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Canada s Classic Fishing Lodges
Canada's Classic Fishing Lodges
by John St. Louis, John Townley
Hardcover from Boston Mills Press
ISBN: 1550463969

A photographic tour of sportfishing's most alluring destinations. 

Canada's Classic Fishing Lodges visits every angler's northern dream destinations, from British Columbia's mystical Queen Charlotte Islands to the rustic, unspoiled reaches of Labrador's Eagle River. These are truly some of the finest fishing lodges in a country known for its exceptional angling opportunities.

Whether you are planning the ultimate fishing trip, looking to fuel your dreams with vicarious casts in spectacular locales, or just searching for the perfect gift for the angler in your life, this is an unprecedented guide to Canada's top lodges.

Destinations include Vancouver Island, the Queen Charlotte Islands, coastal British Columbia, the Yukon Territories, Great Slave Lake, Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Manitoba, Hudson Bay, Northern Ontario, the Gaspé Peninsula, the Miramichi River, Labrador and Newfoundland.

Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Canada
Comprehensive Guide to Fishing Canada
by Babe Winkelman
Paperback from Babe Winkelman Productions
ISBN: 0915405008
Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters
Famous British Columbia Fly-Fishing Waters
by Art Lingren
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications
ISBN: 157188226X
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Looking over the past 150 years, Art Lingren explores the origins of fly-fishing in British Columbia. He covers both the special waters where fly-fishing developed and the legendary fishermen who laid the foundation for the fly-fishers to come. Many of these fishermen were the first in all of North America to experiment with the flies and techniques of Great Britain. Lingren discusses such fabled waters as the Campbell River, the Dean, Bella Coola, and Skagit rivers, and of course the famous Thompson. A description of each water is given, including: its history, effective techniques and flies, species information, excerpts from historical references, local anglers and their experiences, and more.

For many anglers, exploring the history of fly-fishing is as important a part of their life as actually getting out on the water. This book is for those fly-fishers with a love for the history of fly-fishing in North America.

The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing in British Columbia
The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing in British Columbia

Paperback from Johnson Gorman
Media Published: 2003-

British Columbia is home to more than 30,000 lakes and 11,000 rivers. The tens of thousands of miles of coastline, shoreline and river waters offer a wide range of fish species, most surrounded by the grandest wilderness scenery imaginable. From the Pacific Coast to the Okanagan interior to the north, British Columbia is an angler's dream. It's little wonder, then, that the province has become one of the hottest fly fishing destinations in North America.

In covering not just the hot spots but the hidden treasures of this fly-fishing paradise, these seven veteran anglers and noted writers reveal when to go, how to select winning destinations, which patterns are consistently most productive and much, much more.

From remote wilderness settings to destinations suitable for family vacations, The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing in British Columbia covers them all and offers insider advice for anyone who's yearned to cast a fly.

America s Best Bass Fishing: The Fifty Best Places to Catch Bass
America's Best Bass Fishing: The Fifty Best Places to Catch Bass
by Steven D Price
Paperback from Falcon
ISBN: 1560447753

Largemouth, smallmouth or stripers--bass of all varieties are the number one sport fish across the country, and in America's Best Bass Fishing veteran angler and outdoor writer Steve Price points the way to the very best places to catch them. No productive body of water has escaped his scrutiny, from the vast expanses of the hallowed hydrilla-choked waters of the Deep South to the winding canyons of the giant western reservoirs. You'll find detailed information that makes getting to the productive holes quick and easy, and fishing tips that give you the edge you need once you get there. Whether it's full stringers you seek, or the trophy fish of a lifetime, there's no better place to launch your quest than here, in America's Best Bass Fishing.

Trout Fishing in the Northeast: Skills and Strategies for the NE United States and SE Canada (The Freshwater Angler)
Trout Fishing in the Northeast: Skills & Strategies for the NE United States and SE Canada (The Freshwater Angler)
by Nick Smith
Paperback from Creative Publishing international
ISBN: 158923460X
Trout fishing is part of the history and heritage of the American Northeast and Canada, and this book adapts classic trout fishing strategies and techniques for anglers in this region, which is currently enjoying a renaissance as streams once threatened by agricultural pollution are reverting to pure havens for trout.
Fishing (Canada at Work)
Fishing (Canada at Work)
by Ann Love, Jane Drake
Paperback from Kids Can Press
ISBN: 1550749196

Canadian in every detail, Fishing introduces kids to the people, skills, machines and environmental concerns involved in the fishing industry. Readers take an armchair trip to both the west and east coasts of Canada and find out all about different means of fishing -- trawlers, longliners, seiners, gillnetters and fish farming. A fun combination of fiction and nonfiction, this book in the Canada at Work series fills an educational need for facts about Canada's fishing industry for seven to ten year olds.
Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories of Canada
Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories of Canada
by Christopher C. Hanks
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications
ISBN: 1571880801

With its endless miles of clean, unencumbered water, lush landscapes, fascinating history, and abundant numbers and species of fish, the Northwest Territories of Canada may well be a fly fisherman's paradise. In this book, Hanks covers in-depth, the region, equipment, flies and techniques to make your trip a success. If you are fortunate enough to venture into this gorgeous wilderness, of would just like to experience it vicariously, no trip is complete without this book. 6 x 9 inches.

Fishing Canada's Mountain Parks
by James B. Butler, Roland Maw
Paperback from Lone Pine Pub
ISBN: 0919433421
Salmon-Fishing in Canada, by a Resident: Ed. By Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander ... [ 1860 ]
by William Agar Adamson
Paperback from Cornell University Library
ISBN: 1112364870

Originally published in 1860. This volume from the Cornell University Library's print collections was scanned on an APT BookScan and converted to JPG 2000 format by Kirtas Technologies. All titles scanned cover to cover and pages may include marks notations and other marginalia present in the original volume. Please note original contains color images and Cornell's version is printed in black and white only.
The Essential Guide to Fly Fishing in British Columbia
by Neil Cameron, Jim Crawford, Rory E. Glennie, Robert H. Jones, Martin Lamont, Ralph Shaw, George Will
Paperback from Johnson Gorman Publishers
Pike on the Fly: The Flyfishermans Guide to Northerns, Tigers, and Muskies (Spring Creek Pr Bk)
by Barry Reynolds, John Berryman, Lefty Kreh
Paperback from Johnson Books
Gene Kilgore's Ranch Vacations 6 Ed: The Complete Guide to Guest and Resort, Fly-Fishing, and Cross-Country Skiing Ranches in the United States and Canada
by Gene Kilgore, George Gaines, Jeff Cahill, Barnaby Conrad
Paperback from Avalon Travel Publishing
Ontario Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide
by Scott E. Smith
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
Flying in for Trout: A Guide to Fishing the Remote Waters of Maine, Quebec, and Labrador
by Al Raychard
Paperback from North Country Press
Kokanee: A Complete Fishing Guide
by Dave Biser
Paperback from Frank Amato Pubns
Guide To Fishing West Canada Creek And Its Tributaries
by M. Paul Keesler
Paperback from Mid York Sportsman, Inc.
Good Fishing in Lake Ontario and Its Tributaries (Good Fishing in New York Series)
by Rich Giessuebel
Paperback from Backcountry Pubns
Lakes, Lures and Lodges: An Angler's Guide to Western Canada
by Jake MacDonald, Luther Pokrant
Paperback from Turnstone Press
Great Fishing in Lake Ontario & Tributaries (The Good Fishing in New York Series)
by Rich Giessuebel
Hardcover from Northeast Sportsmans Pr
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Fishing in Western Canada: A Freshwater Guide
by David Carpenter
Paperback from Greystone Books

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The Living Rivers: British Columbia and the Yukon
by Davies Gordon E., Gordon Davies
Paperback from Ronsdale Pr
Guide to the Marine Sport Fishes of Atlantic Canada and New England
by Brian W. Coad
Hardcover from Univ of Toronto Pr
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River Guides of the Miramichi
by Wayne Curtis
Paperback from Goose Lane Editions


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