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100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die (100 Things .... Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die)
100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (100 Things .... Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die)
by Jon Weisman, Foreword by Peter O'Malley
Paperback from Triumph Books
ISBN: 1600781667

Dodgers fans have experienced many good times, including multiple postseason appearances and six championships. But being a Dodgers fan is about more than following a winning team. 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die will help fans of the Dodgers get the most out of being a fan. It takes 125 years of Dodgers history from both Brooklyn and Los Angeles and distills it to the absolute best and most compelling, identifying in an informative, lively, and illuminating way the personalities, events, and facts every Dodgers fan should know without hesitation.

Dodgers Past and Present
Dodgers Past & Present
by Steven Travers
Hardcover from MVP Books
ISBN: 0760335273
From their origins as the Brooklyn Atlantics in 1884, through their departure from their beloved borough in 1957, to their record-breaking popularity in sunny Los Angeles, the Dodgers baseball team has been an unstoppable force in professional baseball for well over a century. The franchise has captured a record 21 National League titles, won six World Series championships, and produced dozens of Hall-of-Famers. The Dodgers revolutionized the sports landscape with the signing of Jackie Robinson in 1947 and have boasted a list of players that reads like an all-time all-star team--from Walter Alston to Zack Wheat, Wee Willie Keeler to Pee Wee Reese, Dazzy Vance to Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider to Jeff Kent. The team's two longtime homes--Brooklyn's Ebbets Field and Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium--stand out in the pantheon of great baseball palaces.

Dodgers Past & Present traces the history of this storied franchise from its origins in the 1880s to its latest accomplishments on the field. Pairing historic black-and-white photos and contemporary images of the modern game, the book explores the ballparks and the fans, the players and the teams that have defined Dodger baseball and captured the attention of fans nationwide.

Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O Malley, Baseball s Most Controversial Owner,and the Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los Angeles
Forever Blue: The True Story of Walter O'Malley, Baseball's Most Controversial Owner,and the Dodgers of Brooklyn and Los Angeles
by Michael D'Antonio
Hardcover from Riverhead Hardcover

If ever there was a figure who changed the game of baseball, it was Walter O'Malley. Criticized in New York and beloved in Los Angeles, O'Malley is one of the most controversial owners in the history of American sports. He remade the major leagues and altered the course of history in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles when he moved the Dodgers to California. But while many New York critics attacked him, O'Malley looked to the future, declining to argue his case. As a result, fans across the nation have been unable to stop arguing about him--until now.
Using never-before-seen documents and candid interviews with O'Malley's players, associates, and relatives, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael D'Antonio finally reveals this complex sportsman and industry pioneer. Born into Tammany Hall connections, O'Malley used political contacts to grow wealthy during the Great Depression, and then maneuvered to take control of the formerly downtrodden Dodgers. After his defeat in a war of wills with the famed power broker, Robert Moses, O'Malley uprooted the borough's team and transplanted them to Los Angeles. Once in Los Angeles, O'Malley overcame opponents of his stadium and helped define the city. Other owners came to regard him as their guide--almost an unofficial commissioner--and he worked behind the scenes to usher in the age of the players' union and free agency.
Filled with new revelations about O'Malley's battle with Moses, his pioneering business strategies, and his relationship with Jackie Robinson, Forever Blue is a uniquely intimate portrait of a man who changed America's pastime forever. His fascinating story is fundamental to the history of sports, business, and the American West.

101 Reasons to Love the Dodgers
101 Reasons to Love the Dodgers
by Ron Green Jr.
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori & Chang

Talk about a grand slam. With nearly 100,000 copies in print, the previous books in David and Ron Green's "101 Reasons to Love" series have hit the ball right out of the park. Now Ron and Dave extend the home-run streak, bringing their offbeat humor, insiders' grasp of baseball fact and legend, and good-natured rivalry--as brothers and as fans--to new books about two of the National League's all-time greatest teams.
Pairing the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants is a natural. After all, both clubs were born in New York City, and both moved to the West Coast in 1958. Both teams have lost the World Series exactly 12 times. And concessionaires at both teams' ballparks have made important contributions to that staple of baseball "cuisine"--the hot dog.
The glorious wins and the ignominious losses. The breathtaking hits, astounding catches, inexcusable errors. Whether you're cheering the Dodgers or jeering the Giants--or vice versa--you gotta love 'em. And, together, these books give you 202 reasons for doing so.

Dodgers Journal: Year by Year and Day by Day with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers Since 1884
Dodgers Journal: Year by Year and Day by Day with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers Since 1884
by John Snyder
Paperback from Clerisy Press
ISBN: 1578603331
 The only major league team whose location was a borough rather than a city or state, the Brooklyn Dodgers ended their run in 1957 when Walter O'Malley moved the team to Los Angeles. This was only ten years after their proudest moment Jackie Robinson's breaking of the color barrier and two years after their greatest triumph, beating the hated Yankees in the World Series after five losses. They've won the loyalty of fans throughout the country but especially in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, where people bleed Dodger Blue. Dodgers Journal is the definitive history of the team, covering every season day by day and year by year from 1884 to 2008. The book, equally good for extended reading, casual dipping, fact-checking, and trivia games, is packed with photos and statistics and includes an all-time roster, yearly lineups, all-decade all-star teams, interesting and unusual facts, and unique season in a sentence" recaps. 
True Blue: The Dramatic History of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Told by the Men Who Lived It
True Blue: The Dramatic History of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Told by the Men Who Lived It
by Steve Delsohn
Paperback from Harper Perennial
Media Published: 2002-
ISBN: 0380806150

In 1957 the Dodgers broke the hearts of blue-collar Brooklyn for the embrace of booming Los Angeles. Thus began a new era for the fabled Bums, whose exploits inside -- and outside -- the white lines have intrigued generations of baseball fans.

Based on scores of fresh and exuberant interviews, True Blue brings you into the dugout and the locker room, capturing the nearly half-century of clutch performances, World Series triumphs, blown pennant races, clubhouse brawls, contract disputes, stunning trades, and turbulent managerial changes -- all with a startling insider's perspective.

In their own candid and provocative words, a who's who of Dodger legends and stars such as Duke Snider, Maury Wills, John Roseboro, Don Sutton, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Davey Lopes, Reggie Smith, Tommy Lasorda, Bill Russell, Dusty Baker, Kirk Gibson, Steve Sax, and Eric Karros recall their years with the Dodgers. Also providing their unique commentary are a number of noted opponents, writers, and broadcasters, including Willie Mays, Sparky Anderson, Pete Hamill, Roger Kahn, Tim McCarver, and Bob Costas.

Their voices, woven into a rich and fast-paced narrative, bring to life the rise and shocking retirement of Sandy Koufax, Kirk Gibson's dramatic 1988 World Series home run, the controversial trade of Mike Piazza, and so much more. It is the vivid story of how the Dodgers became one of the great successes in major league history, winning nine National League pennants and five World Series championships.

A fascinating and colorful history of a team, an era, and baseball itself, True Blue is must reading for any baseball fan.

Illustrated History Of The Dodgers
Illustrated History Of The Dodgers
by Richard Whittingham
Hardcover from Triumph Books
ISBN: 1572437146

This richly illustrated book is a magnificent salute to one of the most successful and popular baseball teams in the history of professional sports. The story begins in Brooklyn in the 19th century, spans the first half of the 20th, and focuses on the five decades during which the Dodgers have called Los Angeles their home. The tale culminates with the Dodgers' dramatic capture of the 2004 National League West title. It includes exciting accounts of all the important games and championship seasons and is packed with in-depth profiles of the most memorable players, managers, coaches, and figures from every era.

The Dodgers Move West
The Dodgers Move West
by Neil Sullivan
Paperback from Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195059220

For many New Yorkers, the removal of the Brooklyn Dodgers--perhaps the most popular baseball team of all time--to Los Angeles in 1957 remains one of the most traumatic events since World War II. Neil J. Sullivan's controversial reassessment of a story that has reached almost mythic proportions in its many retellings shifts responsibility for the move onto the local governmental maneuverings that occurred on both sides of the continent.
Conventional wisdom has it that Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley cold-heartedly abandoned the devoted Brooklyn fans for the easy money of Los Angeles. Sullivan argues that O'Malley had, in fact, wanted to stay in Brooklyn, hoping to build a new stadium with his own money. Situated in an increasingly unsafe neighborhood and without parking facilities, Ebbets Field had become obsolete. Yet an uncooperative New York City administration, led by Robert Moses, blocked O'Malley's plan to use the ideal site at the Atlantic Avenue Long Island Railroad terminal. A political battle over the Dodgers' move also erupted in Los Angeles. Mayor Poulson's suggestion to use Chavez Ravine as the new stadium site triggered opposition from residents concerned about a giveaway. Eventually a telethon campaign that enlisted the help of celebrities such as Groucho Marx, George Burns, and Ronald Reagan enabled the approval of the deal.
Set against a backdrop of sporting passion and rivalry, and appearing over thirty years after the Dodgers' last season in Brooklyn, this engrossing book offers new insights into the power struggles existing in the nation's two largest cities.
The Dodgers: 120 Years of Dodgers Baseball
The Dodgers: 120 Years of Dodgers Baseball
by Glenn Stout, Richard A. Johnson
Hardcover from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618213554
Dodgers. The word conjures different things to different people, but its distinction and notoriety is universal. In the annals of baseball, the history of few other teams can compare to the rich legacy of the Dodgers. Their constituency includes fans from Bensonhurst to Burbank. Their colorful past dem bums," Jackie Robinson and the boys of summer, Walter O'Malley, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, bleeding Dodger blue" has enlivened baseball in innumerable, immeasurable ways. And their legacy, casting a 120-year shadow, remains essential to the very nature of the game.
In a compelling, insightfully written narrative and more than two hundred unforgettable photographs, many never before seen, The Dodgers: 120 Years of Dodgers Baseball tells the team's story in its entirety, from its birth in Brooklyn in 1884 and its early glories, to the heart-wrenching move to Los Angeles in 1958, to the present day. The Dodgers' evolution, and particularly their willingness to embrace change even when it was a wildly unpopular choice, is also, writes Glenn Stout in his introduction, an inherently American story that follows a familiar path, a story of immigration, assimilation, migration, and change." In one of the only books to look at the team as a unified whole, we see how the Dodgers helped create modern baseball in Brooklyn, how they ushered the game into its contemporary form with the signing of Jackie Robinson in 1945, and how they have borne witness to the metamorphosis of baseball from an amateur game played by gentlemen into a multibillion-dollar business. It's all here, a century and more of history-making baseball. In these pages, readers will experience some of the game's finest moments, greatest plays, and most unforgettable players, including
the birth of the Trolley Dodgers" in an unlikely borough a legendary series of stirring pennant races in the late 1940s and 1950s Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball the notorious move from East Coast to West at the hands of the much-maligned Walter O'Malley the reemergence of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry in California the game's most dynamic pitching duo, Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run in the 1988 World Series * and lively essays by such heralded Dodger chroniclers as Dave Anderson, Jane Leavy, Bill Plaschke, Dick Young, and others
The Dodgers: Memories and Memorabilia from Brooklyn to L.A.
The Dodgers: Memories and Memorabilia from Brooklyn to L.A.
by Bruce Chadwick
Hardcover from Abbeville Press
ISBN: 1558593802

From their early days as Brooklyn's "bums" to their beautification as LA's true angels, this scrapbook of Dodgers' stories and souvenirs celebrates one of the most colourful and loved teams in baseball. The Dodgers are not a West Coast team or an East Coast team - they've always been, and always will be, simply the Dodgers, true originals possessed of a charm, bravado and crowd appeal like no other club in American sports. Almost as old as the game itself, and every bit as quirky, the Dodgers have been home to some of baseball's greatest heroes and biggest clowns. Known as "bums" by friend and foe alike, this is a club that managed bo put three players on third base at the same time (in 1926). But the Dodgers were also the first to hire a black player, the glorious Jackie Robinson, and one of two that first brought the game to the West Coast. The list of extraordinary players is a mile long and the memorabilia associated with them is collected with devotion on both coasts, and in between. Tickets from the 1916 World Series against Boston, balls signed by Leo the Lip Durocher and Tommy LaSorda, an usher's cap from old Ebbets field, a Jackie Robinson snuff box, Duke Snider's signed jacket, Sandy Koufax's bat - are all here, a Dodger's treasure chest, illustrating the story of one of baseball's legendary teams.

Take a tour down memory lane on a road paved in Dodger blue. This nostalgic scrapbook chronicles the history of the Dodgers from their glory days at Ebbets field in Brooklyn to Kirk Gibson's epic home run that defined the 1988 World Series. A fantastic collection of memorabilia clutters the pages and images of Dodger greats abound.--D.G. McDonald

True Blue: The Dramatic History of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Told by the Men Who Lived It
by Steve Delsohn

The Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Team (Great Sports Teams)
by David Pietrusza (Library Binding)

Los Angeles Dodgers (America's Game)
by Chris W. Sehnert, Paul Joseph (School & Library Binding - March )

The History of the Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball (Mankato, Minn.).)
by Wayne Stewart (Library Binding)

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Championship Year
by Jim Bartruff
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