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The Abolition of Britain: From Winston Churchill to Princess Diana
by Peter Hitchens
Hardcover: 332 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 9.34 x 6.38
Encounter Books; ISBN: 189355418X; 1 Us Ed edition (November )

Anthony Blunt: His Lives
by Miranda Carter
Listed under Espionage

Britain Yesterday and Today : 1830 to the Present
by Walter Arnstein
Paperback from Houghton Mifflin Co
Black Watch, Red Dawn: The Hong Kong Handover to China
by Neil Craig, Jo Craig

The Battle for Realism: Figurative Art in Britain during the Cold War, 1945-1960
by James Hyman

British Culture and the End of Empire (Studies in Imperialism)
by Stuart Ward (Editor), John M. MacKenzie (Introduction)

Churchill: A Biography
by Roy Jenkins
Listed under Winston Churchill

Churchill: A Study in Greatness
by Geoffrey Best
Listed under Winston Churchill

The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion, 1947-1997
by Amy De La Haye
Listed under Fashion History

Dancing With the Devil: The Windsors and Jimmy Donahue
by Christopher Wilson

Diana Princess of Wales: A Tribute in Photographs
by Michael O'Mara (Editor)
Listed under Princess Diana

The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy
by David Cannadine
Highly recommended.
Paperback: 832 pages
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0375703683;

Edward the Caresser: The Playboy Prince Who Became Edward VII
by Stanley Weintraub
Edward VII was king of Great Britain from 1901 to 1910
(Hardcover -- April )

English History 1914-1945 (The Oxford History of England)
by A. J. P. Taylor
(Paperback -- July )

Elizabeth: A Biography of Britain's Queen
by Sarah Bradford
Listed under Queen Elizabeth II

Fayed: The Unauthorized Biography
by Tom Bower
Listed under Princess Diana

Empire: The British Imperial Experience, from 1765 to the Present
by Denis Judd, Dennis Judd

Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat
Farewell the Trumpets: An Imperial Retreat
by James Morris
Paperback from Harvest Books
Heaven's Command: An Imperial Progress
by Jan Morris
Paperback from Harvest Books

Legendary Golf Clubs of Scotland England Wales & Ireland
by Anthony Edgeworth
Listed under Golf Courses

Monarch : The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II
by Robert Lacey
Listed under Queen Elizabeth II

Among the Thugs
by Bill Buford
A study of football hooliganism in the 1970s.
Paperback: 317 pages
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0679745351; Reprint edition (June 1993)

The Englishman's Daughter: A True Story of Love and Betrayal in World War I
by Ben MacIntyre
(Hardcover -- January )

The Great War and Modern Memory
by Paul Fussell
Listed under World War One

MI6 : Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service
by Stephen Dorril
Listed under Espionage

The Private World of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
by Hugo Vickers, et al

Neville Chamberlain (Reputations Series)
by David Dutton

Lion's Share: Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1995 (3rd Edition)
by Bernard Porter

The Pity of War: Explaining World War I
by Niall Ferguson
Listed under World War One

The People's King : The True Story of the Abdication
The People's King : The True Story of the Abdication
by Susan Williams
Hardcover from Palgrave Macmillan
The Prime Minister: The Office and Its Holders Since 1945
by Peter Hennessy
A Question of Honor : The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II
by Lynne Olson, Stanley Cloud
Hardcover from Knopf

The Fatal Englishman : Three Short Lives
by Sebastian Faulks
Paperback from Vintage
Warrior : The Legend Of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
by Peter H. Capstick, Fiona Capstick
Listed under Warriors

Queen Victoria's Family
by Charlotte Zeepvat
Listed under Queen Victoria

Hope and Glory: Britain 1900-1990 (Penguin History of Britain Series , No 9)
by P. F. Clarke, Mark Kishlansky
Paperback from Penguin USA (Paper)

Lloyd George and the Lost Peace: From Versailles to Hitler, 1919-1940
by Antony Lentin
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