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Lonely Planet Fiji
Lonely Planet Fiji (Fiji, 6th Ed)
by Korina Miller, Robyn Jones, Leonardo Pinheiro
Find out where to dive, snorkel, surf, or kayak--and how to choose among Fiji's 300 islands. More than 40 sidebars provide tidbits on topics ranging from shark-calling and temples to racial issues and boiled bat. Discover these islanders' customs, ceremonies, and traditional arts. Also provided are useful sections on Fijian and Fiji Hindi languages. --Kathryn True,
Paperback from Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling Fiji
by Casey Mahaney, Astrid Witte Mahaney
Book Description: Countless reefs, walls and pinnacles painted in a patchwork of soft corals earned Fiji its reputation as the soft-coral capital of the world. The 332-island archipelago offers remote, pristine sites, thrilling drift dives and more than 1,000 tropical fish species. Feed hungry reef sharks at the Supermarket, pay a dental visit to cleaner shrimp or seek sanctuary in the sun-dappled Alacrity Rocks. From the snowy slopes of Great White Wall to the teeming depths of the E6 seamount, this book highlights 74 of Fiji's best sites, with full-color photos throughout. You'll get specific information on: 
  • Dive site topography and depth range 
  • Typical diving conditions 
  • Common and hazardous marine life 
  • Topside information, from dive resorts and live-aboards to Fijian culture and customs 
  • 16 easy-to-read maps 
Moon Handbooks Fiji, 6th Edition
Moon Handbooks Fiji, 6th Edition
by David Stanley
Book Description: Veteran South Pacific writer David Stanley tells it like it is, so with this guide you can be sure you're getting accurate and updated information on the real Fiji. Stanley provides frank reviews of hotels and restaurants, thorough coverage of sports and recreation opportunities, thought-provoking sidebars on Fiji's turbulent history and fascinating culture, and hundreds of websites and email addresses to help you plan your trip. 
Paperback from Avalon Travel Publishing
Fiji : Viti (The American Geographical Society Around the World Program)
by Richard Ulack

Circumnavigation : Sail the Trade Winds : Fort Lauderdale to Fiji
by Sue Moesly

Fiji : A Spy Guide
by International Business Publications USA (Editor)

Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Fiji
W. Gregory Brown 
Paperback / Published 1993 
Special Order

Insight Pocket Guide Fiji Islands
by Insight Guides
Paperback from Insight Guides

Short Stay Guide Fiji
by Fay Smith
Paperback from Little Hills Pr

Fiji - History and Culture

Fiji (Cultures of the World, Set 20)
by Roseline Ngcheong-Lum
(Library Binding)

Flowers of the Pacific Island Seashore : A Guide to the Littoral Plants of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Fiji and Micronesia
by W. Arthur Whistler
(Hardcover - January 1993)

Body, Self, and Society: The View from Fiji (New Cultural Studies)
by Anne E. Becker(Paperback)

Sigatoka (Shifting Sands of Fiji Prehistory)
by Yvonne Marshall, et al(Paperback)

The King and People of Fiji (The Pasifika Library)
by Joseph Waterhouse
Paperback from University of Hawaii Press

The Failure of Democratic Politics in Fiji
by Stephanie Lawson

The Cicadas of the Fiji, Samoa and Tonga Islands, Their Taxonomy and Biogeography: Their Taxonomy and Biogeography (Entomonograph, Vol 10)
by J.P. Duffels, et al
(Hardcover - December 1988)

Government by the Gun: The Unfinished Business of Fiji's 2000 Coup
Government by the Gun: The Unfinished Business of Fiji's 2000 Coup
by William Sutherland, Robert Robertson
Paperback from Zed Books
The Pacific Way: A Memoir
by Kamisese Mara, Ratu Kamisese Sir Mara, Ratu Sir Kamise Mara
Paperback from University of Hawaii Press

A Politics of Virtue: Hinduism, Sexuality, and Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji
by John Dunham Kelly
Paperback from University of Chicago Press
Special Order

Traditional Handicrafts of Fiji

Viceroy of the Pacific (334P)
by Deryck Anthony Scarr
Paperback from Australian Natl Univ Pr
Special Order

Wreck of the Minerva
by John P. Twyning, Peter Bays
Paperback from Ye Galleon Pr

Fijian Colonial Experience
by Timothy J MacNaught
(Paperback - January 1982)
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Fiji : A Traveler's Preview
by Kit Lane, Art Lane
(Paperback - October 1989)
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Fiji: Coups in Paradise: Race, Politics and Military Intervention
by Victor Lal
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