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THE PRICELESS INGREDIENT . . . . . in the manufacture of Dusting Sidecars is Experience . . . . . . . Experience accumulated from the beginning of the industry in Australia . . . . . . Experience obtained first hand from the technical and research laboratories of England's foremost Steel Tube Mills, and Steel Casting Foundries of Australia . . . . . . Experience unobtainable in any other way.

In no other country in the world are sidecars, and particularly the chassis, subjected to more severe or exacting conditions as those met with in Australasia. It was with a full realisation of these facts that Dusting craftsmen a quarter of a century ago set about building the first Dusting Sidecar.

That they were successful is now a matter of history. To-day thousands of Dusting Sidecars are giving trouble-free service and economical transport in every part of Australia and New Zealand.

This speaks volumes for the honest business methods and sound engineering policy laid down by the founder and present proprietor, Mr. H. C. Dusting, in those far-off days when sidecars and even motor-cycles were little more than a novelty.

For Business or Pleasure, Dusting Sidecars measure up to the highest standards of performance.

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