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Sturgis Stories: Celebrating the People of the World's Largest Motorcycle Rally
by Thomas G. Endres
Paperback from Kirk House Pub

Sturgis: The Photography of Michael Lichter
by Michael Lichter, Peter Fonda
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

Hiking South Dakota's Black Hills Country
by Bert Gildart
Paperback from Falcon

Wingshooter's Guide to South Dakota: Upland Birds and Waterfowl
by Ben O. Williams, Chuck Johnson
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press

Trout Fishing in the Black Hills: A Guide to the Lakes & Streams of the Black Hill of South Dakota & Wyoming
by Steve Kinsella, Highweather Press
Listed under Fishing South Dakota

The U.S.A. Comprehensive Public Camping Guide (Lower 48), Vol. 11: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
by Jeanne Bowerman
Paperback from W.D. Bowerman


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