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Just as you bought your motor cycle, so should you choose your Sidecar!

Many Sidecars look alike, but . . . study them more closely. Big differences in quality and construction are immediately apparent, particularly in the chassis; and . . . it's the chassis that counts if you want Reliability and Value.

It is in the chassis, too that Dusting Sidecars score heavily - Sturdier, Safer, and more Durable.  Besides, there's better Quality right throughout!
Scientifically placed Rubber Insulated Couplings prevent the transmission of any road shocks to the motor-cycle frame and ensure the lowest centre of gravity possible in sidecar construction.

The steel tubing in Dusting chassis is one of the highest quality obtainable and commonly used in aeroplane construction throughout the world.
Each individual bar is designed to withstand that particular type of fatigue that its position in the chassis places on it whilst in use.

In the selection of the tubing we are guided by the recommendations of the engineering and technical staff of one of the foremost tube mills in England.
In the selection of lugs, special attention is also given to ensure that each individual lug is suitable to withstand the stress its position in the chassis subjects it to.
Carefully designed bodies afford maximum ease for the passenger. The back swab is moulded to form, and the armrests are placed just right. Long, easy riding springs smooth out all road bumps, and relative positions make conversation easy and pleasant.

The remaining components such as axles, hubs, bolts, springs etc., are all chosen with the greatest care to ensure a uniform quality throughout. It is only by the adoption of these high and rigid standards of quality that Dusting chassis maintain their wide reputation for Dependability and Service.


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