Spiegler Brake Lines

Fully Adjustable Stainless Braided Brake Hoses

Banjo Bolts & Hoses
Coloured fittings, shrink hose, banjo bolts and numerous accessories turn every kit into a tailor-made purchase.

Patented Adjustable Fittings
The patented system to adjust the fittings guarantees safe assembly.

Banjo Bolts & Hoses
Extremely small brake light switch with conventional 14mm hex fittings.

Spiegler Brake Lines: Uncompromising Safety

Spiegler patented stainless steel braided brake lines eliminate expansion under the most severe applications. Even under extreme pressure the lever feel remains consistent. 

  • Patented torsion system eliminates line twist
  • Kits are available ready to install, or as individual lines for custom applications.
  • A generally unrecognized manufacturer's recommendation is that all original rubber hydraulic hoses be changed every four years to avoid failure. Spiegler brake lines are maintenance free and will provide reliable service for the life of your motorcycle.
  • Stainless steel braided brake lines are available with or without transparent, black, red or blue vinyl covering.
  • Coloured fittings bango bolts and numerous accessories turn every kit into a tailor-made purchase

  • The first improvement to any brake system usually starts with changing the OEM rubber brake hoses to stainless steel braided brake lines.

    Stainless steel is chosen above rubber hoses in order to eliminate the power loses due to expansion. When this happens the "lever feel" becomes spongy and is difficult to define. As a result, the braking sensitivity decreases and the braking distance increases. The patented SPIEGLER stainless steel braided brake lines maintain line pressure even under extreme conditions.

    In addition to the expansion of the standard rubber hoses, they are also susceptible to ultra-violet damage from the sun, which causes then to become brittle. At this point, moisture will infiltrate the brake fluid and the boiling point of the brake fluid increases. The result is a spongy lever feel or even complete failure. A generally unrecognized manufacturer's recommendation is that all original rubber hoses should be changed every for years to avoid failure.

    So why not improve your performance and maintain the most important part of your motorcycle?

    Not all stainless steel braided brake lines are the same. SPIEGLER chooses only the finest of materials. 
    The inside of our lines are made from PTFE-Teflon. This material from DU PONT eliminates expansion. Our stainless steel braided casing is tightly woven and made to aircraft specification.

    Patented Adjustable Banjo Fittings
    Typically, after-market stainless steel braided lines do not offer adjustability of the banjo fittings and as a result they may twist and kink when installed.

    Spiegler's unique patented, adjustable banjo fitting system allows for a 360-degree rotation to eliminate line twisting. Each brake line kit comes supplied with a special tool required for this adjustment.

    SPIEGLER BRAKES Master Cylinders

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