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The Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists (Great Book of Sports Lists)
The Great Book of Detroit Sports Lists (Great Book of Sports Lists)
by Mike Stone, Art Regner
Paperback from Running Press

Sports talk in America has evolved from small-time barroom banter into a major media smorgasbord that runs 24/7 on TV and radio. With hundreds of billions of dollars generated annually by pro and college teams in major markets nationwide, sports fans across the country are more dedicated than ever to their teams. And when it comes to sports talk especially all-sports radio it's all about entertainment, information, prognostication, analysis, rankings, and endless discussion. Prominent sports-media figures in each of the three target cities Cleveland, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. engage in this phenomenon with a compilation of sports lists sure to delight as well as stir up debate within these already-buzzing sports communities.

List topics include:
What were the most lopsided trades in local sports history?
Who were the most overrated athletes to play in our town?
What local athlete had the best appearance in TV or film?
What was the most heartbreaking loss in local sports history?
What was the greatest single play in local sports history?
Who are our team's most hated rivals?
Plus dozens of guest" lists contributed by famous local sports and entertainment celebrities.

Not only does Detroit host major pro sports teams the Lions (NFL), the Red Wings (NHL), the Tigers (MLB), and the Pistons (NBA) the area also includes prominent college sports programs such as the University of Michigan. Detroit's fans are some of the most educated and fanatical in the country, thanks to the work of long-time commentators Mike Stone and Art Regner.

Hiking Michigan - 2nd Edition (America s Best Day Hiking Series)
Hiking Michigan - 2nd Edition (America's Best Day Hiking Series)
by Roger Storm, Susan Wedzel
Paperback from Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0736075070

Hiking Michigan is your complete guide to 146 of the most scenic day hikes in the state. From Upper to Lower Peninsula and all trails in between, you'll experience the spectacular beauty of the Great Lake State

In this one-of-a-kind resource you'll find these features:

- Detailed descriptions of every hike in every region, including special points of interest, estimated hiking time and distance, and difficulty ratings for each trail
- Phone numbers and Web sites, park hours and rules, and available facilities for 77 of the state's most scenic parks and natural areas 
- Easy-to-read maps for every park and trail to help you navigate your hike and locate landmarks and other points of interest
- A convenient trail finder that provides a summary of each trail's features and available facilities

Hiking Michigan brings to life the history, terrain, flora, and fauna of each area. And its descriptions of nearby recreational and sightseeing destinations ensure you won't miss anything on your trip. Hiking Michigan is your guide to enjoying the great outdoors!

The Great Detroit Sports Debate
The Great Detroit Sports Debate
by Drew Sharp, Terry Foster
Paperback from Sports Publishing
ISBN: 1596700483

What Detroit sports fan wouldn't love a bar battle in book form? A tray of fiery wings, a frosty brew, and a stubborn friend have always been the appropriate recipe for an impassioned discourse on the pertinent questions that have furrowed eyebrows and itched nerves locally. Would the Bad Boys have beaten the ego-less 2004 championship Pistons? Despite his social imperfections, shouldn't Ty Cobb be the face of the Tigers' century-long history more so than Al Kaline? Who was the best number-twenty to ever play for the Lions? Yeah, yeah, Barry Sanders was a great runner, but did you ever see Lem Barney take over a game in different ways? Could Bo Schembechler have similar success in today´s college football environment? Who is the bigger bust of second overall draft selections - the Pistons' Darko Milicic or the Lions' Charles Rogers? Larry Brown or Chuck Daly? Mr. Hockey or The Captain? Why must there be a choice between the two?

There is obviously no middle ground when it comes to Detroit sports and those who loyally throw their hearts into the various teams' ebbs and flows. It is no surprise that The Sporting News ranked Detroit as the third greatest sports city in the United States in the summer of 2005 - right behind Boston and Philadelphia. Devotion morphs into opinion, often crossing the border into belligerence. That's what makes Detroit sports so engaging. Itss also why Detroit Free Press columnist Drew Sharp and Detroit News feature writer and morning radio talk-show host Terry Foster take on the top Detroit sports debates of all time in this unique book.

Sharp and Foster have lived their entire lives in the Detroit area. Both are award-winning journalists with a combined 46 years of Detroit newspaper, radio, and television experience. Both covered the Pistons' beat for their respective newspapers during the team's first two NBA championship seasons in 1989 and 1990. In Great Detroit Sports Debates they deliver a richly detailed exposition of the mindset of a fan base that lives vicariously through the exploits of their beloved players and teams. Sharp and Foster are the two most authoritative journalistic voices on the linkage between Detroit sports past and present. They know it because they've lived it.

Best Tent Camping: Michigan
Best Tent Camping: Michigan
by Matt Forster
Paperback from Menasha Ridge Press
ISBN: 0897326423
Written to steer campers away from concrete slabs and convoys of RVs, Best Tent Camping: Michigan points tent campers to the most scenic and serene campsites in the state. This guide has a campground to suit nearly every camper's taste. You'll find essential information about each campground (including season, facilities, rates, directions, GPS coordinates, and Web sites), as well as a description of the campground, the best sites, and nearby activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing, and mountain biking.
Backpacking in Michigan
Backpacking in Michigan
by Jim DuFresne
Paperback from University of Michigan Press/Regional
ISBN: 0472032682
With 65 photographs and 77 detailed maps, this indispensable guide to the state's hiking trails gives beginners to advanced hikers all the information they need to plan their next Michigan overnight or weekend backpacking trip. Featuring 50 trails---27 in the Lower Peninsula---ranging from one-hour to multiple-day treks in both the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Backpacking in Michigan has something for every hiker.

Information on hike length and difficulty, elevation gain, the amount of time needed to complete the hike, camping facilities, and nearby towns accompanies each of the trail listings. The author also provides extensive reference maps along with a description of scenic highlights. In addition to backcountry explorations of remote trails, Backpacking in Michigan includes classic Michigan adventures such as the Lakeshore Trail in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, the Greenstone Ridge Trail in Isle Royale National Park, North Manitou Island in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and Jordan River Pathway in the Mackinaw State Forest.

While Backpacking in Michigan focuses primarily on the trails themselves, it also makes planning your Michigan adventure as easy as possible by providing important information on routes to and from the trailhead, as well as park fees and reservation information for shelters, walk-in cabins, rental yurts, and overnight camping.

Jim DuFresne is a Michigan native and author of more than a dozen wilderness, travel, and hiking guidebooks. He is author of Isle Royale National Park: Foot Trails and Water Routes; 50 Hikes in Michigan: The Best Walks, Hikes, and Backpacks in the Lower Peninsula; Best Hikes with Children: Michigan; Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park: A Backcountry Guide for Hikers, Campers, Backpackers, and Skiers; as well as The Complete Guide to Michigan Sand Dunes, copublished by the University of Michigan Press and Petoskey Publishing.

Michigan State Football: They Are Spartans (MI) (Images of Sports)
Michigan State Football: They Are Spartans (MI) (Images of Sports)
by Steve Grinczel
Paperback from Arcadia Publishing
Media Published: 2004-
ISBN: 0738532142

Michigan State University's football history is overflowing with famous, interesting, and colorful figures. From Gideon "Charlie" Smith, who in 1913 became one of the nation's first black collegiate players, to George Webster, the "Greatest Spartan of All Time," to Morton Andersen, who still holds the Big Ten record for longest field goal-they are all Spartans. Earl Morrall, Bubba Smith, Lorenzo White... the list goes on. Added to this list of tremendous players are legendary coaches like the "Biggie" Munn and Duffy Dougherty. And who could forget the famous 10-10 tie with Notre Dame in 1966 or the Rose Bowl victory over Southern Cal in 1987?

Spartan tradition is more than the coaches and players on the field, however, and Michigan State Football: They Are Spartans offers many rare images and long-forgotten anecdotes about how the program became a player on the national stage. The early days as a farm college team, the development into a football power as an independent, the successful struggle to join the Big Ten conference, and of course, the historic rivalry with a certain team from Ann Arbor are all recounted in the pages of this book.

Guide to Sea Kayaking on Lakes Superior and Michigan: The Best Day Trips and Tours (Regional Sea Kayaking Series)
Guide to Sea Kayaking on Lakes Superior and Michigan: The Best Day Trips and Tours (Regional Sea Kayaking Series)
by Bill Newman, Sarah Ohmann, Don Dimond
Paperback from Globe Pequot
ISBN: 0762704160
Guides the reader to the most exciting kayaking to be found on the Western Great Lakes. Full descriptions and maps for 49 trips, each carefully rated so that any kayaker can safely and confidently paddle on these inland seas.
Michigan Trout Streams: A Fly-Angler s Guide
Michigan Trout Streams: A Fly-Angler's Guide
by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala
Paperback from Backcountry Pubns
ISBN: 0881502715
Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan: A Handbook for Fly Anglers
Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan: A Handbook for Fly Anglers
by Jim DuFresne, Gerth E. Hendrickson
Paperback from University of Michigan Press/Regional
ISBN: 0472033689
"Since it first appeared in 1985, Hendrickson's book has introduced legions of fly fishers to the state's most-treasured rivers. In this newest edition, author Jim DuFresne has made a good book better . . . DuFresne, author of more than twenty books, is a careful, consummate researcher and passionate fly angler. Modern trout anglers are lucky to have a wealth of Michigan rivers and streams to discover and to carry on the special sport first enjoyed by fly fishers more than 150 years ago. And they are lucky to have this book to help guide them to the best of all places to do it."
---Tom Huggler, award-winning author of more than a dozen outdoors books

This completely revised and updated edition of the indispensable original offers more information on why Michigan is such a great place for all fly fishers. Twelve Classic Trout Streams also features new material---for example, information on hatches, including a hatch schedule chart; a list of ten flies that every Michigan angler should have; and equipment (line weight, rod length, etc.) for Michigan streams.

At the heart of the book is the increased number of public access sites complete with GPS coordinates---a first among guides to Michigan streams. There are also all new photographs and improved maps that include stream bottom identification.

Twelve Classic Trout Streams answers basic questions for any trip to a trout stream to be successful. Where are the best access sites? How wide and deep is the river there? Will you stand on firm sand or gravel, slip on hard clay or muddy stones, or sink into soft sand or mud? Is the current slow enough that you can wade easily upstream or so fast that you will be swept off your feet? All of these things are described or shown on the maps.

Gerth E. Hendrickson was a member of Trout Unlimited and the Federation of Fly Fishers. He wrote prolifically on trout streams.

Jim DuFresne is an outdoor writer based in Clarkston, Michigan, and author of more than a dozen wilderness/travel guidebooks. DuFresne gave up the spinning rod for the fly rod in the mid-1980s and has never turned back.

Canoeing Michigan Rivers: A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers, Revised and Updated
Canoeing Michigan Rivers: A Comprehensive Guide to 45 Rivers, Revised and Updated
by Jerry Dennis, Craig Date
Paperback from Thunder Bay Press
ISBN: 1882376951
Fish Michigan: One Hundred Northern Lower Michigan Lakes
by Tom Huggler, Thomas E. Huggler, Gary W. Barfknecht
Listed under Fishing Michigan

50 Hikes in Michigan: The Best Walks, Hikes, and Backpacks in the Lower Peninsula
by Jim Dufresne
Paperback from Countryman Pr

Baseball Fever: Early Baseball in Michigan
by Peter Morris
Baseball seems tailor-made for the historian, yet even today, after almost a century and a half of organized play, baseball's origins remain unclear. Most accounts focus on Eastern teams and the advent of professionals, but how the game spread across a predominantly rural America to become our national pastime is a question still largely unresolved. 

In this well-researched study of Michigan baseball from the 1830s to the 1870s, baseball scholar Peter Morris offers many answers. Drawing on such sources as personal memoirs, period photographs, and an extensive, often hilarious variety of newspaper accounts, he paints a vivid portrait of a game that was widely--if erratically--played well before the Civil War and gradually evolved from an informal amusement into an activity for local groups of young men and finally into a serious, organized sport. 

Baseball began with pick-up "raisin'" games--so called because they took place after rural roof-raisings--played purely for fun by any number of participants, with myriad local variations. The first amateur clubs appeared in the 1850s and were often ridiculed for playing a child's game--"baseball fever" was then a term of mockery--but as they persevered and issued challenges to other teams from nearby towns, rivalries developed, rules began to conform, and a tradition started to take shape. 

Tournaments, often connected with county fairs, and increased newspaper coverage gave the game new momentum after the Civil War, and what had been sociable matches became serious contests, sometimes marred by bad blood. Enclosed grounds changed the nature of the game--most notably with respect to home runs--and allowed teams to charge admission, which introduced a new element of commercialism, community involvement, and a heightened sense of competition. Ultimately, it brought about a level of play that made the best "amateur" clubs able to challenge professional teams from the East when they toured the country. 

As he traces the exploits of clubs like the Excelsiors, the Wahoos, and the Unknowns, season by season and often game by game, Morris adds a wealth of new detail to the story of baseball's early days, showing how decades of at least nominally amateur play prepared the way for the advent of the National League in the 1870s, and with it the true beginnings of the professional sport we know today. In the process, he also paints a fascinating portrait of the attitudes, values, and lives of rural Americans in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Peter Morris, a former English instructor at Michigan State University, is a specialist in nineteenth-century baseball and an active member of the Society for American Baseball Research. 
Paperback from University of Michigan Press

Trail Atlas of Michigan: Nature, Mountain Biking, Hiking Cross Country Skiing
by Dennis R. Hansen
Paperback from Hansen Pub

Trout Ponds and Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: An Anglers Guide
by Christopher Deubler
Listed under Fishing Michigan

Harbor Wanderers: A Michigan Boating Experience
by C. J. Elfont, Edna A. Elfont, C J.
Hardcover from Sleeping Bear Press

Stadium Stories: Michigan Wolverines: Colorful Tales of the Maize and Blue
by Jim Cnockaert
Paperback from Globe Pequot Pr

30 Years of Bo: Scrapbook Memories of a Michigan Football Icon
by Triumph Books
Hardcover from Triumph Books

Michigan State Football: They Are Spartans
by Stephen V. Grinczel, Stephen V. Grinczez
Paperback from Arcadia

A Legacy of Champions: The Story of the Men Who Built University of Michigan Football
by Joe Falls, Bob Wojnowski, John U. Bacon, Angelique S. Chengelis, Chris McCosky, Francis J. Fitzgerald
Hardcover from Ctc Sports

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Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak
by Greg Breining
Paperback from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt)

Cobb Would Have Caught It: The Golden Age of Baseball in Detroit
by Richard Bak
Paperback from Wayne State Univ Pr (T)

Mountain Biking Michigan: The Best Trails in Northern Lower Michigan
by Mike Terrell
Paperback from Thunder Bay Press

Short Bike Rides in Michigan, 2nd
by Pamela Stovall
Paperback from Globe Pequot Pr

Great Michigan Deer Tales-Book 3
by Richard P. Smith
Paperback from Smith Pubns

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The Last Magic Summer: A Season With My Son
by Peter Gent
Hardcover from William Morrow

We Only Played Home Games: Wacky, Raunchy, Humorous Stories of Sports and Other Events in Michigan's Maximum Security Prison
by Leonard Brumm, Leonard "Oakie" Brumm
Paperback from Brumm Enterprises L.L.C.

The Michigan Wolverines Football Team (Great Sports Teams)
by David Aretha
Library Binding from Enslow Publishers, Inc.

Tradition: Bo Schembechler's Michigan Memories
by Bo Schembechler, Dan Ewald
Hardcover from Huron River Press

Sub 4:Oo: Alan Webb and the Quest for the Fastest Mile
by Chris Lear, Jim Ryun
Hardcover from Rodale Press

Tales from Michigan Stadium
by Jim Brandstatter
Hardcover from Sports Publishing, Inc.

Winter Trails Michigan : The Best Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Trails
by Bill Semion
Paperback from Globe Pequot Pr


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