Balzani, Margherita Venturi, Alberto Credi
Hardcover from Wiley-VCH
Electric Machines: Theory, Operating Applications, and Controls (2nd Edition)
by Charles I. Hubert
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Light—Matter Interaction , Fundamentals and Applications
by John Weiner, P.-T. Ho
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Molecular Theory of Capillarity
by J. S. Rowlinson, B. Widom
Paperback from Dover Pubns
Semiclassical Physics
by Matthias Brack, Rajat K. Bhaduri
Paperback from Westview Press

Special Order
Macromolecular Physics : Volume 3
by Bernhard Wunderlich
Hardcover from Academic Press
Special Order
Experimental Techniques in Low-Temperature Physics
by Guy K. White, Philip Meeson
Hardcover from Oxford University Press

Special Order
Modern Geometrical Optics
by Richard Ditteon
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
New Constructions in Cellular Automata (Santa Fe Institute Studies on the Sciences of Complexity)
by David Griffeath, Cristopher Moore
Paperback from Oxford University Press
by Gary Attard, Colin Barnes
Paperback from Oxford University Press
Mesoscopic Quantum Optics
by Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Atac Imamoglu
Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience
Introduction to Molecular Biophysics
by J. A. Tuszynski, Dipak K. Basu, Michal Kurzynski
Hardcover from CRC Press
Atomic and Molecular Photoabsorption, Volume 1
by Joseph Berkowitz
Hardcover from Academic Press
Techniques in Molecular Systematics and Evolution
by Rob Desalle, Gonzalo Giribet, Ward Wheeler, Gonzalo Giribe
Paperback from Springer Verlag
A Guide to Lasers in Chemistry
by Gerald R. Van Hecke, Kerry K. Karukstis, Gerald B. Van Hecke, Gerald R. Van
Hardcover from Jones & Bartlett Pub
Principles of Quantum Mechanics : As Applied to Chemistry and Chemical Physics
by Donald D. Fitts
Paperback from Cambridge University Press


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