Motorcycle Brakes

Spiegler Brake Master Cylinders

The master cylinder represents the first contact with your brake system. At first touch the basis for sensitive and regulated braking is recognized. The radial master brake cylinder delivers another level of standards for brake cylinders. Thanks to the upgraded leverage, a larger piston can be installed. Performance tests have proven that a brake with a radial master brake cylinder has significant advantages over conventional systems. The SPIEGLER radial master brake cylinder with optimized leverage is a real masterpiece in consideration of performance and ergonomics. It enables the rider to use less energy, which creates more sensitive braking. The complete cylinder and lever are machined from billet aluminium. All components are hard anodized.


Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Tanks, seats, guards and fairings for classic bikes, cafe racers and post-classic motorcycles.

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