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In 1780, William Hughes, a prominent figure in the Clockmakers' Company whose family had been connected with horology for some fifty years, interested himself in chronometer construction. History tells us that he supplied a chronometer to Captain Bligh of the "Bounty." Early in the next century Mr. Joseph Hughes started making nautical instruments of the finest kind then known.  Later, in 1833, Henry Hughes founded the world-famous firm of Henry Hughes & Son Ltd., now so appropriately associated with the Smiths group of companies. He it was who opened the shop at  59 Fenchurch Street in the City of London, which for more than a hundred years has supplied the needs of navigators, explorers, and others connected with the sea. The firm has tremendously  increased its productive capacity and today instruments made by the Barkingside factory are found as standard equipment on ships and aircraft the world over.
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