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  • 1600s

    • 1607-Settlement of Jamestown, Virginia


    • 1619 First African slaves arrive at Jamestown, Virginia




    • 1697-Treaty of Ryswick


    • 1713-Treaty of Utrecht




    • 1748-Treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle






    • 1790-Rhode Island becomes a state
    • 1791-First Bank of the United States chartered
    • 1791-Vermont becomes a state
    • 1792-Kentucky becomes a state
    • 1793-Eli Whitney invents cotton gin
    • 1793-Fugitive Slave Act passed
    • 1793-Chisholm v. Georgia 2 US 419 1793 paves way for passage of Eleventh Amendment
    • 1794-Whiskey Rebellion
    • 1794-Battle of Fallen Timbers
    • 1795-Jay Treaty
    • 1796-Tennessee becomes a state
    • 1797-John Adams becomes President
    • 1797-XYZ Affair
    • 1798-Alien and Sedition Acts
    • 1798-Eleventh Amendment passed
    • 1799-George Washington dies


    • 1800-Library of Congress founded
    • 1801-Thomas Jefferson becomes President
    • 1803-Marbury v. Madison 5 US 137 1803 allows U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate law passed by Congress for first time, the Judiciary Act of 1789
    • 1803-Louisiana Purchase Treaty
    • 1803-Ohio becomes a state
    • 1804-Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton duel
    • 1804-Lewis and Clark set out
    • 1806-Noah Webster's first dictionary
    • 1806-Cumberland Road passed
    • 1807-Embargo Act
    • 1807-Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves


    • 1810-Macon's Bill Number 2
    • 1810-Fletcher v. Peck 10 US 87 1810 marks first time U.S. Supreme Court invalidates state legislative act
    • 1811-Battle of Tippecanoe
    • 1811-First Bank of the United States expires
    • 1812-War of 1812 begins
    • 1812-Daniel Webster elected to Congress
    • 1812-Louisiana becomes a state
    • 1814-Treaty of Ghent settles War of 1812
    • 1816-Second Bank of the United States chartered
    • 1816-Martin v. Hunter's Lessee 14 US 304 1816 establishes U.S. Supreme Court's power to review state court decisions
    • 1816-Indiana becomes a state
    • 1817-James Monroe becomes President
    • 1817-Rush-Bagot Treaty
    • 1817-Harvard Law School founded
    • 1817-Bonus Bill
    • 1817-Mississippi becomes a state
    • 1818-Cumberland Road opened
    • 1818-Illinois becomes a state
    • 1819-Adams Onis Treaty
    • 1819-McCulloch v. Maryland 17 US 316 1819 prohibits state laws from infringing upon Federal constitutional authority
    • 1819-Dartmouth College v. Woodward 17 US 518 1819 protects principle of honoring contracts and charters
    • 1819-Alabama becomes a state


    • 1820-Missouri Compromise
    • 1820-Maine becomes a state
    • 1821-Missouri becomes a state
    • 1822-Denmark Vesey executed
    • 1823-Monroe Doctrine announced
    • 1824-First presidential nomination political convention
    • 1824-Gibbons v. Ogden cements Congressional control over interstate commerce
    • 1825-John Quincy Adams becomes President
    • 1825-Erie Canal opened
    • 1826-John Adams and Thomas Jefferson die on July 4
    • 1828-Tariff of Abominations passed
    • 1829-Andrew Jackson becomes President




    • 1850-Millard Fillmore becomes President
    • 1850-Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
    • 1850-Compromise of 1850 passed
    • 1850-California becomes a state
    • 1851-New York Times founded
    • 1851-Moby Dick published
    • 1853-Franklin Pierce becomes President
    • 1853-Commodore Matthew Perry opens Japan
    • 1853-Gadsden Purchase
    • 1854-Kansas Nebraska Act
    • 1854-Ostend Manifesto
    • 1854-Kanagawa Treaty
    • 1856-Preston Brooks canes Charles Sumner
    • 1857-James Buchanan becomes President
    • 1857-Dred Scott v. Sanford 60 US 393 1857 declares that blacks are not citizens of the United States and cannot sue
    • 1858-Transatlantic cable laid
    • 1858-Minnesota becomes a state
    • 1859-Harper's Ferry Raid
    • 1859-Comstock Lode discovered
    • 1859-Oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania
    • 1859-Oregon becomes a state


    • 1866-Civil Rights Act
    • 1866-Ex Parte Milligan 71 US 2 1866 rules that civilians cannot be tried in military tribunals when civilian courts are available
    • 1867-Tenure of Office Act
    • 1867-Congressional Reconstruction Act
    • 1867-US purchases Alaska
    • 1867-Nebraska becomes a state
    • 1868-Burlingame Treaty
    • 1868-University of California chartered
    • 1868-Typewriter invented
    • 1869-Ulysses S. Grant becomes President
    • 1869-Wyoming grants women's suffrage
    • 1869-Golden spike nailed in
    • 1869-James Fisk and Jay Gould's "Black Friday"


    • 1870- First graduate programs (Yale, Harvard)
    • 1871- Great Chicago fire
    • 1872-Yellowstone National Park created
    • 1872-Amnesty Act
    • 1872-Alabama Claims
    • 1875-Aristides wins first Kentucky Derby
    • 1875-Resumption Act
    • 1876-Central Park completed
    • 1876-National League Baseball founded
    • 1876-Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia
    • 1876-Munn v. Illinois 94 US 113 1876 deals with corporate entities and grain elevator rates
    • 1876-Colorado becomes a state
    • 1877-Rutherford B. Hayes becomes President
    • 1877-Reconstruction ends
    • 1878-Bland-Allison Act
    • 1878-Morgan silver dollars first minted
    • 1879-Edison invents light bulb


    • 1880- US population exceeds 50 million
    • 1881-James Garfield becomes President
    • 1881-James Garfield assassinated
    • 1881-Chester A. Arthur becomes President
    • 1881-Clara Barton creates Red Cross
    • 1881-Tuskegee Institute founded
    • 1882-John D. Rockefeller founds Standard Oil
    • 1882-Chinese Exclusion Act
    • 1883-Civil Rights Cases 109 US 3 1883 legalizes doctrine of segregation
    • 1883-Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act
    • 1883-Brooklyn Bridge opens
    • 1885-Grover Cleveland becomes President for the first time
    • 1885-Washington monument completed
    • 1885-Stanford University founded
    • 1886-Haymarket Riot
    • 1886-American Federation of Labor founded in Columbus, Ohio
    • 1887-Congress creates Interstate Commerce Commission
    • 1887-Dawes Act
    • 1887-Hatch Act
    • 1888-Looking Backward published
    • 1888-National Geographic Society founded
    • 1889-Benjamin Harrison becomes President
    • 1889-North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington become states
    • 1889-Johnstown flood
    • 1889-Jane Addams founds Hull House


    • 1892-Homestead Strike
    • 1893-Grover Cleveland becomes President for the second time
    • 1893-Depression begins
    • 1894-Coxey's Army
    • 1894-Pullman strike
    • 1894-Wilson-Gorman tariff, including Income Tax
    • 1895-Pollock v. Farmers' Loan and Trust Company strikes down part of Wilson-Gorman Tariff
    • 1896-Plessy v. Ferguson 163 US 537 1896 legalizes segregation in railway cars
    • 1896-William Jennings Bryant Cross of Gold speech
    • 1896-Gold discovered in Klondike
    • 1896-Utah becomes a state
    • 1897-William McKinley becomes President
    • 1897-Boston subway completed
    • 1897-Dingley tariff
    • 1898-DeLome Letter
    • 1898-Treaty of Paris (1898) ends Spanish-American War









    • 1970-Environmental Protection Agency enacted
    • 1974-Richard Nixon resigns Presidency
    • 1974-Gerald R. Ford becomes President
    • 1977-Jimmy Carter becomes President
    • 1978-Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment Act
    • 1979-Iran-Hostage crisis begins
    • 1978-Camp David Accords (1978)


    • 1980-Refugee Act
    • 1981-Ronald Reagan becomes President
    • 1981-Kemp Roth Tax Cuts
    • 1986-Tax Reform Act of 1986
    • 1986-Gramm Rudman Hollings Balanced Budget Act
    • 1989-George Bush becomes President



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