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Classic Tribe: The 50 Greatest Games in Cleveland Indians History (Classic Cleveland)
Classic Tribe: The 50 Greatest Games in Cleveland Indians History (Classic Cleveland)
by Jonathan Knight
Paperback from Kent State University Press
ISBN: 160635017X

A countdown of the Cleveland Indians' greatest games

It's far too easy to allow the national media and disparaging fans to undermine Clevelanders' views of their professional sports teams. While the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers have certainly caused more than their fair share of frustration and heartbreak over the past century, there are countless moments of glory in the fertile athletic history of Northeast Ohio that receive little notice east of Shaker Heights or west of Rocky River. Jonathan Knight's Classic Cleveland Series sets out to combat this trend, bundling together the most memorable moments of Cleveland's beloved athletic clubs. In three separate publications, Knight ranks the fifty greatest games in each franchise with entertaining accounts of each contest, properly placing them in the broad landscape of civic history.

Regardless of what the current editions of the Browns, Indians, and Cavs accomplish, every contest played is another chapter in an epos connecting each generation of fans to the ones before it. The Classic Cleveland Series colorfully illustrates that regardless of today's final score, the simple continuation of the saga is reason enough for reflection and celebration.

Classic Tribe counts down the fifty greatest Cleveland Indians games, from wild ninth-inning comebacks to dazzling pitching performances to spellbinding playoff encounters. The storied history of Cleveland's endearing baseball franchise is sprinkled throughout these tales, from weekday matinees at cozy League Park at the dawn of the twentieth century to unforgettable autumn nights at Jacobs Field.

Knight ranks World Series masterpieces alongside incredible individual performances and historic achievements: two perfect games seventy-three years apart, the most memorable of the 1954 Tribe's record 111 victories, and the greatest comeback in baseball history. Included in these pages are the heroics of Tribe legends like Stan Coveleski, Bob Feller, Lou Boudreau, Rocky Colavito, and Omar Vizquel to name just a few. Whether played on a balmy summer night on the lakefront or on a golden October afternoon at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario, each game included in Classic Tribe is worth remembering and revisiting. Sure to spark interest and debate, Classic Tribe will appeal to Indians fans everywhere.

Cleveland Indians: Yesterday and Today
Cleveland Indians: Yesterday & Today
by Phil Trexler, Foreword by Bob Feller, Preface by Rick Manning
Hardcover from Publications International, Ltd.

Everybody loves an underdog, and few teams can claim to have as many decks stacked against them as the Cleveland Indians. Despite winning only two World Series in more than 100 years, the Indians have captured the hearts of their fans. With riveting text and action-packed photos, Cleveland Indians: Yesterday & Today gives you the inside scoop on the franchise s storied history, from the early years featuring Nap Lajoie and Tris Speaker to the glory days of Bob Feller and Al Rosen to the modern era of Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome.
Here are some of the other memorable characters you ll meet in the book:
The original Cleveland Indian, Louis Sockalexis, a member of the Penobscot tribe who hit .338 for the Cleveland Spiders in 1897 and inspired the change in the team s nickname in 1915
Larry Doby, the first African American player to join the American League and the first African American to hit a home run in a World Series game
Bill Veeck, baseball s version of P.T. Barnum, who bought the Indians in 1946 and lured crowds to the ballpark with wild theatrics, fireworks, and bizarre giveaways, like rabbits and livestock
With a heartfelt foreword from the legendary Bob Feller, who energized the team in 1936 when he was only 17, Cleveland Indians: Yesterday & Today is an essential book for every Indians fan.

Dealing: The Cleveland Indians New Ballgame: How a Small-Market Team Reinvented Itself as a Major League Contender
Dealing: The Cleveland Indians' New Ballgame: How a Small-Market Team Reinvented Itself as a Major League Contender
by Terry Pluto
Paperback from Gray & Co., Publishers
ISBN: 1598510495

Go behind closed doors in the Cleveland Indians' front office as award-winning sportswriter Terry Pluto analyzes the team's controversial recent moves to scrap a roster of popular stars and rebuild a new kind of contender.
Granted unprecedented access to the team's top management and financial data, Pluto delivers an up-close account of how decisions were made to radically reshape the franchise.
Indians fans grew accustomed to winning in the mid-1990s. They had an owner with deep pockets, a brand-new ballpark, and a team of high-priced all stars who delivered a division championship nearly every year.
But that glorious ride ended with a jolt of reality after savvy owner Richard Jacobs sold the franchise at the top of the market in 2000. New owners Larry and Paul Dolan and new general manager Mark Shapiro faced a challenge: an aging team, a mounting payroll, and a shrinking budget. First they made mistakes. Then they made bold changes. Stars such as Manny Ramirez, Roberto Alomar, and Jim Thome were gone, replaced with roster of unproven youngsters and veteran rehab projects. Fans were alarmed and dismayed. Then, in 2002, Shapiro boldly predicted that the Indians would return to contend for the playoffs after just three years of rebuilding. Critics scoffed.
Yet at the end of the 2005 season, the Indians were indeed back in contention, one tantalizing game away from a return to the playoffs. The core of an exciting young team was beginning to take shape, and Shapiro was voted American League Executive of the Year as his team won an impressive 93 games despite a payroll ranked in baseball's bottom five.
How was it done? In his familiar clear writing style, Pluto carefully explains the many risky moves made by management and tells which ones have paid off, which ones haven't, and why.
This rare behind-the-scenes look at a modern front office will intrigue fantasy leaguers and fans fascinated by baseball dealmaking. It will be an eye-opener for Indians fans who may still be wondering, What happened to my team?
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cleveland Indians: Heart-pounding, Jaw-dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Cleveland Indians History (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) (Good, the Bad, and the Ugly)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cleveland Indians: Heart-pounding, Jaw-dropping, and Gut-Wrenching Moments from Cleveland Indians History (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) (Good, the Bad, & the Ugly)
by Mary Schmitt Boyer
Hardcover from Triumph Books
ISBN: 1600780474

Named the Indians in 1915 to honor Louis Sockalexis, the Tribe has had its share of ups and downs. After winning championships in 1920 and 1948 and a pennant in 1954, the Indians slumped, after the 1960 trade of fan favorite Rocky Colavito, not coming within 11 games of first place until 1993. But in the '90s, with the help of players like Sandy Alomar, Jim Thome, Kenny Lofton, and Manny Ramirez, the Indians turned around, even though the decade culminated in an ultimately disappointing trip to the 1997 World Series. Ten years later, the Indians' future is again bright with big hopes and new stars. Through it all, the Indians faithful have stood by their team. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Cleveland Indians is a must for every fan who wants an unflinching look at the greatest--and worst--players, coaches, and moments in Indians history!
Indians Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan! (Essential (Triumph))
Indians Essential: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Real Fan! (Essential (Triumph))
by Mary Schmitt Boyer
Hardcover from Triumph Books (IL)
ISBN: 1572439335

The Cleveland Indians are one of baseball's most vibrant and beloved franchises, and everything you need to know about them is in Indians Essential: the clutch hitters, the dominating pitchers, and the memorable flakes. Looking for a handy reference for milestones in Indians history? They're all in here, as are the greatest moments and biggest disappointments, the biggest goats and heroes, and all the personalities that make the Indians such an endearing and captivating club. You'll read about Hall of Fame legends Nap Lajoie and Tris Speaker, World Series champions Larry Doby and Bob Feller, and today's superstars Grady Sizemore and Travis Hafner. But that's only the beginning of what you'll learn in this fun, fact-filled compilation of Indians history.
Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians
Endless Summers: The Fall and Rise of the Cleveland Indians
by Jack Torry
Paperback from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 0912083980

Here in a new updated edition of his bestseller, Jack Torry tells the compelling story about the relationship between a city, its financial leaders, and its baseball team.
Indians Journal: Year-by-Year and Day-by-Day with the Cleveland Indians Since 1901
Indians Journal: Year-by-Year and Day-by-Day with the Cleveland Indians Since 1901
by John Snyder
Paperback from Clerisy Press
ISBN: 1578603080
 This definitive chronicle of one of major league baseball's most beloved -- and beleaguered -- teams covers every season from 1901 to 2007. Dividing its history by decades, years, and even days, Indians Journal features hitting and pitching highlights, team and individual player stats, interesting and unusual facts, historical and contemporary photographs, and unique "season in a sentence" recaps. Author John Snyder includes it all -- starting line-ups, trade info, annual attendance, all-time franchise numbers beyond the ERAs, batting averages including on-base percentages, shut-outs, complete games, and more.
Summer of Shadows: A Murder, A Pennant Race, and the Twilight of the Best Location in the Nation
Summer of Shadows: A Murder, A Pennant Race, and the Twilight of the Best Location in the Nation
by Jonathan Knight
Paperback from Clerisy Press
ISBN: 1578604672
Summer of Shadows is an intertwining narrative that tells the story of the 1954 Cleveland Indians (which would etch itself in history as one of the greatest baseball teams in MLB history) and the infamous murder of the wife of Dr. Sam Sheppard in their home along the shore of Lake Erie -- which held both the city and the nation spellbound that summer. Both of these generation-defining stories take place in the final days of the "Best Location in the Nation," the nickname for the Cleveland of the 1950s, which truly was one of the great and most influential cities in America. These two parallel tragedies harbinger an onslaught of adversity that dragged Cleveland from its lofty standing as a leading American city to one with a bleak -- even comic -- reputation.
Whatever Happened to Super Joe ?: Catching Up With 45 Good Old Guys From The Bad Old Days of Cleveland Indians
Whatever Happened to "Super Joe"?: Catching Up With 45 Good Old Guys From The Bad Old Days of Cleveland Indians
by Russell Schneider
Paperback from Gray & Co., Publishers
ISBN: 1598510274

From the mid-1950s through the mid-1990s, the Cleveland Indians fielded team after team that just couldn't win. Those forty long years, before the opening of Jacobs Field and the "era of champions," are remembered by many as the "bad old days."
Yet each of those lousy teams had its share of pretty good guys, likeable and colorful young men who earned a spot in fans' hearts, if not the Hall of Fame.
Guys like "Super Joe" Charboneau, whose Rookie of the Year season inspired a nickname, a book, and a theme song, but whose career flamed out fast. Or Gomer Hodge, the former farm boy who went 4-for-4 in his first plate appearances with the Tribe and proudly announced that he had a 4.000 batting average.
Veteran sportswriter Russell Schneider caught up with 45 former Indians players who played in Cleveland during the "bad old days" and found out what they think now about their playing days and their lives after baseball.
There's good-fielding shortstop Duane Kuiper, who was satisfied hitting just one home run in eight seasons because, he said, "Any more than that and people start expecting them." And former knuckleball pitcher Tom Candiotti, who never pitched a no-hitter but did throw a perfect game--as a pro bowler.
"Immortal" Joe Azcue tried hard to live up to his early nickname but whose batting average proved him merely human. And shortstop Frank Duffy considered the Indians of the mid-'70s "just like a happy family" compared to what he found when he was traded to the Boston Red Sox.
Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes tinged with disappointment, often humorous and insightful, their stories will take Tribe fans back to an age before multi-million dollar superstars, when the players were in it for the love of the game.
The Story of the Cleveland Indians (Baseball: The Great American Game)
The Story of the Cleveland Indians (Baseball: The Great American Game)
by Gordon Pueschner
Library Binding from Creative Education
ISBN: 1583414851
Availability: Usually ships in 2 to 3 days
Indians on the Game: An Inside Look at Baseball in the Words of Cleveland's Favorite Players (and coaches, grounds crew, broadcasters, vendors . . .)
by Wayne Stewart

Legends of the Tribe: An Illustrated History of the Cleveland Indians
by Morris Eckhouse
Hardcover: 240 pages 
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing; 1st ed edition (October 25, ) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0878331972 

Our Tribe: A Baseball Memoir
by Terry Pluto

Epic Season: The 1948 American League Pennant Race
by David E. Kaiser
At no time in the 1948 season did any team lead the American League by four games. With less than a month remaining, the Yankees, Red Sox, Indians, and A's charged down the stretch heads apart. Cleveland eventually captured the flag in a one-game playoff against Boston, but it wasn't just the pennant race that year that was so remarkable; it was the season itself. In Cleveland, Lou Bourdreu experienced his greatest days as player-manager, Larry Doby took his place in the outfield, and the team's charismatic owner, Bill Veeck, brought in a 42-year-old rookie named Satchel Paige, who won six, lost one, did to Major League hitters what he'd been doing to their Negro League counterparts for decades, and perfectly complemented a couple of other Hall of Fame hurlers, Bob Feller and Bob Lemon. In Boston, long-time Yankee manager Joe McCarthy went over to the enemy, and Ted Williams came off a Triple Crown title with a season just as good. The A's, under Connie Mack, naturally folded first, but the Yankees, behind the heroics of an injured Joe DiMaggio and the emergence of Yogi Berra, stayed in it until the last weekend.

Using interviews with such stars as Doby, Feller, Dom DiMaggio, and virtually every newspaper and magazine account of the times, Kaiser, a historian by profession, replays the season in painstaking detail, almost game by game, keeping in sight his larger context: a postwar game for a postwar nation. From time to time, that bigger picture turns his prose a little purple, but his subject is big enough to deflect that like an overmatched fastball. To keep things feeling contemporary, he drops the standings in every few pages, a visually dramatic effect that, like a good cliffhanger, keeps you gasping for how it all turns out, even though it turned out the way it did 50 years ago. Jeff Silverman,

The Boys of the Summer of '48
by Russell Schneider

The History of the Cleveland Indians (Baseball (Mankato, Minn.).)
by Wayne Stewart
(Library Binding)

Indians Memories: Heroes, Heartaches and Highlights from the Last 50 Years of Cleveland Indians
by Tim Long, Don Fox

The Cleveland Indians Baseball Team (Great Sports Teams)
by David Pietrusza
(Library Binding)

Tribe Memories...the first century
by Russell Schneider

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