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Hiking Guide to Kansas
Hiking Guide to Kansas
by John W. Young, Catherine M. Hauber
Paperback from University Press of Kansas
ISBN: 0700609474

From the Konza Prairie to the Cimarron National Grassland, the Arikaree Breaks to the Spring River Wildlife Area, Kansas boasts hundreds of miles of marvelous hiking trails, many of which are unknown or unfamiliar to even longtime residents of the state. This book is the first complete guide to those outdoor destinations--the only book you'll need to explore and appreciate these natural treasures.

Catherine Hauber and John Young lead you over 430 miles of trails that showcase the beauty of Kansas's woodlands and wetlands, its prairies and high plains. Their Hiking Guide to Kansas covers trails found at 56 sites in all parts of the state--both popular routes like those along Clinton Lake and out-of-the-way sites like Big Basin Prairie Preserve.

After directing you to the trailhead, Hauber points out facts of interest along the way about history, geology, and wildlife, presenting them at a level of detail that will make any outing more meaningful. She provides trail lengths for each hike, notes access for bikers or horseback riders, and clearly identifies landmarks and trail blazes. She also has made the book as inviting as the trails themselves by including dozens of full-color photos that will make you want to lace up your hiking boots right away.

Another valuable feature of the book, John Young's state-of-the-art maps, show you exactly where the trails lead. Color-keyed to physiographic regions designated by the Kansas Geological Survey, these maps were developed using measurement techniques ranging from compass and pedometer to a global positioning satellite receiver and reflect painstaking attention to each bend and feature of the trail.

Whether you're a casual daytripper or a serious hiker, you'll find trails for every season in this book, the only guide you'll need for enjoying the state's wild places on foot.

Lamar Hunt: The Gentle Giant Who Revolutionized Professional Sports
Lamar Hunt: The Gentle Giant Who Revolutionized Professional Sports
by David A. F. Sweet
Hardcover from Triumph Books (IL)
ISBN: 1600783740

When Lamar Hunt died in 2006 at age 74, the United States lost a pro sports visionary. While most fans know that Hunt was the founder of both the Kansas City Chiefs franchise and the American Football League (which merged with the National Football League to form the most successful sports league in U.S. history), football was only one of Hunt's interests.
Game of My Life: Memorable Stories of Kansas Jayhawks Basketball
Game of My Life: Memorable Stories of Kansas Jayhawks Basketball
by Steve Buckner
Hardcover from Sports Publishing
ISBN: 1582619719

Several Jayhawks basketball legends detail the events that culminated in the game of their lives. Players from the 1988 NCAA Championship squad share their insights into the collective game of their lives, as well, the defeat of rival Oklahoma in the national championship game. Former players featured Paul Pierce, Nick Collison, Rex Walters, and Kirk Hinrich, along with former coache Larry Brown.
Wilber Bullet Rogan and the Kansas City Monarchs
Wilber "Bullet" Rogan and the Kansas City Monarchs
by Phil S. Dixon
Paperback from McFarland
ISBN: 0786444258

Both a biography of Wilber "Bullet" Rogan and a history of his great Kansas City Monarchs teams, 1920-1938, this detailed work pays tribute to a man considered by some to be baseball's greatest all-around player. During his career, the Monarchs won two negro league World Series and five pennants, in addition to launching the careers of several outstanding players and conducting many barnstorming tours. The author, who interviewed many former players, covers Rogan's Hall of Fame career in-depth and brings to light one of baseball's greatest but often forgotten talents.
Echoes of Kansas Basketball: The Greatest Stories Ever Told
Echoes of Kansas Basketball: The Greatest Stories Ever Told
by Matthew Fulks
Hardcover from Triumph Books (IL)
ISBN: 1572438681

The University of Kansas--with more compelling coaches, players, and highlights than any other program--has a tradition that dwarfs nearly all others in college basketball. Echoes of Kansas Basketball brings that history to life through the accounts of sportswriters over past decades as they documented the most memorable games, profiled the coaching and playing legends, and tried to explain the University of Kansas basketball mystique.
Floor Burns: Inside the Life of a Kansas Jayhawk
by Jerod Haase, Mark Horvath
Paperback from M. Horvath and J. Haase
ISBN: 0965839214
The Kansas Century: 100 Years of Championship Jayhawk Basketball
The Kansas Century: 100 Years of Championship Jayhawk Basketball
by Ted O'Leary, Bill Mayer, Joe Posnanski, Chuck Woodling, John McLendon, Alexander Wolff
Hardcover from Andrews Mcmeel Pub
ISBN: 0836253035
Wingshooter s Guide to Kansas: Upland Birds and Waterfowl (Wilderness Adventures Wingshooting Guidebook)
Wingshooter's Guide to Kansas: Upland Birds and Waterfowl (Wilderness Adventures Wingshooting Guidebook)
by Web Parton
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
ISBN: 1885106599
Kansas Jayhawks: History Making Basketball
by John Hendel
Hardcover from Quality Sports Publications

2001-02 Kansas Men's Basketball Media Guide
by Sports Publishing Inc, University of Kansas Sports Information Department
Paperback from Sports Publishing, Inc.

Portraits of Excellence: A Heritage of Athletic Achievement at the University of Kansas
by Lyle Niedens, Steve Buckner, Ted Watts, Susan Smith
Hardcover from Quality Sports Publications

Wildcats To Powercats : K-State Football Facts and Trivia
by Mark Stallard
Paperback from Addax Pub Group

Twister Twyla: The Kansas Cowgirl
by Jerri Garretson, Diane A. Dollar
Paperback from Ravenstone Press

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The U.S.A. Comprehensive Public Camping Guide (Lower 48), Vol. 5: Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
by Jeanne Bowerman
Paperback from W.D. Bowerman

Watermark Guide to Fishing in Kansas
by George Stanley
Listed under Fishing Kansas

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