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101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox (Revised)
101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox (Revised)
by David Green
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori & Chang

There is no other stadium like Fenway Park with its wooden seats, manual scoreboard, and the looming green monster; no other history that includes such an infamous trade, a curse, and a penchant for losing critical games; no other group of fans that measure up to the loyal Red Sox Nation. There is simply no other team that compares to the Red Sox.
This revised and updated version of 101 Reasons to Love the Red Sox is filled with reasons to celebrate Boston's best-loved team: the 2004 World Series championship, the beloved B, five World Series titles before 1919, Yawky Way, the legendary Ted Williams, Royal Rooters, the "Impossible Dream" season, Cy Young, and Big Papi. Vintage and modern photos, baseball cards, memorable stories, and sports trivia provide a portrait of the Red Sox from their very beginning to the present. The heart of the players and fans combined with the Red Sox' storied past truly make Fenway Park a field of dreams. 

Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox
Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox
by Harvey Frommer
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1584798521
No other ballpark has the feel and tradition of Fenway. Entering the grandstand, one is transported back through time as the spirits of all those who came before seem to inhabit the cozy confines. Built by Red Sox owner John I. Taylor, Fenway Park opened in the spring of 1912, making it the oldest ballpark in the major leagues. Remembering Fenway Park beautifully documents the stadium's entire career through a decade-by-decade account, a priceless collection of historical photographs, and vivid, first-person reminiscences of the people to whom this great place has meant so much: journalists, players, and fans. No Red Sox fan--no baseball fan--will resist this incredible book.

Praise for Remembering Fenway Park:

"Remembering has everything a fan could want: iconic images, funny stories, and a sense of reverence." -The Boston Globe 
"Historian Harvey Frommer (who also did a fine retrospective on Yankee Stadium) has used Fenway as a virtual cutaway of baseball history for 99 years with scores of former Red Sox-everyone from Jim Piersall to Pumpsie Green (the Red Sox's first black player) to Carl Yastrzemski to 'Spaceman' Bill Lee contributed their memories, as well as opponents such as Brooks Robinson, who steps in with timely pinch hits. The text is crisp, and the photos, both black-and-white and color, simply gorgeous. (My favorite: the three DiMaggio brothers, Vince, Dom and Joe, taken in 1986.) A great book even for those who hate the Red Sox."
-The Dallas Morning News

"Daringly organized as a mosaic of Red Sox Nation, Remembering Fenway Park glitters with fond memories and delightful surprises. Anyone who has ever sat in Fenway, or longs to, will love this book. In his sure hands with oral history, Harvey Frommer is a treasure of our national pastime."
-John Thorn, Official Historian for Major League Baseball 
-Northeast Public Radio 
"[This] handsome coffee table book marks the centenary of the grand old park."
"Gem of a book about a jewel of a ballpark"
-George Will 
"Worthy of its sacred subject . . . Unforgettable."
-Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe

Boston Red Sox IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom
Boston Red Sox IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom
by Bill Nowlin
Paperback from CreateSpace
ISBN: 144955136X

Think you know Red Sox trivia? Think again. Test yourself to find out how smart you really are about the Boston Red Sox. Are you a rookie? Are you a proven, hardcore veteran? Or will you be clearing waivers for your pending release halfway through the book? We'll let you know. Five chapters and more than 250 questions in ten categories: The Numbers Game, The Rookies, The Veterans, The Legends, The Hitters, The Pitchers, The Managers, Coaches, Announcers, and Trades, The Fabulous Feats, The Teams, and Miscellaneous. That's what you're up against, and we're keeping score. Test your skills. Wrack your brain. It's the ultimate Boston Red Sox IQ test! "The author of two dozen books on the Boston Red Sox, Bill Nowlin challenges every member of Red Sox Nation to step up to the plate and prove your mad-trivia skills. This book, however, is much more than a test of your fandom - it is a celebration of the many legends who have made the Boston Red Sox one of the most beloved franchises in the history of sport." - Daniel J. Brush, award-winning co-author of the Sports by the Numbers series
Red Sox Nation: An Unexpurgated History Of The Red Sox
Red Sox Nation: An Unexpurgated History Of The Red Sox
by Peter Golenbock
Hardcover from Triumph Books
ISBN: 1572437448

For baseball enthusiasts everywhere, the names of the greatest Boston Red Sox are synonymous with the game itself: Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, Dom DiMaggio, Carl Yastrzemski, Johnny Damon, and so many more. And no other franchise can claim as many moments that have become indelible parts of baseball's history: Williams' last at-bat, Carlton Fisk's Game 6 home run, Bill Buckner's fatal error. Red Sox Nation is the finest, most comprehensive history of this storied franchise, told from the point of view of the people who lived it. From every disappointment to each triumph, culminating with the 2004 world championship, Red Sox Nation takes you into the dugout and onto the field to relive each moment.
100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die
100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die
by Nick Cafardo
Paperback from Benchmark Pr
ISBN: 1600786324

100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is the ultimate resource guide for true fans of the Boston Red Sox. It takes 100-plus years of Red Sox history and distills it to the absolute best and most compelling--identifying in an informative, lively, and illuminating way the personalities, events, and facts every living Red Sox fan should know without hesitation. Read about hugely important Red Sox numbers, like 86, 3,419, and .406. Learn about the memorable moments involving stellar Red Sox players with nicknames like Smoky Joe, Oil Can, and the Splendid Splinter. Other memorable moments, singular achievements, and signature calls all highlight the list of 100.

Knowledge of the team and its history is the foundation of being a true Red Sox fan. But experience is not far behind. 100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die also includes things Red Sox fans should actually see and do before they join Ted Williams and others at the pearly gates. From sitting atop the Green Monster to taking in a brew at the best Red Sox bar in town to visiting the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame, this book contains numerous suggestions for how to enjoy being a Red Sox fan on a different, more involved, level.

No fan should go to the grave without knowing what's really important about his or her team. No fan would want to. That's why 100 Things Red Sox Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is essential for all real Red Sox fans everywhere.

Reversing the Curse: Inside the 2004 Boston Red Sox
Reversing the Curse: Inside the 2004 Boston Red Sox
by Dan Shaughnessy
Paperback from Mariner Books
ISBN: 0618711910
 Reversing the Curse preserves one of the greatest sports stories of our lifetime for all posterity with an absorbing account of the Red Sox's championship season. A more epic sports saga could not have been invented: here we have the curse that began with Babe Ruth; a team of comeback kids determined to prove their mettle; the Yankees-Sox rivalry, one of the greatest in sports history; and, finally, the first World Series victory for the Sox since 1918.
Dan Shaughnessy captures the Sox triumph in all its drama and euphoria with penetrating insight, a keen sense of history, and unparalleled insider access. With photographs by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Stan Grossfeld, Reversing the Curse is the definitive record of a landmark moment in baseball history.
Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season
Faithful: Two Diehard Boston Red Sox Fans Chronicle the Historic 2004 Season
by Stewart O'Nan, Stephen King
Paperback from Scribner
ISBN: 0743267532

Early in 2004, two writers and Red Sox fans, Stewart O'Nan and Stephen King, decided to chronicle the upcoming season, one of the most hotly anticipated in baseball history. They would sit together at Fenway. They would exchange emails. They would write about the games. And, as it happened, they would witness the greatest comeback ever in sports, and the first Red Sox championship in eighty-six years. What began as a Sox-filled summer like any other is now a fan's notes for the ages.

Fans watching the 2004 baseball playoffs were often treated to shots of Stephen King sitting in the stands, notebook in hand. Given the bizarre events on the field, from the Red Sox's unprecedented comeback against their most hated rivals to their ace pitcher's bleeding, stitched-together ankle--not to mention the Sox's first championship in 86 years--you could be forgiven for thinking King was writing the script as he went along, passing new plot twists down to the dugouts between innings.

What he was writing, though, along with his friend and fellow novelist Stewart O'Nan, was Faithful, a diary of the 2004 Red Sox season. Faithful is written not from inside the clubhouse or the press room, but from the outside, from the stands and the sofa in front of the TV, by two fans who, like the rest of New England, have lived and died (mostly died) with the Sox for decades. From opposite ends of Red Sox Nation, King in Maine and O'Nan at the border of Yankees country in Connecticut, they would meet in the middle at Fenway Park or trade emails from home about the games they'd both stayed up past midnight to watch. King (or, rather, "Steve") is emotional, O'Nan (or "Stew") is obsessively analytical. Steve, as the most famous Sox fan who didn't star in Gigli, is a folk hero of sorts, trading high fives with doormen and enjoying box seats better than John Kerry's, while Stew is an anonymous nomad, roving all over the park. (Although he's such a shameless ballhound that he gains some minor celebrity as "Netman" when he brings a giant fishing net to hawk batting-practice flies from the top of the Green Monster.)

You won't find any of the Roger Angell-style lyricism here that baseball, and the Sox in particular, seem to bring out in people. (King wouldn't stand for it.) Instead, this is the voice of sports talk radio: two fans by turns hopeful, distraught, and elated, who assess every inside pitch and every waiver move as a personal affront or vindication. Full of daily play-by-play and a season's rises and falls, Faithful isn't self-reflective or flat-out funny enough to become a sports classic like Fever Pitch, Ball Four, or A Fan's Notes, but like everything else associated with the Red Sox 2004 season, from the signing of Curt Schilling to Dave Roberts's outstretched fingers, it carries the golden glow of destiny. And, of course, it's got a heck of an ending. --Tom Nissley

The Rivals: The New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox---An Inside History
The Rivals: The New York Yankees vs. the Boston Red Sox---An Inside History
by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Harvey Araton, Tyler Kepner, Dave Anderson, George Vecsey, Bob Ryan, Jackie McMullan
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
Media Published: 2004-
ISBN: 0312336160
 A Struggle for the Ages. . .
Demon Slugger of American League, Who Made 29 Home Runs Last Season, Goes to New York Yankees
The Yankees vs. the Red Sox. Each baseball season begins and ends with unique intensity, focused on a single question: What's ahead for these two teams? One, the most glamorous, storied, and successful franchise in all of sports; the other, perennially star-crossed but equally rich in baseball history and legend. In The Rivals sports writers of The New York Times and The Boston Globe come together in the first-ever collaboration between the two cities' leading newspapers to tell the inside story of the teams' intertwined histories, each from the home team's perspective.
Beginning with the Red Sox's early glory days (when the Yankees were perennial losers), continuing through the Babe Ruth era and the notorious trade that made the Yankees champions (and marked the Sox with the so-called "Curse of the Bambino"); to Ted Williams vs. Joe DiMaggio; Thurman Munson and Carlton Fisk; Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez; down to last year's legendary playoff showdown, The Rivals captures the drama of key eras, events, and personalities of both teams.
And who better to tell the story than the baseball writers of the two rival cities? For The New York Times, it's Dave Anderson, Harvey Araton, Jack Curry, Tyler Kepner, Robert Lipsyte and George Vecsey who report on the Yankee view of the rivalry, while The Boston Globe
loch's Gordon Edes, Jackie MacMullan, Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy recount the view from the Hub. And their stories are richly illustrated with classic photographs and original articles from the archives, capturing the great moments as they happened. For Red Sox fans, Yankees fans, or anyone interested in remarkable baseball history, The Rivals is an expert, up-close look at the longest, and fiercest of all sports rivalries.
Do You Know the Boston Red Sox?: Test your expertise with these fastball questions (and a few curves) about your favorite team s hurlers, sluggers, stats and most memorable moments
Do You Know the Boston Red Sox?: Test your expertise with these fastball questions (and a few curves) about your favorite team's hurlers, sluggers, stats and most memorable moments
by Guy Robinson
Paperback from Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402214197

Test your expertise with these fastball questions (and a few curves) about your favorite team's hurlers, sluggers, stats and most memorable moments.
Take me out to the ballgame!
Questions to challenge and entertain both casual and die-hard fans.
--Great players and legendary characters of the game
--Argument-settling stats and records you should know
--Players' nicknames, managers' advice, the best baseball movies, and other odd trivia
...and much, much more!
Red Sox Fans Are from Mars, Yankees Fans Are from Uranus: Why Red Sox Fans are Smarter, Funnier and Better Looking (In Language Even Yankee Fans Can Understand)
Red Sox Fans Are from Mars, Yankees Fans Are from Uranus: Why Red Sox Fans are Smarter, Funnier and Better Looking (In Language Even Yankee Fans Can Understand)
by Andy Wasif
Paperback from Triumph Books

Each year, millions of these baseball fans engage in verbal (and sometimes physical) tête-à-têtes with the opposing base, and with only around 200 miles of terra firma dividing the two capitals of the "Empire" and the "Nation," this book provides the only well-constructed tutorial on how both tribes can peaceably coexist. Such a guide promises to save the reader from emotional distress, time-consuming arguments, and, most importantly, cleaning bills. (And if all else fails, the book makes a wonderful projectile

Fenway : A Biography in Words and Pictures
by Dan Shaughnessy (Author)

Fenway In Your Pocket: The Red Sox Fan's Guide to Fenway Park
by Kevin T. Dame, Rioji Yoshida
Listed under Sports Stadiums

Red Sox Century
by Glenn Stout, et al
Hardcover - 480 pages (September 15, )
Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap); ISBN: 0395884179
At Fenway : Dispatches from Red Sox Nation
Dan Shaughnessy
Seeing baseball played at Fenway is an experience like no other for Red Sox fans and rivals alike because the park reminds us of what baseball used to be. Fenway may not offer fans the best seats or even adequate parking, but when game-goers walk through the park's gate, the smell of hotdogs and roasted peanuts, the sight of Fenway's brilliant green grass and the roar of the Fenway faithful overwhelms the most jaded of baseball enthusiasts, even Yankee fans.

Summer of '49
by David Halberstam
Listed under Baseball History

The Teammates
by David Halberstam
As baseball legend Ted Williams lay dying in Florida, his old Boston Red Sox teammates Johnny Pesky and Dom DiMaggio piled into a car and drove 1,300 miles to see their friend. Another member of the close-knit group, Bobby Doerr, remained in Oregon to tend to his wife who had suffered a stroke. Besides providing a poignant travelogue of the elderly Pesky and DiMaggio's trip, David Halberstam's The Teammates goes back in time to profile the men as young ballplayers. Although it is enlightening to learn about Doerr, Pesky, and DiMaggio, the leader of the group and star of the book is Williams. Halberstam portrays the notoriously moody and difficult Williams as a complex man: driven by a rough childhood and a fiercely competitive nature to become perhaps the greatest pure hitter of all time while also being a magnetic personality and loving friend. While there is nothing exceptionally unusual about old men who have stayed friends (plenty of people stay friends, after all), baseball gives this particular relationship a unique makeup. Unlike most friendships, that of Williams, Doerr, Pesky, and DiMaggio was viewed all summer long by hooting, hollering Red Sox fans. As such, their bond is forged both of individual accomplishment, win-loss records, numerous road trips, and, since they played for the Red Sox, annual doses of disappointment. Halberstam, author of Summer of '49 and October 1964 is the ideal writer to tell two equally intriguing stories, both rich in America's pastime. Although he occasionally drops himself into the narrative, one expects that of Halberstam and gladly accepts it in exchange for the highly readable exposition infused with poetic majesty that has become his trademark. --John Moe -
Hardcover from Hyperion Press

Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston
by Howard Bryant

The Boston Red Sox : 100 Years -- The Official Retrospective
by The Sporting News (Editor)

Lightning in a Bottle: The Sox of '67
by Herbert F. Crehan, James W. Ryan (Contributor)
(Hardcover - January 1992)

Our House: A Tribute to Fenway Park
by Curt Smith, George H. W. Bush

Boston Red Sox (America's Game)
by Bob Italia
(School & Library Binding)

1918 : Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox
by Allan Wood

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